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Current Reviews

It has been a truly fantastic month for To The Fore Golf with the tipster picking out 2 tournament winners and 3 places from a total of 11 bets. First up, there was Scottie Scheffler winning the WM Phoenix Open at 12/1 and then the following week, John Rahm did the job again winning the Genesis

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My first month using Acca Smasher has been quite the journey already. One thing that I can say for sure is, this service is not for the faint-hearted!The results were not going well for a large part of the month and I had lost over £600 and then in the space of two bets, everything

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It’s been a better month for The Lay Bet Tipster with 5 out of 5 bets winning lays, an ROI of 25.7% and £50 profit.It is still slim pickings with many of the bets being discarded due to the odds being higher than the advised limit but it’s good to see a profit in any

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Rendlesham Racing have made a small profit at BSP this month but it was another poor set of results at both the advised and available bookmaker prices.Altogether I have lost £225.24 from the trial so far, which is equal to 15% of my betting bank.At BSP it adds up to £151.58 lost altogether, so it’s

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I’ve tested many systems, strategies and services then grouped them by results, so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

I mean, I doubt that you will click on ‘Failed Reviews’ but it’s there just to show you that I really do come across some rubbish!

Passed Reviews

ProFooty Bets have delivered the best performance by far that I have ever seen from a football tipster with a 57.2% bank growth during my three month trial.  Geir is what I would call a football betting genius! He delivered a profit in all three months of my trial and not only was I able to make

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I finished my three month trial of The Bookies Enemy with £170.70 profit and an ROI of 7% over a duration of three months.I have been pleased with the service on the whole and found it easy to follow. The tips have been received around about the same time each evening, between 6-8pm, to take

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Hello, IanP here again with the conclusion of my five month trial of Master Racing Tipster from Betting Gods. This has generally been a nice, easy service to live with. We’ve been been in profit each month. And, although there was a clear distinction between performance at the bookies and the exchange during the first 3 months, last time I was able to

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Well this system looks a little beauty…. Basically, Bonus Bagging works by helping you take advantage of all those bookies’ offers, and, from what I hear, Mike Cruickshank is a sweetheart when it comes to helping his customers out. What I’m interested to find out though, is whether there is any money in it for

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Hello, Paulo here again. And it’s about time for the final report on my Football Bank Builder trial! After 13 weeks we reached the usual goal of 200 bets, more exactly 203 bets in this case. So… what have we learned from this interesting experiment? First, this system, FBB, is one of the easiest to implement that I know!

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I am always encouraged when a service provider feels confident enough to approach me to request a trial, rather than the other way round. And this is the position I find myself in today, on account of an email from one Sergei Pochinok (hope I’ve got that right), to describe his appealing, if oddly named, new

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Neutral Reviews

My JPW Racing Tipster review has turned out to be one heck of a trial with twists and turns from month to month.After five months I have lost £89.58 based on £10 per point stakes at the available prices, but the Betfair SP profit stands at a much more attractive +£609.11.I was going to keep

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One of the most popular pages on my site is an article summarising 8 ways to stop bookies closing your account. It has produced a stream of responses since its publication to the point where I believe the comments section at the bottom is now better than the post itself! However, I still feel there is

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Slam Dunk Wizard has added £150.10 profit to the pot in the fourth month of my trial, but there is still an issue with the tipster’s recent performance.I am happy to see that he recovered quickly from the loss last month and it made it worth extending the trial for an extra month. Overall my

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This is probably the shortest tipster trial in history, as I decided after a little over a week that this service wasn’t going to make it.Firstly, I was having trouble finding the bets a lot of the time as they were on obscure markets, or the lines had changed by the time I got there.Even

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Failed Reviews

Things have taken a turn for the worse in my Top Football Tipster review and after a series of unappealing results, I am bringing my trial to a close.The lay bets had given some hope after performing well in the second month, but they have gone the other way in my final month, losing £71.55.Altogether

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Very broadly speaking, there are trials you love and trials you hate. And the second category can break your heart. Sometimes I find myself almost praying for a last-minute upturn, in spite of one setback after another – as I still believe that the service provider may be on to something. At the opposite extreme, there are, thankfully, occasional trials that

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Hello again, David here with the conclusion of my trial of Banker Bets. It’s not been the easiest of trials, with my initial optimism gradually being eroded by a series of setbacks. The latest one was documented in my report on October’s performance, which saw me finish in the red to the tune of £70 after 261 bets.

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BSP Racing Tipster have had a terrible time during my trial and I have lost 45.9% of my starter bank in just three months of recording their tips. It’s quite bizarre, as before I started my trial the service had only ever had one losing month and then things really took a nosedive after that. It is

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