2014 Betting System Oscars: Best Horse Racing System

2014 Betting System Oscars: Best Horse Racing System

We’re nearing the conclusion of my 2014 Betting System Oscars…

This week I have the pleasure of awarding the Oscar for Best Horse Racing System….

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I hereby announce the winner of the 2014 Oscar For Best Horse Racing System, as voted for by the readers of Lay Back And Get Rich…

Yes, once again, for the second year running, the winner is…..

……..the evergreen….

…………..Little Acorns!

Little Acorns
I let system provider Andrew David know the news of the award just yesterday, and this is what he had to say….

“‘Delighted’ is the only word on hearing the news that Little Acorns has scooped the Best Horse Racing System Award for second year running, especially from a great review site such as Lay Back And Get Rich.

[Ah, flattery, it may be cheap but hey….] 😉

“So again a big thanks to all those voted! One more win and Little Acorns has equalled Istabraq’s Champion Hurdle Record – now wouldn’t that be nice!”

I also specifically asked Andrew about whether there have been any recent improvements to the product. Well, I suppose he was always going to say yes… 

“This year has seen some excellent additions to the Staking Section of Little Acorns, with one staking plan in particular performing really well and above expectations. 

“I’ve also added a section on how to reduce the chance of losing runs for those who are more risk averse and want to build their banks more slowly but surely. All in all, the complete package to cater for everyone’s attitude to risk.

“As we all know, the battle to obtain the edge from this game is not an easy one, however adopting a well thought out methodical approach based on accurate historical data has proved it can be done if you’re disciplined enough.

“I’ve also developed a Bonus Place Lay method that’s proving a nice little earner. Anyone placing an order for Little Acorns via Lucy’s site can avail themselves of this bonus for FREE. Just contact me after ordering and I will fire it over to you”.

I then asked Andrew what sort of long-term returns he believes are possible with his product. He was characteristically positive about that too.

“I think the following email from Patrick who’s a long-term LA follower best describes what the method can achieve long-term;

  • “I have been enthusiastic about Little Acorns ever since I bought it. I started with a low target and built this up to £100 per day. I do love the low liability of this laying system. Since January 4th I am showing a profit of £6074.25.
  • “This is not even from betting every day (e.g. I don’t bet when on holiday). My total winnings since April 1st 2010 are £32,084.75, starting with a £30 target, increasing to £60 and then £100.” 

There seems little doubt that Little Acorns has a loyal following of long-term users, who are prepared to stick with the system through thick and thin, as they believe in its power to deliver valuable capital growth.

It’s not without its critics, as a quick browse of the ninety comments currently sitting at the foot of my 2012 trial conclusion will tell you.

But its longevity and popularity with a wide range of punters should make us all stop and think for a moment.

In my opinion, and more importantly, the opinion of the voters here at Lay Back, Little Acorns is a worthy winner of the 2014 Best Horse Racing System Oscar.

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  1. Gosh. That’s a very difficult question. 5?

    Can it even be reduced to a number?

    The whole point of Little Acorns, as its name suggests, is to start cautiously and grow your bank over time. It is the daily discipline that is designed to grow your balance into a mighty oak tree.

    The product does come with several staking plans that vary in risk rating. And the new Revelation Staking Plan can be run in three different risk modes.

    So I’d say the level of risk is selected by the user.

    Incidentally, a good test of any staking plan is that if losing bothers you, you’re staking too high.


  2. Daniel

    Little Acorns a laying system for horse racing. You follow certain rules and place lay bets accordingly.

    There’s no guarantee with Little Acorns, however the idea is that the long-run ‘edge’ claimed by the systems provider converts over time into solid profits.

    The system uses a variable staking plan that aims to “recover” losses. This has made it somewhat controversial, to say the least. However, we are now retesting it with a brand new staking plan that is less aggressive – the so-called Revelation Staking Plan. I am quietly encouraged so far, but we have yet to reach a conclusion.

    You can catch the latest news by reviewing the Little Acorns thread.



  3. Hello Lucy,

    About the little acorn system is it something you trade on betfair how does it guarantuee a profit?Is this something you trade or there just bets?
    Thank you

  4. does anyone have the contact details for Andrew David? Tried to email him about the bonus place lay system but as of yet I’ve had no reply

  5. Folks – look at the season the UK is currently in, along with the amount of races per day. Then compare this with the amount of races there are in the summer months. For those who are frustrated at not being able to source plenty of opportunities, fear not. Spring and summer will be here in a flash.

    Little Acorns, is a simple-ish system, a there are a number variants to the types of staking plans.

    Advice – go to the Betfair Forum and you will find even more info on the LA system. If you search hard enough – you will find an older bit of information from LA former publishers on the system. Any main differences from the ld ad new? Nah,

  6. Hi Daz,

    In theory yes, but I wouldn’t advise it. In fact, I always find selections are best left till the last hour or so before the off.

    Incidentally, I’m planning a re-trial sometime soon. System author Andrew David has come up with a couple of interesting new staking plans which he’s very excited about…


  7. I’ve just purchased this system but I am finding it really hard to find a race that fits the criteria. I haven’t found a single one I can lay on so far. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks.

      1. Thanks Lucy! I just emailed Andrew this morning about it. Perhaps it’s the timing I am getting wrong. I’ll have another go today. Cheers!

  8. Dave & Jason you both seem to be getting good results over the long term, please can you advise what staking plan you use and I may give it a try. Thanks Alex

  9. I really happy with little acorn been using it for almost 2 years and use it on all weather racing only and profit by around 3 to 5 points a month, not a lot some might say but i have compounded my winnings and now on 4,600 euro from a 500 starting bank:). Little acorns and horse betting analyst are only methods that i have made money from!

  10. Excellent system! And is the backbone of my betting. I dont know what that dave is on about above, but i have run this on a bot for 16 months and almost 166 points up! Even if i have 2 or 3 losing sequences i will still be up, even at level stakes i am 18% up on bank after 3 months, in other word, i started with £5,000 bank on level stake laying laying each for £100 and my bank now stands at £5,900. As low risk as you can get.
    A tip for newbies is wait for 2 or 3 losing lays to go through then start the staking plan recommended and you cannot fail!! – Happy days!

  11. There must be some awful systems around if this is deemed the best. My thirteen months of results certainly don’t back that up.

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