To the Fore Golf Review: Introduction

To The Fore Golf is a golf tipping service from the Tipsters Empire site with promising results since they started six months ago in June 2022.

Their cumulative profit is £1,124 with an absolutely massive return on investment of 68.7%.

Golf betting involves a lot of betting on competitors at big prices, usually at least double figures, so the return on your stake can be huge.

The only thing is, it's often a waiting game for that big win to come along. Betting each-way can help lower the variance and there is usually a lot of value to found with bookmakers offering extra place payouts.

This service has been keeping profit coming in often with what would be considered a high strike rate for golf betting.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • 30.5% Win Rate
  • 68.7% ROI
  • 112% Bank Growth
  • 51/2 Average Odds

Golf isn't my thing, but it certainly could be if it makes me a profit!

I'll be running this trial for three months at least and likely aiming for six months, as I think the volume will be lower than most services.

My results will include profit and loss at the advised prices and available prices but I won't be checking Betfair Exchange due to the varying place payouts.

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