2012 Betting System Oscars: Best Horse Racing System

2012 Betting System Oscars: Best Horse Racing System

Drumroll number four ….. for an award very close to my heart…

The 2012 award for Best Horse Racing System, as voted for by my readers and subscribers goes to….

Michael's Place Lay Formula

Yes, this is the second of my Oscars to be awarded to a product I know little about (the first being to Tradeshark Tennis for Best Trading Product) … which all goes to show that the betting public are quite capable of making their minds up for themselves, thanks very much!

That said, I’ve been digging around to find out more… and once again it appears we are looking at a system that has been around for a very long time – since summer 2008, in fact. This does give me confidence that the product has substance. It’s almost certainly been through a few iterations since its launch, so any new purchaser should hopefully be buying a product with all the glitches ironed out.

I obviously cannot sing the praises of a product that I do not know, however I have to report that it scored very highly in our public vote. Anecdotal evidence of surprisingly high strike rates also intrigues me, as this can be a problem with place laying. In short, I can feel a live trial coming on!

Another reason why I believe a trial would be appropriate sometime soon is that the refund policy for Michael’s Place Lay Formula is, frankly, pretty much non-existent. The company behind the product, Winningmore, believe this to be appropriate as, “Unlike companies that provide a tangible product that can be returned for a refund, our product is information. It can be used immediately upon viewing, and there is no product to return. Once a service has commenced, there can be no refund“.

Winningmore go on to say, “Just as with the Stock Market, our customers must recognize that the information cannot be guaranteed, and that past performance is not a promise of future results. What is guaranteed is that each and every customer will receive the service that was purchased in full”.

So there is an element of taking a leap of faith if you invest in this product. Personally, I feel a certain degree of unease with Winningmore’s position, and believe therefore that the best way forward would be to run a major trial. I hereby commit to doing so sometime “soon”! – but only once SkewTrader Pro has been rolled out first! (Note to self – get it finished girl!!).

All that said, a win is a win is a win, and this product came top in this category by quite some distance. My warmest congratulations therefore are extended to all at Michael’s Place Lay Formula on their success.

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  1. Every human is dual-natured because all have 2 brain lobes that offer 2-viewpoints/Relativity for every view/Reality. Not if but when[ever the opportunity allows]. Whomsoever this S. Davidson chappie is, his selling webpages say much of his duality. His systems are pretty involved in that they need full attention and familiarity to operate and yet he offers the P&L via £xxx stake and not points/indexation. If so, why not use £1000000? Too much for the addicted poor? That of hiding nuances via the “oh-so” wads of lollies the naïve, the ignorant and the addicted so love. Presenting via the wowee factor, he might as well offer his stake in elephants or mice. Not that his systems’ effectivenesss is the point other than trying to complicate by acting simplistic which actually makes the presentation complicated. Afterall when the staking is in points, it does not matter whether the stake is in mongoose, Chosen Few, or snakes, it is much easier to deduce effectiveness from the presentation. All know that, of course. So why use £100 instead of £1? ‘Cos the punter is some mackintished fag-snorting addicted old fogie who won’t buy the product becuz eets unprofitable when presented in points/£1? It is benevolent to realise and not merely know that when there is no Greed, there won’t be its alterego/dichotomy, Fear, if only because Greed is Fear expressed and Fear is Greed suppressed.

    1. Yes I’m sure we have Paul! But this is one of the main reasons why I firmly believe in betting systems. They impose optimal behaviours over the long term, irrespective of what our emotions may be saying in the here and now…. Provided of course, that the system in question is sound!


  2. Lucy .have had several betting systems via Steve at Winning More which mostly seem to come from Michael.Ive not been unhappy with anything from them and the beauty of the place lays its 4.5 max liability.the big problem as with all products many buyers will persist in adding there little bit to or away from it and then its not any good ,trust me its very consistent.My biggest problem is curbing the gambler in me it ,no problem in greening up 95 odd % of the time on other bets but my only losses is when I decide to give myself a liability in running when there is no need what so ever to do so.Golden rule if it aint broke dont fix it,when I stick to my own advice re this the life is sweet Good luck to anyone doing Place lay long may it continue. Whiskyd

    1. Really good post Whisky.

      I too find I’m most tempted to ‘go solo’ when chasing a losing situation. A big key to betting success is, oddly enough, being prepared to accept the odd loss, and trade out as required – instead of getting out the “loser’s shovel” when you’re in a hole and just digging down deeper still.. 🙂

      L x

  3. Paul

    Good question!

    I dropped Steve Davidson at Winningmore a line explaining your question, and very quickly received the following reply,

    > Hi Lucy,
    > Thanks for the email.
    > No, placelayformula is still doing well according to our clients.
    > We have over 100 products, softwares, services. We can not monitor all of them all the time, so once we have shown they work over time, we stop recording them, and concentrate on new projects.
    > Cheers
    > Steve Davidson

    I think we can take it we should not expect an update to the published results any time soon. Which serves only to confirm my view that we need to trial this…

    Lucy x

    1. Hi Lucy, I agree. All systems/products/services have profit cycles, so a new trial would confirm profitability, or indeed not. Cheers, Paul

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