2013 Betting System Oscars: Best Horse Racing System

2013 Betting System Oscars: Best Horse Racing System

Hello, Lucy here for the fifth day in a row, handing out the latest award in this year’s Betting System Oscars.

OK, so far I’ve handed out virtual gongs for the following: Best Trading Product, Best Arbitrage Service, Best Football System and Best Tipster, all based on votes received from my readers.   And generally, with the exception of the Arbitrage award (which Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging completely ran away with), there has been a broad spread of voting for the different Oscars.

Today, however, is different.

Because a single product polled almost half the votes cast for the 2013 Best Horse Racing System Oscar …

And this time it’s a product we know very well here at Lay Back And Get Rich…

Drumroll please….

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the 2013 Best Horse Racing System award is….


is…… (sorry, can’t help myself…)

Little Acorns

Little Acorns!


Now regular readers will know that my normal approach is to ask the proud winner to say a few words about how they feel about their award. And, as we have seen with the Best Trading Product and Best Tipster Oscars in particular, doing so often generates surprisingly verbose responses!

Well, it’s been a struggle to catch up with Andrew of Little Acorns over the Bank Holiday weekend, so I thought I might have to pad this section out a bit. But when I finally managed to speak to him this evening, he had plenty to say…

“Right Lucy, my Tuxedo is pressed and I am dressed as sharp as a butcher’s knife.

“I would first like to thank the directors, producers, my mum, dad, pet goldfish without whom none of this would have been possible, and last but not least the makeup artists who have made me look a million dollars in every scene ..Oh hang on..wrong Oscars!”

And I thought I did the gags round here…

Andrew continued, “Seriously though, I would like to thank all your loyal and sharp readers (of which I know you have many) who voted for Little Acorns and if I could thank every one of them individually I would.

“I’m overjoyed that at last punters are now becoming more realistic in their expectations on the gains to be made from gambling, and with the help of quality sites such as yours, are now turning their attention to low risk based systems and services that can offer the patient follower some very worthwhile gains over the long term.

“My focus in developing Little Acorns was primarily centred around the end user. In my experience, punters hate losing and dread long losing runs that can see most out of the game before they can reap the rewards of the upturn. Therefore, with Little Acorns I’ve included a few staking options that would suit everyone’s attitude to risk. Some are more aggressive than others, but either way you will get the edge as Little Acorns simply exploits the unreliability of horse racing, to lead the end user to a profitable conclusion overall. It also provides a great platform for buyers to further tweak if they so wish in the whole arena of low-risk betting.

“Put simply, Little Acorns was born out of my extreme dislike of the highs and lows that come with most forms of betting and if you feel the same then you’re on my wavelength. Finally, the beauty of Little Acorns is that it operates in an arena where liquidity is never an issue, ensuring that everyone can profit to more or less the same level.

“Thanks again to all your readers and I hope to share more ideas with Little Acorns followers as and when they arise.

“Now Lucy, where’s the Green room for free drinks?”

Honestly, Andrew really is a bit too good at this. 🙂

I have little to add to his comments, other than to reiterate that Little Acorns obviously has a lot of adherents out there, as it won by a mile, in spite of the fact there are countless alternatives.

I found it to be simple and easy to use, especially when automated via a trading tool like Bet Angel, and quite easy to incorporate within a busy daily schedule.

Like its many other fans, we were quietly won over, and so it is with confidence I pronounce Little Acorns to be a worthy winner of the 2013 Best Horse Racing System Oscar.

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    1. Hi.
      Well, first I have to apologize for my previous posts because I overlooked one key element (which I can not reveal because of the system) that proved to be essential. It was my mistake and not the Little Acorns system loophole. Since then I made really nice profit even with the level staking (10€ per bet) . Results since my re-trial (started may 23rd 2014) are:
      58 bets (57 days, not betting every day, sometimes 2-3 bets per day)
      33 won bets (56.9%)
      Level stakes: €490.40 invested / €93.40 profit / ROI 19.05%
      Fib stakes: €804.80 invested / €270.80 profit / ROI 33.65%
      Longest losing run: 3
      Longest winning run: 4
      I will keep tracking my results (excel sheet) in the future and again my sincere apology to the author of Little Acorns system. And I received email from author that bot for LA is under construction and will be offered to LA buyers for 3 months free trial. REALLY looking forward to that piece of software.
      And one more thing: I have found on the web someone who is selling this system for €5 (instead €120 price at original site) and it is obviously sh..y thing to do. I sent an email to LA author with that information and hopefully he will stop it. That is at least I can do since I wrote previous posts full of frustration and eventually it was my mistake, not the system.


  1. And
    if you are using any sort of loss chasing staking plan you dont understand gambling and should stop strsit away before you loose it all anf then do something silly

    1. As you can read I used 2 staking plans: RECOMMENDED Fibonacci sequence and Level staking (which is impossible to be in profit). Longest losing run was 13 straight bets and I have had 104 bets but then I stopped using it because it did not pass my criteria for investing larger sums (10, 25, 50). I have been trading at betfair for 3 years using 7 systems in my portfolio and I have never used loss chasing plan except for LA. But even then my 1 point stake is 0.20 euros (I know that minimum Betfair bet is 2 euros or pounds but there is way to do it) when I am trying system for the first time so my loss was insignificant. I may be wrong because they say that there will be only 1 losing month in 15-18 months so I will give LA one more chance with 0.2 euros as 1 point stake (trial stake) and I will post results when I am done second trial.

      P.S. I am sorry for my English grammar mistakes because it is not my primary language

  2. I am in loss since I bought LA. Level stakes: -16%, Fib Stakes: -56%
    10 STRAIGHT LOSS BETS! I can send stats on request.

  3. Paul

    Thank you for your comment and welcome to my site.

    I’m not quite sure who you feel is hyping Little Acorns but I can assure you, it isn’t me. However, our trial was quite recent, lasting almost the whole second half of 2012, and did do pretty well. Little Acorns subsequently attracted a lot of votes in my annual Oscars – hence the award on this page.

    There is a timing dimension which will mean different folks get different results. Personally, I find this dimension a bit off-putting, however the idea is that individual ups and downs should cancel out over time.

    Little Acorns was designed as a slow-burner, which is something that certainly does appeal. But it does require patience, as there will be occasional losing runs. I personally recommend handling the latter via recovery systems in a portfolio method like Rollingstone (available for instant download here), as it reduces the risk of any white knuckle rides.


  4. this system seems to be hyped up but I can’t see that many people on here have used it. I went to the link to buy it but was put off by the fact that no results for may/june/july 2013 have been published.

    has anybody used this in the recent past and is it any good?
    do you need a bot? (I can lay just before the off in any race)
    what is the longest losing sequence?


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