Rollingstone Betting ‘System of Systems’

"I'm interested in making serious money via sports betting, but where on earth should I start?"

I am asked this a lot and here's my advice.... follow my FREE Rollingstone system!

Rather than just diving in and buying whichever betting system seems to appeal to you most when you happen to land on their sales page, Rollingstone will help you move as quickly as possible from novice to expert.

When you're a beginner, there is a serious risk of system hopping. However, when you follow a proven system you have confidence that you're heading in the right direction, even on the slow days.

Confidence is essential with any betting system, so you don't just give up when you experience your first significant setback.

Also, I'm going to show you how you can use other people's money to build your betting bank!

This is, of course, preferable to using your own savings, and will increase your confidence that the chances you occasionally have to take are not quite so life-threatening after all.

You will almost certainly start your betting career at the bookmakers and, when you are successful, end up working primarily at the exchange. All roads eventually lead to Betfair and I am going to show you the best way there.

Rollingstone: A System of Systems

There are three big reasons why most punters don't make a profit in the long run and Rollingstone addresses them all.

Firstly, no one betting system has all the answers. Instead, just like a portfolio approach to stock market investment, Rollingstone spreads your risk around.

Secondly, most punters try to win too much. Even modest compound growth of 6% a month doubles your bank within a year (and quadruples it in two years) but most bettors try to achieve far greater profits than this and often end up losing as a result.

And, thirdly, bad runs are inevitable but hardly anyone prepares for the emotional distress they cause. Instead, they often conclude that a system has stopped working when the first bad run comes along and make the mistake of abandoning a winning service at its lowest point!

Human beings really struggle with bad runs - I know I did! They're mathematically certain to keep happening though, so Rollingstone has recovery systems to repair both your bank and your sense of wellbeing.

Knowing that you have this option will give you the confidence and patience to see out bad runs, and await the likely eventual upturn in performance.

Start Up

The first step with Rollingstone is to build a betting bank.

If you have not done matched betting before, you're going to find this part very easy indeed.

Mike Cruickshank's
Bonus Bagging service is almost zero risk, ridiculously cheap and incredibly good. In fact, it only costs a one-off £27 and you'll make that back within a day or two, then everything else is pure profit!

Bonus Bagging Review

Bonus Bagging is a slick tool for exploiting bookmaker bonuses and Mike does all the work for you, so all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions.

Most new users find they can make around £1,000 fairly quickly and a happy side-effect of the process is that it leaves you with a large number of bookmaker accounts which will come in handy.

Unless you win the lottery, you will never make an easier £1,000+ in your lifetime, that’s for sure!

Start Up is the easiest part of Rollingstone and there's no reason not to get started right now.

Ramp Up

Once you have made £1,000 from Bonus Bagging, you're ready to start the Ramp Up part of Rollingstone.

Ideally, your starting bank should total £2,500 so add another £1,500 of your own money. It means that 40% of your starting bank is "free" money from Bonus Bagging and the rest is "seed capital" that you will withdraw again later on.

That 40% is a key percentage, as you'll see in the next section.

Assuming your starting bank is £2,500, you will be able to grow it with up to 4 Ramp Up systems. If you can only manage to put together a £2,000 bank, pick out up to 3 Ramp Up systems. If you're not able to put at least a £2,000 bank together, skip ahead to the "Duck and Cover" section and use those systems to build your bank.

I've listed a number of ideal systems and strategies below which I will update over time as new products come to market and are successfully trialled. You should always be looking to replace good systems with great ones!

If you're new to the betting world, it makes sense to start with one or two systems and find your feet before adding more. I generally recommend high strike rate systems to start with as that reduces the likelihood of long, losing runs.

I also believe that trading has a vital role as it depends more on acquiring and using valuable skills, than on a betting tipster's ability to predict the future. It also allows you to use betting exchanges which are not going to restrict your ability to place bets as your profit grows.

Little Acorns Review

Little Acorns is by far the best Ramp Up system to get started with. It's a straightforward laying system for UK horse racing which can be set up in the morning and then left to run.

It has consistently won Betting Oscars, with Lay Back & Get Rich readers keen to vote it as one of their favourite betting systems.

It's a one-off cost too, which is perfect for keeping portfolio running costs down.

There's nothing more to say about Little Acorns really, you should pick it up right away. You'll even get a 30-day warranty (though you won't need it).

Tradeshark Tennis Review

Tradeshark Tennis is a complete tennis trading system, containing lots of strategies for different levels of experience. There are plenty of support videos, occasional webinars, and a frequently updated blog.

