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Current Reviews

It has been another disappointing month for David in his trial of The Racing Portfolio with 15.6 pts lost at Betfair prices in the morning and 57.2 pts lost at BSP. In total, that means his bank has decreased by 15.5% and 22.8% respectively. The one system that had been flying in month one, with 64.98 pts

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My trial of Read Between The Lines has taken quite the U-turn after starting off amazingly. Ever since the first month, my results have been poor! Now I am in a bit of a predicament, as I was confident this service would do well after already giving a PASS to it’s mirror service, Hanbury Racing Tips. I

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Off the Bridle Racing is a horse racing tips service that mainly focuses on the National Hunt season, which in perfect timing, is just starting.  The service has an impressive record of £5,255 profit to £10 stakes at the advised prices, but what caught my eye was their BSP results, which show £4,340 profit. That’s an

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Wadster Winners is a tennis tipping service that is structured in a way that means members only pay when they have made a profit from the tips. The service is run by Aidan Wardle, otherwise known as Wadster, who has a unique story about how he got into the world of betting. Before 2016, he hadn’t

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I’ve tested many systems, strategies and services then grouped them by results, so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

I mean, I doubt that you will click on ‘Failed Reviews’ but it’s there just to show you that I really do come across some rubbish!

Passed Reviews

The Merlin Results Radar is a football betting tool that ensures you win treble bets, so long as you can correctly predict just 1 result from 3 games. I gave my approval for the product as it is a handy tool to enhance profits and comes with excellent support.

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OddsMonkey has, for a very long time, been both everywhere and nowhere.You see, their traditional strategy has been to supply tools to other third-party providers. So established arbitrage players like Profit Maximiser have all at various times — to use that ugly but ubiquitous term — been “powered” by Oddsmonkey. In fact, they claim their product is used by no fewer

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Delay React Trade is a football trading service from Clive Keeling that teaches you how to make money from in-play football matches.It has been around for quite a while now and was originally reviewed here at Lay, Back and Get Rich by Lucy in 2015.While the same concepts apply, the service has evolved a lot

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Quick Fire Betting Profits is a portfolio of betting strategies that you can pick and choose from them to match your lifestyle.It comes from Andrew David, who you may recognise as the creator of the ever popular Little Acorns and the Triple Lay Cash Drop systems, both of which were given passes here at Lay,

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Statomater has made it three winning months in a row, bringing my total profit for the trial up to £573.57 to £10 stakes. One thing that I am ultra pleased about is the Betfair SP results. Below I have listed BSP results to include the multiples bets, which would have to be placed at bookies.  However, if

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The Basketball Geek pulled out all the stops for the return of the NBA and delivered an excellent profit.He made £151.20 profit at the available prices which meant that the total for my trial finished at £473.20 profit to £10 stakes.This was total bank growth of 63.1% and a fabulous achievement in just three months.Now

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Neutral Reviews

After several months of slowly building up the betting pot, most of it has been given back to the bookies in the final month of my trial of BetAlchemist.I extended my trial from the usual three months that I give a tips service, because I felt that the service had more to offer than what

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Hi everyone! Keith here with the conclusion to my review of RebelBetting. It’s now been 5 weeks since the review started and due to a 1 week holiday in the middle of it it’s now been 30 days of actual usage. For those who haven’t read the intro RebelBetting is a sports arbitrage scanner with

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It seems that things were going a little too well in the first two months of my Racing Odds review.My bank had seen a 28% increase at the available prices, with a total of £278.20 profit to £10 stakes.Month three was a bit of a disaster and sadly, all of my profit was swiped away

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My JPW Racing Tipster review has turned out to be one heck of a trial with twists and turns from month to month.After five months I have lost £89.58 based on £10 per point stakes at the available prices, but the Betfair SP profit stands at a much more attractive +£609.11.I was going to keep

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Failed Reviews

I’m currently on holiday in Brittany, and therefore doing as little trialling as possible. However, I have been approached by a chap called Matt to test his service and simply cannot resist getting involved. The reason why is that I have come across Matt before – and believe we share fundamentally similar principles about betting.

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It has been a poor month for Bargain Punt, bringing my trial to a close with a further £91.25 lost. Added to the first two months, I have lost a total of £108.70 for the trial. The performance of the tips at BSP wasn’t any better with £156.90 lost in total. I chose to concentrate on just

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My trial of the Euro Football Punter service has been disappointing after experiencing three consecutive losing months and there’s no signs of things changing.As I have mentioned in my previous updates, most of the tips have been priced below 2.00 and as low as 1.11, then a few at the other end of the scale

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Hello again, David here with the conclusion of my trial of Banker Bets. It’s not been the easiest of trials, with my initial optimism gradually being eroded by a series of setbacks. The latest one was documented in my report on October’s performance, which saw me finish in the red to the tune of £70 after 261 bets.

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