2012 Betting System Oscars: Overall Winner

2012 Betting System Oscars: Overall Winner

So we come, at last, to the big finale…. who have my readers voted the Overall Winner in the 2012 Betting Systems Oscars?

One final drumroll please….

The Overall Winner Award in Lucy’s 2012 Betting System Oscars goes to……


Tradeshark Tennis

Tradeshark Tennis!

Now, I have to admit to never having even heard of it before the votes were cast. But it has received so many votes that I can only conclude it has a serious, hardcore following.  And, I’m sure you will agree, what ultimately matters most is what real punters think about systems they use day to day.

Clearly, I am going to have to run a trial of Tradeshark Tennis sometime soon! However, in the meantime, there are already a number of things about it that I like:

  • It is outstanding value at £29.   This gives you access to the main product, 15  “live trading” demonstration videos (some of which are an hour and a half long!), and lifetime membership of a very active forum.
  • It has real fans. Some of the comments made to me about it by voters were extraordinary.
  • It’s growing all the time.  Paul Shires (the guy behind the site) has even recently added a cricket trading strategy.
  • There is a terrific blog, with tennis match previews and articles giving practical trading advice.
  • Paul has been a full-time trader since July 2010.   He appears to be an enthusiast whose hobby kind of got out of hand!
  • I hope Paul won’t mind me saying this but there is a sort of amateurishness about the web design that really appeals to me.  This is not a guy who is spending lots of money on flashy gizmos or clever marketing to lure you in.   What comes across instead is someone who clearly loves what he does, and wants to share that passion with you.
  • Tradeshark Tennis has a long track record, dating back to 2009.

Paul was delighted to receive the award, saying, “When you put yourself on the internet you’re open to digs from anyone and everyone so the fact that people like the service so much and also have taken the time to vote is a real boost. A huge amount of time and effort goes into the service as I am a one man band and there are times when you wonder if it’s worth it. A little recognition like this confirms that it is. Thanks again to you and your readers“.

I am sure you will therefore agree with me that this award is thoroughly merited.

Congratulations to Paul Shires and everyone (if there is anyone else but Paul!) at Tradeshark Tennis, on becoming the 2012 Betting System Oscars Overall Winner!

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  1. Alan

    Thanks for your comment and welcome to my site. I don’t get many visitors from the US!

    The reason being that there are so many restrictions around citizens of your country accessing overseas sites. It’s not the betting systems themselves that are the problem: rather, the bookmakers and exchanges.

    Betfair itself is famously off-limits to US users, though I have heard stories of some folks going to byzantine lengths to gain access. In practice, I don’t think it’s practical.

    Some UK bookies may be accessible: I have an idea that Bet365 is (and it’s certainly on the panel of bookies listed by ZCode, which is a US-based betting system).

    It may be possible to copy some of the methods reviewed here, and apply them in the States. Tradeshark Tennis may be a good example in fact… i.e. as long as you can find an equivalent trading platform in the US, I fail to see why swing trading shouldn’t work the same the world over.

    That said, it’s probably worth firing a question at Mr Tradeshark Paul Shires first, just to ask. You can get him at [email protected]. Do mention my name, and doors will slam fly open. 🙂

    Lucy x

  2. I set the service up when I was trading part time. It’s all documented on the blog if anyone was genuinely interested.


  3. Temujin

    Thank you for your comment and welcome to my site.

    I have written to Paul regarding your first question, though I assume the answer is that he was a part-time trader prior to July 2010.

    Tradeshark Tennis scored 48 votes, and the nearest challenger picked up 25. I suspect this year’s winner will have to poll well over 100 as my site traffic has trebled in the last 12 months.

    regards Lucy x

  4. If he has only been a full time trader since July 2010, how does Tradeshark Tennis date back to 2009?

    How many votes did it get, out of how many total?

  5. Hi Lucy

    First of all well done on a great site. I see you have purchased Total Football Trader. I also purchased a few weeks ago and am really looking forward to getting used and trying the methods. I was just wondering if you know anything about Total Tennis Trading as it comes from the same Company. I dont have any tennis trading knowledge but would love to give it a go and was wondering should I try Tennis Tradeshark or Total Tennis Trading for starters.


    1. Kieran

      Thank you for your kind remarks on my site.

      Total Tennis Trading was subject to an extremely rigorous trial on my site, led by MikeB.

      Tradeshark Tennis was of course voted by my readers as winner of my 2012 Betting Oscars. I will be holding my 2013 Oscars event shortly, so it will be interesting to see if it hangs on to top spot… though note that Total Tennis Trading has only been introduced in the last twelve months.

      Until the votes are in, I think you can take it that both products have a lot to offer.


    1. Ben

      I believe tennis can be as profitable as any horse racing or football system. There is certainly more liquidity on Betfair than I realised. For instance, as I type this, Ramos is playing Gasquet at Estoril, and over £84,000 has been matched on the main Match Odds market. I would venture to suggest that this is scarcely the most high profile game in the tennis calendar, and yet clearly there is a lot of interest somewhere.

      With Wimbledon not too far away, I stand by my view that £29 represents a very fair price for the Tradeshark Tennis system. Note that I am not an affiliate for this product, but merely an impressed observer.


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