2013 Betting System Oscars: Overall Winner

2013 Betting System Oscars: Overall Winner

When I started Lay Back And Get Rich in June 2011, one of my most blatant aims was simply to get hold of betting systems legitimately, without paying a penny for them.

This didn’t happen to start with.

In my first few trials I had to buy the systems I tested.

So I ended up testing cheap products that didn’t work (like the Sadler system – what was I thinking!?).  But eventually, once I had a few thousand readers, the site had developed enough of a profile to encourage systems providers to give me their stuff for nothing.

Which, as I say, was the original point.

For (in case you hadn’t noticed!), I am a bit of a betting systems nut… forever on the search for my personal Holy Grail.

Question is, what will I do when I find it?

Announce “Mission Accomplished” and with it the death of my site?

Indeed, the second question is…

Has that critical moment arrived?

Today I announce the winner of the 2013 Best Overall Betting System Oscar.

Over the last week, we have looked at some of the best commercially available services and products in the betting systems world, as voted for by my readers. And it has all led up to this moment, when I will announce the one product they put at the very top of their list.

The product they believe to be the best available betting system on the market….

And frankly, who am I to argue with them?

Because it really is a beauty.

We have already trialled it on my site, and achieved handsome profits and an astonishing strike rate.

Naysayers complained that the return per bet wasn’t all that great, but this misses the point entirely.

What I have been searching for all this time is a low risk, low return solution that we just ‘rinse and repeat’, over and over again.

For as long as there are plenty of opportunities where we can safely and repeatedly use a low return product, and thereby extract and multiply value, who cares what it returns on a single punt?

And so at last….without further preamble….

And indeed with less ado than I am normally wont to…

And furthermore, with no more prevarication….

(Well, okay, with just a teensy little bit of prevarication)… 🙂

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you …..

The 2013 Best Overall System at Lucy’s Betting Systems Oscars…

… awarded to….

Pre-Match Trading!
Pre-Match Trading

Now of course, Pre-Match is on a bit of a stellar run on my site, having achieved a Pass in Simon’s trial with a strike rate of over 92%, and then receiving the 2013 Best Trading Product Oscar just last week.

But I like to think that the 2013 Best Overall System award is just a little bit more special, because it represents the combined opinion of my readers, when looking across the whole betting systems industry.

Ads and Emo, the guys behind the product, certainly seemed to think so, with Ads (amazingly!) almost shocked into silence this time around.

“Thanks so much”, said Ads finally, “to all those that voted for us; it’s really appreciated.

“The PMT tool has come a long way since the launch in Aug 2011. The upgrades we have made over that time have made it more popular and what we have in mind over the summer will enhance this further. There are only good times ahead for anyone involved in Prematchtrading.com.

“We hope to see you all on board in August for the new season!”

And so we’re done for another year.

And in spite of finding a brilliant winning product, I can’t give it up. I just can’t! 🙂

It therefore remains only for me to congratulate all our winners one last time, and to thank all my readers for getting involved in the website, and voting for the Betting System Oscars of 2013. It simply wouldn’t be the same without you. 🙂

See you on the red carpet when we do it all again in May 2014!

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  1. Couldn’t be any easier to use their latest upgrades advise back or lay colours (blue and pink) and value bets on prices. It’s a great bit of kit and the main users will always offer some words of wisdom in chat.

  2. Obviously a good bit of software, but I wish they did a better job at teaching you how to use it, because I don’t think they realise just how hard it is to make sense of it just by watching his videos.
    Just giving you a bunch of jumbled up videos totalling hours of watching is not a good first impression.

  3. Hi all, yes PMT is going from strength to strength.

    So strong in fact we will be launching a PMT for the horses over the summer for which there has been plenty of interest already.

    We also launched an Inplay scanner in March for the football BF cards listing stats Inplay like Shots on Target, Off Target, Corners etc as the games develop. This has proved popular and a huge asset to the trading armoury, maybe Lucy will review it when she has time?



  4. Best site out there for locking in winnings without the need of gambling on picking a winner or whether the game will have goals. Took a couple of weeks to sink in how the markets work in tandem with each other but I was determined to make it work and my Betfair account has been increasing every week.

  5. How much money can you make in a month with pre match trading and with what bank i`m thinking about a bank of 500-1000 pounds how much money can i make using this sistem in a month

    1. Bogdan

      With these types of system, it isn’t just your bank size that determines your profit but the frequency with which you trade. To make £500 a month, you would need to make an average of £17 a day, which, in my view, is achievable with Pre-Match Trading once you know what you’re doing.

      The good news is that PMT achieves such a high strike rate that, after a while, it becomes possible to forecast your likely returns, based on your achieved skill level and results to date.


  6. Just wanted to thank you for bringing this site to my attention. Been a member there a month now and learnt so much about trading before a game kicks off. The chatroom is full of traders willing to help answer any newbie question and give odd tip or 3. I’ve easily covered the month subscription and can’t wait for the rest of the season armed with my new found knowledge.

    Thanks Lucy, :0)

  7. Congratulations on the Pre Match Trading team for winning the Best Overall System Oscar, they are doing a good job of helping people take advantage of the massive amounts of liquidity in the market before a game starts, thus eliminating the risk.

  8. Hi. Being 39 quid a month for the system is not exactly cheap. But, it must be a good for winning an oscar. How does it beat the midas method when that is like ten pound a month? I don’t know the profit comparison of the two. I think Prematch trading, would need software, where as midas method doesn’t need it. hm. I suggest a top five system list Lucy, if you don’t already have one. Anyway, good site. Thanks.

    1. James

      Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, PMT is very good, and in my view, comfortably worth the money.

      For many of my readers, the dread of painful losing runs is clearly a huge issue. Pre-Match deals with that problem, by delivering steady profits at an extraordinary strike rate. Which is why, I believe, it polled so highly. It’s not solely about total return, but the day to day experience of living with the product.

      I’m not entirely sure about the top 5 idea, as personal preferences vary so much. If you look at the two winners of the Newcomer award, you’ll see what I mean… one is adventurous and covers many sports; the other ultra-conservative, and focussed on just one market, and one sport. Is one better than the other? I would argue they probably appeal to different sorts of people.

      That said, I am conscious that the site has grown and may seem a bit overwhelming, so am trying to think of ways of simplifying it, or at least presenting key facts in some sort of table. This could include a volatility rating, to help people assess how comfortable the ride is.

      I also agree with you that an annual subscription to the Midas Method represents very good value.


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