2013 Betting System Oscars: Best Football System

2013 Betting System Oscars: Best Football System

Hello, Lucy here again, with the third award in my 2013 Betting Oscars bash. 🙂

Now we move on to the 2013 Oscar for the Best Football System, as voted for by my readers.

And, for the third day running, the readers of Lay Back And Get Rich have voted for a product that’s already been extensively reviewed on my site…  yes, please put your virtual hands (!?) together for BetGreen!

Now, as is my way with these things, I let the proud winner know about the award a couple of days ago, and asked for a few comments by way of an acceptance speech.  I duly received the following typically enthusiastic response from Ryan.

“OH GOD!!!”

To which I was tempted to reply, “No, it’s just me”….

“Wow! That is amazing, I can’t believe I actually won!”

Yep, he was pretty happy!

He then composed himself a bit to add: “There are so many good tipsters and traders out there. I am really grateful for everybody that voted for me, I will work hard to keep up the good work and get more people trading and increasing their incomes!” 

You know, when you give out awards, that’s the kind of response that, deep down, you’re really looking for. 🙂  So I was pretty pleased for him.

When I asked my readers to think about this year’s awards, I was expecting, like last year, to receive votes for a whole slew of products I’d never heard of before.  But this time it just hasn’t been the case. I will feature one or two unfamiliar products over the next few days (she says mysteriously!), but, so far, it’s all been about products we already know and love.

I personally trialled BetGreen during the second half of last year (and distinctly remember writing up the trial conclusion on New Year’s Eve, with my wet hair still wrapped up in a towel prior to a big family do!), and found it refreshingly straightforward and fun. I probably was unduly cautious with my staking, but still managed to grow my betting bank by 28%, and found Ryan’s breathless support to be always available and, well, breathless. 🙂

In summary therefore, I believe Ryan’s award is richly deserved, and would like to add my personal vote to those of all my readers who awarded BetGreen the accolade of the 2013 Best Football System.

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  1. Not really sure what you are looking for from me, I have refunded you and I have also shown proof of the emails sent to you – this has been a whole month since you first posted on here.

    I have:

    -Given a full refund (you still have the password so can access my information free)
    -Shown you that I have sent the email.

    I will not be commenting on this any more in relation to this matter.

    1. WOW


      You explain your reason for the delay in replying .
      My email sent 13 april 2014 08.16 am.



    1. The arrows show you pressed reply what they don’t show is where you sent them.If you press reply then send them to yourself ARROWS

    1. Why are you showing me your inbox – I know that I sent you emails the point is you never replied so show me your sent items.

      As previously stated I have never received an email from BetGreen.


  2. Keith,

    I have also refunded you the £10 to your paypal.

    If you find the password, you can still access the mentoring FREE of charge.

    But I would like it to be known that I did email you.

    1. Ryan,

      I would like it to be known that I have never received an email from you so it would be impossible for me to find the password and access the mentoring free of charge.


  3. Hi Keith,

    I have emailed you a few times with the password, please check the junk folder, I have also just emailed Lucy a picture of my sent emails showing that I have emailed you.

    1. Hi Ryan – I check my emails and junk folder every day and I can assure you I have never received an email from you..

      I have now received the refund so thanks for your help Lucy


  4. Hi Keith

    I am not familiar with Ryan’s mentoring service however I can quite understand how you must feel about this.

    I’ve forwarded your comment to him and will write to you as soon as I hear anything.

    Please be aware that I don’t know Ryan anymore than you do, however publicity via my site may help. Hopefully anyway.

    Regards Lucy

  5. I Paid for mentoring services in april still waiting .this is a copy of the first email I sent to BETGREEN


    Donated £10 this morning(13/04/2014) for MENTORING/STRATEGIES confirmation number 38W206144E985060K. Was directed back to website from pay pal with no password or directions how to recieve password to access information.Please can i have the password.



    STILL WAITING FOR REPLY so as you seem to reply to emails on here can I have my money back please.


  6. Hello Francisco23,

    The forum on betgreen is inactive, I post the selections up here everyday as well as email them out, it has now become more of a archive for reading about trading, just because it is inactive does not mean that there is not some good nuggets in there.

