To the Fore Golf Review: Update Four

Unfortunately there wasn't any profit to report in month four of my trial of To The Fore Golf as there were just two places for the month, resulting in a loss of £52.00.

There are bound to be rough patches with golf betting and there was very nearly a massive win but it didn't happen in the end. As the tipster said, "That's golf and we take the rough with the smooth".

To The Fore Golf – Update FourAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)(£ 52.00)(£ 52.00)
Profit (pts)(5.2)(5.2)
New Bank£ 1,294.40£ 1,296.40
% Bank Growth29.44%29.64%
Winning Bets22
Total Bets1212
Strike Rate16.67%16.67%

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I'm hoping the tipster can get back to picking out some winners in the next month of my trial. I will be back in June with the next update.

Update Three: 13th April 2023

To The Fore Golf has managed to correctly picked out at least one winner of a tournament in every month of my trial so far.

The latest was a confident 3 pt bet on John Rahm to win the Masters that gave me a cool £270.00 profit based on my £10 per pt stakes. 

I've never been more excited about golf - I even tuned in to watch it when I saw that the bet was close to winning.

Actually, John Rahm has been tipped 5 times during my trial and won 3 of those. It is no wonder the tipster figured that his price at 9/1 for the Masters was good value!

My total for the trial so far adds up to £348.40 profit with a 104.47% return on investment.

To The Fore Golf – Update ThreeAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 161.00£ 161.00
Profit (pts)16.116.1
New Bank£ 1,346.40£ 1,348.40
% Bank Growth34.64%34.84%
Winning Bets22
Total Bets1111
Strike Rate18.18%18.18%

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I'm very happy with the way this trial is going, with several winning tournament bets and a 34.8% bank growth. But, I would like to carry on for a bit longer, as I am curious to see how things will go from here.

Will John Rahm keep delivering, or will it be someone else in the tipster's sights?

I'll be back next month with another set of results.

Update Two: 13th March 2023

It has been a truly fantastic month for To The Fore Golf with the tipster picking out 2 tournament winners and 3 places from a total of 11 bets.

First up, there was Scottie Scheffler winning the WM Phoenix Open at 12/1 and then the following week, John Rahm did the job again winning the Genesis Open.

At the end of the second month of my trial, my total profit added up to £189.40 at £10 stakes.

To The Fore Golf – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 187.40£ 189.40
Profit (pts)18.718.9
New Bank£ 1,185.40£ 1,187.40
% Bank Growth18.54%18.74%
Winning Bets55
Total Bets1111
Strike Rate45.45%45.45%

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The trial is going well so far with at least one tournament winner in each month and several places to top the profit up.

I am looking forward to seeing how next month goes.

Update One: 11th February 2023

I have completed one month of my To The Fore Golf trial and have one tournament winner in the bag already!

The tipster decided to tip just the one contender for the American Express tournament, John Rahm, who went on to win.

Being one of the best ranked golfers at the moment, the odds were pretty skinny at 13/2.

In the write up, the tipster explained how he thought it was still good value, seeing as he was priced at 11/1 for the Masters and 12/1 for the Open and this was a much weaker competition.

Unfortunately, not enough to finish the month in profit but not a bad start at all.

To The Fore Golf – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)(£ 2.00)(£ 2.00)
Profit (pts)(0.2)(0.2)
New Bank£ 998.00£ 998.00
% Bank Growth-0.20%-0.20%
Winning Bets22
Total Bets1414
Strike Rate14.29%14.29%

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A scratch month but still, a very promising start for this service.

I look forward to seeing how the rest of the trial plays out. Check back next month for my latest results.

Introduction: 10th January 2023

To The Fore Golf is a golf tipping service from the Tipsters Empire site with promising results since they started six months ago in June 2022.

Their cumulative profit is £1,124 with an absolutely massive return on investment of 68.7%.

Golf betting involves a lot of betting on competitors at big prices, usually at least double figures, so the return on your stake can be huge.

The only thing is, it's often a waiting game for that big win to come along. Betting each-way can help lower the variance and there is usually a lot of value to found with bookmakers offering extra place payouts.

This service has been keeping profit coming in often with what would be considered a high strike rate for golf betting.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • 30.5% Win Rate
  • 68.7% ROI
  • 112% Bank Growth
  • 51/2 Average Odds

Golf isn't my thing, but it certainly could be if it makes me a profit!

I'll be running this trial for three months at least and likely aiming for six months, as I think the volume will be lower than most services.

My results will include profit and loss at the advised prices and available prices but I won't be checking Betfair Exchange due to the varying place payouts.

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