2012 Betting System Oscars: Best Trading Product

2012 Betting System Oscars: Best Trading Product

Drumroll please…..!!!

The 2012 award for Best Sports Trading Product, as voted for by you, the readers, goes to…. Tradeshark Tennis!

Tradeshark Tennis

Now I must confess to never having even heard of Tradeshark Tennis before – but then, that’s one of the main reasons for running my Betting System Oscars in the first place…  This isn’t my choice, but rather, the ‘punters have spoken’…!

That said, I have been doing my homework since the votes were cast, and I have to say, I am mightily impressed by what I have seen.   Tradeshark Tennis fits the mould of the type of systems I tend to go for – hype-free, straightforward, and very good value at a truly astonishing one-off cost of £29!

Tradeshark Tennis has a decent track record too, having been up and running since 2009. It is run by Paul Shires who tells me that, “I also act as mentor during the learning process (and after..), and I have also added a trading forum and chatroom where new and experienced traders can share ideas and help each other out, mainly during the matches”.

Paul also writes a daily blog, with analysis of upcoming fixtures – so this is emphatically not a ‘buy and forget’ product, but rather a comprehensive training and support service.   Unsurprisingly, Paul now has 3000 members benefitting from his specialist advice and guidance.

I am sure you will therefore agree with me that this award is richly deserved. Congratulations to Paul Shires and everyone at Tradeshark Tennis!

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