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My trial of The Outside Edge didn't go well and I finished with my starting betting bank down by 14.58%.

The results on the sales page show that the service has taken a dip recently after four incredible months prior to my trial. It's the trialist's curse!

There were bets sent out in both the evening and in the morning, although there were a lot more posted in the morning. I have been keeping track of both sets of results.

There were 60 evening bets over the three months and they lost a total of £51.70. The 387 morning bets lost £309.80, which added together made it a £437.50 loss.

The Outside Edge service is fairly high volume, with 150 bets per month on average during my trial. This can make it a bit of a time heavy service to use if you have a portfolio of services that you follow alongside it.

That being said, some people like to have lots of bets and if they are all value bets, high volume could be the way to go. It really depends on how you like to bet.

The Outside Edge – Update ThreeAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 265.10)(£ 196.90)(£ 222.70)
Profit (pts)(26.5)(19.7)(22.3)
New Bank£ 2,473.10£ 2,562.50£ 2,627.40
% Bank Growth-17.56%-14.58%-12.42%
Winning Bets484846
Total Bets175175175
Strike Rate27.43%27.43%26.29%
The Outside Edge – Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 526.90)(£ 437.50)(£ 372.60)
Profit (pts)(52.7)(43.8)(37.3)
New Bank£ 2,473.10£ 2,562.50£ 2,627.40
% Bank Growth-17.56%-14.58%-12.42%
Winning Bets128129129
Total Bets451451451
Strike Rate28.38%28.60%28.60%

Click here to view my results log.


Based on the results on my trial I would usually be giving this service a fail, however, the service has been part of a network that I trust since 2019 with great results apart from this recent dip.

I am going to give the service a neutral for now but I will be monitoring it to see what happens. I will update my rating in the next few months if need be.

Update Two: 4th April 2022

Part two of my trial of The Outside Edge started with a serious drought of profit and quite a lengthy 17 bet losing streak.

Thankfully it picked up again later in the month but not enough to recover and finished with a £261.80 loss.

As I mentioned in my first update, I have been keeping track of the AM vs PM profit, just out of interest. This month the AM bets lost £216.80 and the PM lost £45.00, so neither were profitable this time.

The Outside Edge – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 281.80)(£ 261.80)(£ 43.50)
Profit (pts)(28.2)(26.2)(4.4)
New Bank£ 2,738.20£ 2,759.40£ 2,850.10
% Bank Growth-8.73%-8.02%-5.00%
Winning Bets414142
Total Bets146146146
Strike Rate28.08%28.08%28.77%

Click here to view my results log.


I hope to see The Outside Edge pull things back next month but at the moment, it is not looking so good.

One thing to mention is the bank is only down by 8.0% so there's ample room to turn things around and I am a long way from being close to busting.

Update One: 4th March 2022

It's been a bit of an underwhelming start to my trial of The Outside Edge with what seemed like a heck of a lot of bets and little profit to show for it.

I am up by £21.20 at the available prices, which is slightly more than the profit at the prices advised, so that is a positive.

There were 130 bets for the month, spread between the evening before races and the morning of.

I was intrigued to see whether the PM or AM bets showed a great difference in profit so I added an extra column to my usual spreadsheet.

The PM bets are up by £91.30 and the AM bets lost £70.10. I will provide more data on this when it comes to my trial conclusion.

The Outside Edge – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 20.00£ 21.20(£ 106.40)
Profit (pts)2.02.1(10.6)
New Bank£ 3,020.00£ 3,021.20£ 2,893.60
% Bank Growth0.67%0.71%-3.55%
Winning Bets394041
Total Bets130130130
Strike Rate30.00%30.77%31.54%

Click here to view my results log.


A small profit to start the trial off with but I hope to see better results in month two. I'll be back with my next update early April.

Introduction: 1st February 2022

The Outside Edge was vetted for 29 weeks by the Betting Gods to ensure that the service was reliable, profitable and consistent.

It has turned out to be one of the platform's top rated horse racing tips services, advertising an average £216.24 monthly profit to £10 stakes.

The total profit since December 2019 is up to £5,189.80 with a 10.99% return on investment.

The tipster uses a different strategy to most, attacking the bookies from two angles. He sends his tips out twice per day, with the first batch in the early evening and then another in the morning.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • £5,189.80 Lifetime Profit
  • 29.28% Win Rate
  • 10.99% ROI
  • 172.99% Bank Growth
  • 9.12 Average Odds

I have set up a 300 point bank to test the service. It is quite unusual to see such a large recommended starting bank but it is for a good reason, as the service has hit a maximum drawdown of 198 points before.

I will get started and report back with my results early March.

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