    You could not get onto the service everyday? Why was this due to the website not working? Did you accept my welcome email and confirm to receive my daily selections? If you did then please let me know as I can pinpoint the exact day in which emails were not sent to you and which ones were opened so I can find out what went wrong.

    As it stands with the results, I have a guy who does my results for me and he has had a issue with the spreadsheet so between us we have been going through the results for a few weeks now, although going through and redoing the results for a full years worth of trading is very difficult and time consuming so I advised anybody who has asked for them to be patient and trust me they will be visible to see when they are completed, I have always had excellent customer service and is one of the things that I pride myself on.

    I would also just comment that ‘apparent little interest from Ryan,’ this is something I would argue against, anybody can email me anything about trading, member or not and I will answer, you might find you get involved in a full exchange of email as I know a lot of my member’s professions, interests sports teams etc… I am very interested in my service. Trading is also something you need to be dedicated to long term, we make small steps which over the long term add up…..

    You are more than welcome to email me, if you want to answer my points here I will be more than happy to talk to you on here.

  7. Have to say I’ve become disillusioned with BG’s customer service and quit it.

    The BG forum is inactive and there is apparent little interest from Ryan, despite a request, to actually provide a database of historical results from his selections so it can be judged & reviewed against my own records.

    He has also stopped advising of the prior day’s results by email when offering up new daily tips. As I could not get on to his service everyday I found it frustrating to know whether he was on or off form each month.

    A tipster who does not provide up-to-date results is one to be avoided in my book as this aspect should be considered as a basic element of customer care for anyone getting into the tipping game.

    This may seem harsh but I think anyone buying this service needs the full facts of the absence of results transparency.

    The strike rate does seem to be very hit and miss and therefore it is not a service you can dip into and out of but whether it has actually made a profit in recent months I could not tell you as that information is not provided.

  8. We are able to “keep” a trade that can get matched in play, we are then able to cancel that trade if we want to, quite sure we cant trade in play.

    So we could back a team at $2.50, and place a lay at say $2.20, which would be unmatched.
    We then have the option of “keeping” that lay so it can get matched in play, which I assume means the team you have backed score during the play.

    1. Steve

      Yes the ten day free trials of BetGreen are still available, and I’d be more than happy to arrange one for you but…. yes, you do need to be able to trade in-play. So I’m afraid this looks a non-starter for you?

      I had always assumed that in-play trading was a problem in Australia owing to the time difference, but you appear to be suggesting that it’s simply not permitted. Have I read that correctly?



  9. Hi Lucy,

    Id like to try the 10 day trial of Betgreen if its ok still.

    I live in Australia when we are unable at this stage to trade in play, is that a hindrance?

    I know in teh past I have dabbled and put a trade to “keep” whilst in play.

    Thanks and regards


  10. Thanks Lucy..I don´t understand why Ryan not states on his site that he specializes in LTD though..Also think that Simon the reviewer could have mentioned that this is a LTD service. Can´t see that you are giving away much mentioning LTD as it is a strategy as old as befair it self..Once again many thanks for your kind answer..


    1. Jassurin

      Simon didn’t review BetGreen: he did Pre-Match Trading which is not an LTD product but something far more complicated.

      I reviewed BetGreen, and perhaps could have said it was an LTD product. However I tend to prefer not to give away how a service works if it’s unnecessary – as I don’t wish to offend service providers. As I managed to negotiate a ten-day free trial of BetGreen for anyone who asks, any new user would find out what was involved for free, and then be able to decide whether the product was right for him/her.

      This offer still stands incidentally, and is better even than the one on Ryan’s site. All anyone has to do is mail me at [email protected] and I will ask Ryan to set them up at once.

      Once I completed my review, I realised you can deduce that BetGreen is an LTD service from the public results blog on Ryan’s own website. So yes, I’m happier to be quite open about it now.

      In my view, Ryan’s service is what makes his product stand out. It’s fun, light-hearted, and committed.


      1. oops…sorry that I got the Betgreen reviewers name wrong, my mistake..Thanks for replying,very much appreciated..cheers

    1. Jassurin

      Yes the basic service is a Lay the Draw offering, where the user is directed by Ryan to specific games and trades. There is also a forum, plus Ryan does recommend other types of trade from time to time. It made steady profits during my trial, and should appeal to beginners and to anyone who doesn’t wish to trawl round looking for matches themselves.


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