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Current Reviews

Trial Two – Update One: 5th July 2024 Well… It hasn’t quite been the start that I wanted for my re-trial of BetAlchemist! I have lost £192.50 based on using £10 per pt stakes, which equates to a 19.25% bank decrease. There were a lot of places throughout the month, with the tipster just narrowly missing out on bigger

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Since there is plenty of tennis action going on right now with Wimbledon in full swing, I have been on the hunt for a good tennis tipping service. To be honest, I haven’t had much luck at all in the past with tennis tipsters and at the time of writing this, I don’t have ANY tennis

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Shrewd Tips immediately grabbed my attention when I saw their total cumulative profit figure since 2019, which added up to a mighty £17,702 to £10 stakes. The service delivers daily horse racing bets via the Tipstrr platform, known for its automated system that verifies odds and results across multiple popular bookmakers.  Additionally, it provides comprehensive statistics

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The Saviour is one of the latest horse racing tipsters to join the Betting Gods site, having delivered impeccable results at BSP since January 2024. Their total profit tallies up to £2,198.80 based on using £10 per pt stakes and the ROI is at an incredible 71.48% I’m also pleased to see that all bets are placed

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I’ve tested many systems, strategies and services then grouped them by results, so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.

I mean, I doubt that you will click on ‘Failed Reviews’ but it’s there just to show you that I really do come across some rubbish!

Passed Reviews

I’m pleased to let you know that my Punter’s Profit Pro trial has gone swimmingly, with three consecutive months of profit at the bookmakers and at Betfair SP.I finished with a total of £331 profit based on using my regular £10 per point stakes. That works out as a 22% increase to my betting bank,

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I finished my three month trial of The Bookies Enemy with £170.70 profit and an ROI of 7% over a duration of three months.I have been pleased with the service on the whole and found it easy to follow. The tips have been received around about the same time each evening, between 6-8pm, to take

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Goal Profits is a complete football trading community. Membership includes everything you need to trade football including research tools, live stats, education and support. Rather than rely on tipsters who can disappear at any moment, the Goal Profits team believe it’s better for members to learn how to trade profitably. They certainly put a lot of

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Today I want to focus on the easiest and best way to make a pile of money from sports betting. I’m thinking, of course, of Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging. I’m thinking of course of Mike Cruickshank’s runaway success, Bonus Bagging. Click here to read my full Bonus Bagging review. Now I have barely mentioned Mike’s product on the

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So I bumped into Phil in the pub the other day, as you do, and he asked what I was up to. “Betting,” I said. “Gambling? On the horses?” “On the horses, yes, but betting, not gambling.” “What’s the difference?” he asked. “Buy me a pint and I’ll tell you”. So he did. And I

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I review a lot of products on my site, and it sometimes does take a lot of patience to keep plodding on, particularly when things don’t go according to plan. (If you don’t quite follow my drift, try reading through the First Place Winners thread. It’s been woeful). So it is a great pleasure when

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Neutral Reviews

My JPW Racing Tipster review has turned out to be one heck of a trial with twists and turns from month to month.After five months I have lost £89.58 based on £10 per point stakes at the available prices, but the Betfair SP profit stands at a much more attractive +£609.11.I was going to keep

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After promising results in the past couple of months, Goal King’s winning run has come to an end and it’s time to bring my trial to an end too.All in all, I made £62.00 profit after a five month trial of Goal King, which really wasn’t anything to call home about. That being said, a

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With more than 500 bets recorded for my No Dodgy Overnight Tips, I have enough results to go by to give my final rating. I extended my trial for another month past my usual three months, but I soon regretted my decision as the volume of bets coming through increased dramatically. There were 210 bets in the

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After some promising looking results at the bookies, I extended my trial of SVB Tips beyond the Betfair Exchange test that David had been running. The results for the third month of the trial proved to be just as good as the previous two months, with £340.63 profit at the prices I could find available. This leads

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Failed Reviews

I’m currently on holiday in Brittany, and therefore doing as little trialling as possible. However, I have been approached by a chap called Matt to test his service and simply cannot resist getting involved. The reason why is that I have come across Matt before – and believe we share fundamentally similar principles about betting.

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I had high hopes for Cleeve Racing but it seems that things have just gone from bad to worse in my trial.My review hadn’t started well in the first place with three losing months, but I kept going in hope that things would get better.The results did improve with two winning months but I was

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I have come to the end of my three month trial of The Shortlist from Lucrative Racing.It’s a service which claims to be able to produce great results even with just an exchange account, so I was excited to get a trial underway.For a horse to make it on to the daily shortlist there were

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Info Racing have produced a terrible set of results in month three, as they have struggled to find any winners, achieving just the 3 places out of 25 bets. In three months, my bank has decreased by 39% at the available prices and at BSP, a slightly worse 46.8% decrease. Going into the fourth month in the

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