2012 Betting System Oscars: Best Tipster

2012 Betting System Oscars: Best Tipster

Drumroll number five….. for one of the most competitive awards out there…

Lucy’s 2012 award for the Best Tipster Service, as voted for by my readers and subscribers, goes to…. Big Mike’s Betting!

At the risk of becoming repetitive, this is the third product that the readers of laybackandgetrich.com have awarded an Oscar to that I had not previously reviewed (the others being Tradeshark Tennis and Michael’s Place Lay Formula). That said, on this occasion, I was already quite aware of Big Mike’s Betting service and his remarkable reputation. Frankly, it would be hard to miss it!

I have never read anything quite like Mike’s extraordinary free 144 page e-book on Strategic Betting.  Take this little excerpt for instance from page 43:

It is imperative that you use different User Names and passwords on your accounts. If you don’t then Big Brother will definitely be watching you! It’s not a battle with the bookmakers – it’s a war!”.

I love it! 🙂

And what you rapidly become aware of, in the war with the bookmakers, is that Mike is down in the trenches with you. In a very real sense, Mike’s service is about a lot more than good tipping. It’s about turning you into a better punter. Which explains the emphasis he places on training and education.. such as the Strategic Betting Masterclass.

Just reading his manual – without buying a single thing – can make you a better punter!

All that said, I remain almost entirely new to Big Mike’s service, so I find myself once again leaning towards a possible future trial (I said similar things about Michael’s Place Lay Formula).  But without doubt, this is a very popular service that has triumphed in an ultra-competitive category.  It’s been around for years, which has clearly given it the time to win the hearts – and votes – of many of my readers, leading to the Award of my 2012 Best Tipster Service Oscar.

Hearty congratulations therefore to Big Mike and his team!

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    1. Pip

      I think we must have received the same email!

      Apparently Mike Marsland resigned from Strategic Betting Ltd in December 2011, and has since been involved in a bankruptcy case.

      Strategic Betting’s email is at pains to explain that Mike has “had no involvement with the Company [since March 2012] and will not have in the future”.

      It continues, “Since April of this year, all betting advice for this service, has been provided by full time Betting Professional Andrew Watson, Form Expert Ian Clarke (father of Betting Professional Russell Clarke) and our Football Betting Expert Ken Baker”.

      Hard to know what to think. 🙁

      Lucy x

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