Rendlesham Racing Review

After an improvement in results in the previous two months, I thought things were looking up for Rendlesham Racing. 

It wasn't to be though, as the fifth month of my trial was just awful.

I lost £269.95 to £10 stakes, so added to what I had lost in the trial already, I was down by £375.43, or 25% of my bank.

Given that it was now the flat racing season, which was the tipster's preferred race type, I had hoped that results would get better. Sadly, it just hasn't happened and now if I carried on with the trial, it would only be to try and recoup what was lost.

Rendlesham Racing – Update FiveAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 267.75)(£ 269.95)(£ 234.73)
Profit (pts)(26.8)(27.0)(23.5)
New Bank£ 1,123.12£ 1,124.57£ 1,159.26
% Bank Growth-25.13%-25.03%-22.72%
Winning Bets131310
Total Bets606060
Strike Rate21.67%21.67%16.67%
Rendlesham Racing – Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 376.88)(£ 375.43)(£ 340.74)
Profit (pts)(37.7)(37.5)(34.1)
New Bank£ 1,123.12£ 1,124.57£ 1,159.26
% Bank Growth-25.13%-25.03%-22.72%
Winning Bets737270
Total Bets265265265
Strike Rate27.55%27.17%26.42%

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Rendlesham Racing has come across as a very professional tipster who puts a lot of effort into researching his tips, but the results just haven't been good enough.

With regret, it will be a fail for this horse racing tipster.

Update Four: 11th May 2023

Rendlesham Racing has had another profitable month, even if it was a bit on the small side, with £45.21 added to the bank.

There were a couple of big wins at 22/1 and 14/1, and there was a winning football accumulator thrown into the mix.

A profit is a profit and I am glad to see the tipster is in much better form than at the beginning of my trial.

Rendlesham Racing – Update FourAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 51.91£ 45.21£ 1.24
Profit (pts)
New Bank£ 1,390.87£ 1,394.52£ 1,393.99
% Bank Growth-7.28%-7.03%-7.07%
Winning Bets181817
Total Bets595959
Strike Rate30.51%30.51%28.81%

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Things are looking up for this trial and hopefully if it continues this way, I will be back into profit soon.

Update Three: 11th April 2023

In the words of Etta James, at last, I have a profit to report in my trial of Rendlesham Racing with £74.55 added to my bank at the available prices.

It has still been a tough month for the tipster, having to ride out a losing streak of 18 bets, but he is off to a good start in April with the return of the flat season.

Rendlesham Racing – Update ThreeAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 71.25£ 74.55£ 44.33
Profit (pts)
New Bank£ 1,338.96£ 1,349.31£ 1,392.75
% Bank Growth-10.74%-10.05%-7.15%
Winning Bets181818
Total Bets575757
Strike Rate31.58%31.58%31.58%

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There's no doubt about it, it has been a tough time for this tipster. I'm hoping results will continue to improve now that the flat season has started, as that is the tipster's preferred race type.

Update Two: 10th March 2023

Rendlesham Racing have made a small profit at BSP this month but it was another poor set of results at both the advised and available bookmaker prices.

Altogether I have lost £225.24 from the trial so far, which is equal to 15% of my betting bank.

At BSP it adds up to £151.58 lost altogether, so it's not quite as bad, but not good either!

Rendlesham Racing – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 65.65)(£ 61.65)£ 32.98
Profit (pts)(6.6)(6.2)3.3
New Bank£ 1,267.71£ 1,274.76£ 1,348.43
% Bank Growth-15.49%-15.02%-10.11%
Winning Bets131313
Total Bets444444
Strike Rate29.55%29.55%29.55%

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It hasn't been a good performance from the tipster so far, so I really hope to see a better set of results in the third month of my trial.

Update One: 11th February 2023

My trial of Rendlesham Racing has had a disappointing start with a 10.9% reduction to my £1,500 betting bank in the first month.

Out of 45 total bets, there were 10 that produced a profit. The problem was, most of them were places so they didn't do much to build up the pot. They did help to soften the blow a bit though!

Rendlesham Racing – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 166.64)(£ 163.59)(£ 184.55)
Profit (pts)(16.7)(16.4)(18.5)
New Bank£ 1,333.36£ 1,336.41£ 1,315.45
% Bank Growth-11.11%-10.91%-12.30%
Winning Bets111012
Total Bets454545
Strike Rate24.44%22.22%26.67%

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It's never a good feeling when a trial gets off on the wrong foot, but I am hopeful that this budding young tipster can turn this around quickly.

There hasn't been too much damage done at this point. That is why there is a large 150 pt bank recommended, so that there is plenty of room for bumps in the road.

I will be back next month with my latest results.

Introduction: 10th January 2023

Rendlesham Racing is a young horse racing tipster who Tipsters Empire thought showed massive potential during his proofing trial.

At 21 years old, they invited him to join the platform as a professional tipster and hoped to help develop his tipping talent to potentially achieve even better results.

They have been really impressed with his knowledge and write-ups, with detailed reasoning provided for every tip.

His profit to date is £2,521.58 to £10 stakes with an 8.91% return on investment.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • 31.03% Win Rate
  • 8.91% ROI
  • 168.1% Bank Growth
  • 8/1 Average Odds

The tipster has been around for a couple of years now so I have confidence that he's not going to do a runner if there is a downturn. In fact, he has already battled through some tough periods and come out on top a couple of times.

I'll be recording my results at the advised and available prices and also Betfair SP. Check back next month for my first profit/loss report.

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