2013 Betting System Oscars: Best Arbitrage Product

2013 Betting System Oscars: Best Arbitrage Product

Drums and general fanfare please..!!!

It’s Lucy here again with the second award in my 2013 Betting Oscars e-ceremony.

So anyway…. I’m announcing one award every day during the first week in May 2013. And this time, we’re looking at the 2013 Oscar for the Best Arbitrage Product, as voted for by my readers…

And, for the second year running, this Oscar goes to a product we know well here at Lay Back And Get Rich…  it’s Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging!

Mike Cruickshank's Bonus Bagging

Mike provides one of the most popular services in the betting systems world, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Bonus Bagging proved a runaway success for this particular Oscar, winning by an even greater margin this year than last.

I spoke to Mike yesterday to tell him about his award, and he was understandably delighted, particularly as the votes are cast by my readers, and not by me!

“Thank you“, said Mike, “to all my clients that voted for me! It really means a lot and shows my hard work is valued.

“We’ve taken millions off the bookies in the two and a half years I’ve been doing this. And we will be making plenty more over the coming year!”

I think it’s fair to say that this award is richly deserved.

Over the last 12 months the Bonus Bagging product has been significantly extended from its initial narrow focus on exploitation of bookie sign up deals, now to include a wider array of arbitrage tools. These follow the same basic principles of the core bonus bagging offering, but significantly increase the scope and potential of the risk-free trading opportunity.  In my view, it’s simply too good to ignore.

I therefore would like to add my warm, personal congratulations to Mike and his team for a well-deserved Oscar.

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  1. What Mike’s emails really miss is the qualifying residence of the user…
    You have 2 options: whether to carefully read through ALL bonuses terms prior betting (which in overall exceeds claimed 10 minutes a day to use BB) or to lose some money on the qualifying bet…
    Good luck!

    1. I see that Mike does now mention user country of residence on the marketing info for his new Profitmaximiser product.
      “The bad news is – if you are outside of the UK/Ireland, you can’t participate.

      I don’t make the rules … I just exploit them. ”


  2. Hi, I use Bonus Bagging and Arbs, Started back in Jan 2013 so almost 6 months now. Started with a bank of £200 and currently have £800 clear profit. I’m retired so I have time to invest and the profit is a comfort as a second income to my pension.
    I believe Mike will be releasing info to his members in a week or so regarding his new product, as mentioned in his emails recently.
    Keep up the good work Lucy

    1. James

      Depends what it is. I am aware of a new product that BB are bringing out shortly, but it’s not been announced yet, so I’m slightly puzzled by your email.

      I only know about the new product as Mike has given me access to a Beta version. It looks pretty slick, but it’s not quite finished yet, so I can’t publish details. Watch this space, as I hope to review it shortly.


  3. So you make 3.4 euro per arb, hm don’t sound that exciting. I will keep using B.B for now and then later think about the arb software.

    1. 3.40 EUR is not too bad for an arb, I expect £2.50 in general from an arb although I use horse races. In a country where minimum wage is £6 per hour, it’s not hard to beat the wage and make an easy living. Until you lose all your bookmaker accounts of course.

  4. Only to contradict what I’ve said earlier, just placed a 6.8% arb with Mike’s Arb service help. That’s another boring 3.4€ for me! 😉

    I can’t praise enough BB service. If only I could take advantage of all those “UK only” promotions… 🙁 Being in Portugal reduces potential profit to much less than UK and IE residents can get! Most bookies do not give bonus to us. And those who do, i.e. Bet365, make them much smaller. But that is not Mike’s fault.

  5. I am using Mike’s arb service, and yes it can be boring!! Risk free (almost) money is so boring!!! 😛
    But seriously, arbs appear regularly all day long and if those top rated disappear as quickly, there are other around 2 or 3% which give me time to profit a few cents. 😉 So, I can´t see why would someone (with time to spare) not profit from it! I wish I had more time to pay attention to it!

  6. Hi, yes am still doing bonus bagging but still taking my time. I don’t plan on doing any arbs by looking for them myself, so I am interested in Mike’s arb software. So Mke’s software is easy to use. When you say is it worth the trouble,do you mean is it worth doing all these arbs daily to make 15quid a day? I think if people make much more than that from their day job, then y bother. But it could be a very good extra bit of income for some people. I do really like arbs for its assurance of profit. I don’t quite like the losing runs, or gamble of other systems. I wish there were more comments on the Mike’s arb software from other users.

  7. Hi there, congratulations to Mike. Am still using bonus bagging. Are there any updates on the arb software? As in improvements in ease of use. Looking forward to any comments on the software right now. Thanks

    1. Hello again James,

      Yes Mike ran away with this category for the second year running.

      I’m not convinced Mike’s arbitrage service is that hard to use: the question is whether it’s worth the trouble. I think it’s a personal choice really, as it does seem to divide opinion. Mind you, so does arbitrage generally, so maybe that’s not surprising.

      Are you still bonus bagging? I remember you said you were deliberately taking your time. If you haven’t finished yet, you may wish to consider skewing matched bets.

      I don’t know anyone else who proposes doing matched betting this way but it could make bonus bagging more fun and more profitable, especially if you happen to know your football. Plus it carries no more risk than the standard BB approach. I wish someone had suggested it to me when I first opened all my online accounts. 🙂


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