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Current Reviews

Predictology is described as a “football betting and trading data suite” and it is designed to help you make informed decisions, or even create your own systems. In my Predictology review, I am going to take a look at the tools it provides and see whether I can make a profit using them. There is a

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I’m back to square one in my trial of BSP Profits after the profit I gained in month one was completely wiped out in the second month.  Although the strike rate wasn’t much less than last month, the winning prices made a real difference to my total profit. The highest priced winner was just 3.35 and the

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I am starting a new trial of a Betfair SP place betting horse racing tips service from Betting Gods today, known as All Weather Place. The service has achieved £364.62 to £10 stakes at BSP since it launched in January 2023. Although that is just a small average monthly profit, it is still a profit using

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No Dodgy Overnight Tips produced a spectacular set of results in the second month of my trial, generating £453.40 profit with £10 stakes. It was just what was needed after such an awful start to my trial. I haven’t quite made enough profit to recover the whole amount lost, but I’m not far off now. Another month

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I’ve tested many systems, strategies and services then grouped them by results, so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

I mean, I doubt that you will click on ‘Failed Reviews’ but it’s there just to show you that I really do come across some rubbish!

Passed Reviews

I have reached the 2,000 bet target I set for my RebelBetting Value Betting review and it’s time for the final verdict.It’s good news! I have made £4,515 profit with an 8.47% ROI, so that means I’m 90.3% of the way to doubling my bank.The RebelBetting team say that on average, their members double their

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Geegeez Gold is a horse racing platform with a huge amount of features to aid your horse racing betting and/or trading. After being voted “Best Horse Racing Betting Product” in my 2019 Betting System Oscars, I figured a Geegeez Gold review was in order! The Gold race cards rival the main providers in the UK

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Statomater has made it three winning months in a row, bringing my total profit for the trial up to £573.57 to £10 stakes. One thing that I am ultra pleased about is the Betfair SP results. Below I have listed BSP results to include the multiples bets, which would have to be placed at bookies.  However, if

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The Merlin Results Radar is a football betting tool that ensures you win treble bets, so long as you can correctly predict just 1 result from 3 games. I gave my approval for the product as it is a handy tool to enhance profits and comes with excellent support.

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The third month of my Cotswold Racing trial has been an absolute belter! The service made £355.38 profit to £10 stakes at the available prices.For the three month trial overall, I finished up with £217.53 profit, so my starting bank of £1,500 had grown by just over a fifth.But take a look at this!At BSP

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I had a bit of a thing about betting bots….. and it wasn’t a good thing. As mentioned a few times previously, I was a little afraid of them. Why? Well, because I have to share my Betfair login details… and I have to leave my computer on all day …. but mainly because half the

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Neutral Reviews

The BTC Academy is a collection of sports trading courses put together by the Betfair Trading Community team.The courses cover four different sports, including football, tennis, horse racing and cricket. For complete beginners, there is also a “trading essentials” course that covers the foundation trading skills needed before progressing on to more advanced topics.The lessons

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The positive spell of results in month two of my Miles Ahead Racing trial didn’t last long and I lost a further £166.80 in the third month.That makes it £238.80 to £10 stakes lost for the whole trial, or a 23.9% reduction to my bank.It seems that the service has flatlined in the past 12

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Hi everyone! Keith here with the conclusion to my review of RebelBetting. It’s now been 5 weeks since the review started and due to a 1 week holiday in the middle of it it’s now been 30 days of actual usage. For those who haven’t read the intro RebelBetting is a sports arbitrage scanner with

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As there has only been one tip that met the odds criteria in the fourth month of my trial, I have decided that it is no longer worth me keeping it going.The volume of bets for The Lay Bet Tipster is just too low for it to work as a tipping service.In four months I

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Failed Reviews

My trial of the Euro Football Punter service has been disappointing after experiencing three consecutive losing months and there’s no signs of things changing.As I have mentioned in my previous updates, most of the tips have been priced below 2.00 and as low as 1.11, then a few at the other end of the scale

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I have come to the end of my three month trial of The Shortlist from Lucrative Racing.It’s a service which claims to be able to produce great results even with just an exchange account, so I was excited to get a trial underway.For a horse to make it on to the daily shortlist there were

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The Racing Portfolio seemed like a good fit for a Betfair Exchange trial, with Lucrative Racing saying in one of their videos that their systems are good for exchanges. David tested the portfolio for three months and sadly he found that this was not the case. He recorded a loss from 5 out of 6 of the

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After an improvement in results in the previous two months, I thought things were looking up for Rendlesham Racing.  It wasn’t to be though, as the fifth month of my trial was just awful. I lost £269.95 to £10 stakes, so added to what I had lost in the trial already, I was down by £375.43, or

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