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Thanks ever so for visiting my website!

It was born in June 2011 as a hobby really, but has since grown into something much bigger.

Originally, Lay Back & Get Rich was started by Lucy Collins. She thought it would be a good way of getting her hands on betting systems for free (great idea!)

The deal being that system suppliers would be happy to send a copy over if she was happy to promote them on her own website.

However, it didn’t take long for Lucy to realise that most systems, services and whatnot are a load of old shi... poppycock!

Rather than a hard drive full of betting systems which made money, Lucy ended up with a large amount of disappointment and frustration.

But that’s where Lay Back & Get Rich found its path in life, happily pointing out the few systems worth looking at while exposing those which are a waste of time.

And then I arrived on the scene in September 2017.

Introducing Me... Amy!

I've been wandering the betting scene ever since my cousin suggested that I bank a guaranteed £1,000+ from the Bonus Bagging service.

It took a few months to convince me that something which cost £27 could make that sort of money (and risk-free too) but eventually I gave in and tried it. More than £1,500 profit later and I was hooked!

I made it my aim to make £1,000 per month from betting.

My free eBook explains how a complete beginner to betting can start making £1,000 each month right away, so the first thing to do is click here and download your copy.

The problem is, what do you do when new bookie offers dry up? Or when reload offers are closed off? It’s the most amazing 'free money' while it lasts (so take full advantage!) but then the search for a long-term income begins.

I'm sure that it can be done by putting together a group of systems from the best ones available out there.

So I've put some rules together to keep me on track:

  1. I will only make money by having a definite system and sticking to it.
  2. I need a sensible staking plan (no loss chasing!).
  3. I need to be patient (but a system that tries my patience may not be worth it).
  4. Good odds are everything – if it's not a value bet, don't bet.
  5. This CAN be done.

My betting portfolio will be made up of systems which suit me as a bettor.

For example, there's no point me following a system which concentrates on long shots if I struggle to deal with long losing runs (though many bettors love the thrill of a big winner!)

Also, I'll think very carefully before deciding to follow tips for a sport I don’t enjoy. I want to make a profit but also I want to have some fun with it too... or is that too much to ask? I hope not!

What I certainly won't do is start 'system hopping' when a profitable service goes through a bad run. Anyone who does that may as well give up already and save themselves some money.

System Trials... Tests... Reviews...

Whatever you want to call them… testing systems is hard work, but it’s a lot of fun when you catch a good one!

The very best systems and services I find are filed away in the 'Passed' folder.

There is also a 'Neutral' category for systems which may pick up in time (or may not) and then 'failed' for those which are best avoided completely.

But it's not just me who gets to stick a flag in the best systems, all Lay Back & Get Rich readers get their say too! Our 'Betting Oscars' have been running since 2012 and they are awarded to whoever or whatever you vote for.

Click here for all the Betting Oscar winners!

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Predictology is described as a “football betting and trading data suite” and it is designed to help you make informed decisions, or even create your own systems. In my Predictology review, I am going to take a look at the tools it provides and see whether I can make a profit using them. There is a

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Bet Alchemist Trial Two – 2024 My trial of Bet Alchemist in 2022 didn’t quite work out, as I ended up breaking even after five months. The tips had performed much better at BSP, but in the end I decided on a neutral rating. The service ended up with a £621.41 loss for the year, making

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I’ve tallied up my results for month three of my trial of No Dodgy Overnight Tips and I’m pleased to say that it has been another terrific month. I have added £204 profit to my bank at the available prices, so that means that I am now sitting on an overall profit after a pretty rough

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