Paul Shires is a professional tennis trader, so there is a strong ‘enthusiast's feel' to the whole product. He is in the trading trenches with you, providing daily insight via his blog and webinars on tennis trading opportunities.

It's not a product to use if you cannot stand tennis!

You can pick up this Betting Oscars winner for a one-off £39.

Assured Soccer Profits Review

Assured Soccer Profits (ASP) is the ‘Marmite' of football trading systems (you'll either love it or hate it!).

If you love it, then you will watch your betting bank grow steadily over time. However, if you hate it (or you just can't quite get your head around it) then you will probably end up flat-lining.

In order to help you as much as possible, there are detailed instructions plus videos. You can start out risking small amounts too until you get the hang of it. I recommend you give it a good go if you can as the reward for being successful is a steady upward bank balance.

Assured Soccer Profits is a one-off payment of £83. There's method to that madness though as it keeps the price under £100 including VAT. A clever move! It's covered by Clickbank's 60-day guarantee too, so you're safe to give it a good workout.

Goal Profits Review

Goal Profits has won many more Betting Oscars than any other system or service, constantly voted above everything else by Lay Back & Get Rich readers.

It includes everything you need - a complete football trading course, multiple research tools, an in-play stats scanner, trading strategies, chat room and lots of support.

Goal Profits isn’t a tipping service but an education and you will need to stick at it, not jump ship after a month. If you are prepared to put effort in, then it’s your best friend (even if you can't stand football). If you’re the type who expects instant riches then forget it (in fact, forget all betting systems!).

This is the perfect Ramp Up system once you have a bit of bank growth behind you and it's just £1 for the first 7 days.

If you prefer a more traditional tipster service, CD Racing made a profit of £203.53 to £10 stakes during my trial. The prices held up well and were readily available at a number of the main bookmakers, which is always a big plus.

Even better though, the service was more profitable at Betfair SP! This is really important when Ramping Up as bookies do not like winning punters. Being able to use Betfair is a huge advantage.

In my opinion,
CD Racing is the best tipster for Ramp Up.

The Horse Conqueror did amazingly well during my trial, making £623.10 profit to £10 stakes.

It's a straight-forward tipping service with a handful of selections sent out each evening. They only advise straight win bets at average odds of 8/1 though, which means there will be streaks of losing bets. A bit of patience is needed, but it's worth it.

As long as you are able to take the losing streaks on the chin and wait for the wins to come in, this is a solid tipster to follow.

Duck and Cover

If all Ramp Up systems worked perfectly all the time, there would be no need for this section. But we all live in the real world and we know that there are going to be bad runs to deal with, so this is how it's done.

Assuming you have a £2,500 starting bank you're going to split it into £500 sub-banks, one for each Ramp Up system as well as a "Duck and Cover" sub-bank.

Whenever a sub-bank falls by 40%, you're going to use Duck and Cover systems to rebuild it and then continue again. While this repair work is happening, the sub-banks of other Ramp Up systems will carry on unaffected.

It's a very simple system, here's an example of how it works.

Firstly, you split your starting bank as follows:

  • £500 assigned to Ramp Up System 1
  • £500 assigned to Ramp Up System 2
  • £500 assigned to Ramp Up System 3
  • £500 assigned to Ramp Up System 4
  • £500 reserved for Duck and Cover

Now imagine that, after 1 month, the balances on your portfolio have moved on thus:

  • £575 – Ramp Up System 1
  • £544 – Ramp Up System 2
  • £298 – Ramp Up System 3
  • £734 - Ramp Up System 4
  • £500 - still untouched and reserved for Duck and Cover

Your new bank total is £2,651, so overall you are ahead by just over 6%.

If you were to maintain this level of performance for a whole year, and ratchet up your betting stakes accordingly every month, you would in fact double your bank. I therefore suggest this level of growth as your approximate monthly target.

However, although from an overall perspective you are on track, you do still need to take action because the Ramp Up System 3 bank balance is down by just over 40%.

This is the red line amount because, as I already explained, the aim is to derive approximately 40% of your original bank from Bonus Bagging.

Once a sub-bank is down to less than 60% of its starting value, you add its remaining balance (in this case £298) to your Duck and Cover fund (here set at £500).

You then suspend Ramp Up System 3, and employ your working capital of £798 in Duck and Cover mode. You continue to work patiently with the new sub-bank until it has increased in value from £798 to £1,000.

Once you have reached your £1,000 target, you simply extract the original £500 Duck and Cover money for future recovery operations, and restart Ramp Up System 3 with a renewed pot of £500, as at the outset.

The other three sub-banks are unaffected during the recovery period and continue to be used in the normal way. Only the failing system has been suspended, fixed and restarted.

