2013 Betting System Oscars: Best Trading Product

2013 Betting System Oscars: Best Trading Product

So, at last, after all the build-up, we finally get to an actual award! ūüôā

Attention therefore, ladies and gentlemen, as I announce the winner of the¬†2013 Betting Systems Oscars – Best Trading Product Award, as voted for by readers of Lay Back And Get Rich………

And unlike last year, when the award went to a product I was unfamiliar with, this time the Best Trading Product Oscar goes to a product we know very well on my site.

Dear reader, I give you the 2013 Trading Product winner – Pre-Match Trading!

Pre-Match Trading
Pre-Match Trading


Yes, the Pre-Match trial was an unqualified success here at LB&GR, and it appears its many virtues have not been lost on my readers.

It offers an ultra-low risk way of steadily growing your bank by exploiting timing opportunities between different markets at Betfair. ¬†This is the sort of thing banks have done for years to make their money on the hugely liquid financial markets… and now you can do something similar on the (decidedly more fun) sports markets.

When I caught up with Ads at Pre-Match Trading to tell him about the award, he seemed momentarily spellbound. ¬† “I’m¬†spellbound”, he said, which is how I knew!¬†¬†“I have not won anything since I was school table tennis champ aged 13!”.

So it’s probably about time that someone gave him a few positive strokes! ¬†ūüôā

I then asked him if there was any message he’d like to share with voters and readers at Lay Back And Get Rich.

And boy, was there!

After having been almost silenced to start with, Ads suddenly recovered to deliver an entire speech!….

“The PMT tool has been independently reviewed by various sites/reviewers since its inception 2 years ago. They have all had a positive outcome. ¬†But winning an award from Lucy’s readers¬†really does take things¬†one step further. ¬†Emo [Ads’s colleague] and I are very honoured to receive it and would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for us.

He continued, “We’ve worked hard over 3 years putting the tool together, then testing it for 4 months.

“The popularity of the tool has grown as word has spread since then, and those involved have made money and learned the art of trading. Whilst some do pick it up immediately we’ve appreciated some needed a bit more time: which is why we offer email support, a chat room with professionals to help, plus email tips and video tutorials. Those that have struggled for the first few days but still stuck with it have reaped the rewards.¬†

“The uniqueness of the tool, (making profits before a ball is kicked on Betfair football markets) makes it¬†unrivalled¬†and totally different to any other trading tool currently on the market: which is one of the reasons for its success. Another reason is we’ve always put the members first and enhancements have been made for their benefit as we genuinely care about them. With this in mind, this summer we will be making a further upgrade enhancing this excellent tool further. Good times ahead and thanks again!”

Pre-Match Trading is precisely the sort of tool that should be winning awards like this.  It is based on a very good idea that has subsequently been fully realised via a huge implementation effort.

I therefore would like to add my personal congratulations to Ads and Emo, and to everyone else at Pre-Match Trading.

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