2012 Betting System Oscars: Best Football System

2012 Betting System Oscars: Best Football System

Third drumroll …..(can’t help feeling I should be wearing a posh frock and sipping champagne!)..

Lucy’s 2012 award for the Best Football System, as voted for by my readers goes to…. Total Football Trading!

Yes, the second award in a row goes to a product I have previously reviewed and “passed” (which, if nothing else, makes me feel better about my ability to spot winners!). In the end, two products ran away with this category, with Total Football Trading beating Assured Soccer Profits by a narrow margin. But make no mistake, Total Football Trading won fair and square.

When I originally reviewed Total Football Trading, I was quite cautious in my write-up, even though overall I gave it the thumbs-up. I have however continued to use it on almost a daily basis, and am now actually feeling much more bullish.

Which I think brings me to TFT’s key point of differentiation. It isn’t really a “system” at all, but rather a package of different systems. It aims to provide a comprehensive package of tools and methods for the aspiring football trader, so that if a given match isn’t susceptible to one particular method, you can simply change approach and derive profit in a different way.

I still stand my earlier assertion that this is ultimately a product for the true football fan. It can be quite time-consuming, but if you love the game, the time spent won’t be a chore. I know some fans can watch a game at any level – either Champions League or Blue Square Premier. If this is you, Total Football Trading offers you the opportunity to make serious cash whilst also enjoying the game. How brilliant is that?!

Mark at TFT was understandably delighted to receive the award, saying, “We are obviously very happy that people are enjoying what we are trying to do at TFT. We have aimed to give football traders an answer to every type of scenario that can occur in live football matches and the feedback in general has been very positive and overwhelming. Getting this award into the bargain is something to be proud of! “

My congratulations therefore to all at Total Football Trading for a thoroughly deserved award.

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  1. Hi Lucy, are you back from your lovely holiday yet? I have been looking at your reviews, mostly systems that have been put in your passed list. I am looking to add one of the systems. The systems that interest me are pre match trading and total football trading. As total football trading has won the betting oscars, it seems like a logical direction. However, I have become more and more interested in set up systems such as bonus bagging, where we don’t have to do much work. We still need to put some work in to get all the benefits though such as keeping track of bookmakers, keeping the momentum of placing free bets. A use of software system also sounds good, as long as it isn’t too difficult to work with. I have no idea how complex the pre match trading software is to use. There are other systems I like that you have reviewed. Now, this following question could be inappropriate to ask. I was wondering, Lucy you must have most of these systems in your portfolio. Would you care to tell us how much you make from these systems a month?

    1. £1,673.02.


      It’s not about how much I make, it’s about the approach I use. Can I suggest you download my free Rollingstone manual? I’ll be adding Pre-Match Trading to it as soon as I’m home.


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