What if more than one system loses more than 40% of its value?

Unlucky! You simply add the outstanding balances for all failed sub-banks to your Duck and Cover pot, and suspend every failed system until its bank has been replenished.

If you lose 40% of your bank across two Ramp Up systems, you are then working with a combined Duck and Cover fund of £1,100. You trade your way to a total of £1,500, at which point you once again extract your £500 Duck and Cover capital, and restart the suspended Ramp Up systems with £500 each.

It is almost inevitable that if you adopt this approach, your overall bank will grow.

Once it has increased by 50% (i.e. progressed from £2,500 to £3,750), all sub-banks should be instantly reset, as at the start, to 20% of your new balance. This includes any sub-banks currently in Duck and Cover mode.

This means that your five new balances would each be reset to £750.

You then start again.

Once you have doubled your starting bank (i.e. reached a total of £5,000), you may choose to remove your original seed capital.

Duck and Cover systems provide an ultra-low risk recovery mechanism in the event of poor Ramp Up system performance.

They typically include techniques which exploit loopholes in bookmaker strategies, so you do have to minimise their day-to-day use. You don't want to attract the unwanted attention of your not-so-friendly bookie!

Having weapons to fight back with will reduce the emotional impact of losses. In my opinion, managing your emotions is as important (maybe more important) than managing your bank.

There's another great use for Duck and Cover too. Say you want to learn how to trade football at Goal Profits and you know it's going to take a few months to get the hang of things. Use Duck and Cover to pay the monthly cost and learn an amazing new skill for free!

OddsMonkey Review

OddsMonkey is like Bonus Bagging's younger brother; full of energy and new ideas! It’s an ideal Duck and Cover option as the opportunities it presents are no (or low) risk.

There's an ongoing subscription (monthly or annual) but you could easily cover that by simply using it a little, so essentially it's free!

Many bettors will keep going and hammer every offer they can find, but they are going to find themselves on the end of the bookie banning stick. A great source of income while it lasts, but not so clever in the greater scheme of things. After all, we want to keep this betting thing going for many months and years to come.

OddsMonkey is a "must have". Get it, make your money back and keep it in reserve for Duck and Cover. You'll feel safer.

SkewTrader Pro Review

SkewTrader Pro is a trading system that exploits a loophole that is "hard-wired" into the horse racing markets.

A one-off fee gives you access to everything you need, but you can save time with an optional daily qualifier list if you choose. SkewTrader Pro strategies range from almost zero risk to low risk.

Because SkewTrader Pro is a system developed at Lay Back & Get Rich, I obviously love it!

You will eventually get to a point where you don't need Duck and Cover.

Once you’ve removed all your seed capital from the table and banked some profits as well, you will find it much easier to deal with the ups and downs of betting.

I have personally left behind all the emotional distress I used to associate with betting. My portfolio has grown steadily over the longer term, so that significant accumulated winnings cushion me against the impact of inevitable, temporary setbacks.

I therefore now only ever use Ramp Up systems. I also am able to ratchet my stakes very slowly over time, as my betting bank reaches specific targets. This in turn delivers compound growth, which is the overall goal of Rollingstone.

"I’m not sure I have the time for all this..."

Yes, Rollingstone does involve effort and especially at the start, but the prize is worth it. Long-term capital growth is your goal and patience, rather than panic, follows from having a robust strategy.

If you really want to waste time, try system hopping. There really is no bigger waste of time than a string of losing bets!

Eventually, you will remove your seed capital from the table, and move beyond Duck and Cover. Then the effort required reduces, stakes can slowly be increased and compounding (which is where the action really is) can start.

Besides, all you have to do to get started is sign up to Bonus Bagging and follow the really easy instructions to begin building your bank. That's not going to take long at all so you have no excuses!

In Conclusion

Rollingstone Betting System

I believe portfolio betting is the only sensible way to bet.

It provides control and reassurance that you always have a Plan B. And, as discussed, over time you should find that the need for that Plan B slowly recedes, so you eventually leave Duck and Cover systems behind.

Always remember... you are you!

Just because someone else uses a particular Ramp Up system, that doesn’t mean you should automatically use it too. It might be that I have a tennis trading system in my portfolio but you can't spend the time trading tennis!

If that’s the case, then it wouldn’t make much sense to start using the same system as you will find it harder going than it should/could be. Perhaps pick out a football trading system instead.

For sure though, start out with some of the most conservative systems you can lay your hands on and aim to build slowly, but safely.

There’s plenty of time for more exciting systems once your bank (and confidence) grows, though making money is exciting anyway, isn’t it!?

All the very best with "Rollingstone" and your new portfolio-based approach to sports investment!

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