2014 Betting System Oscars: Best Newcomer

2014 Betting System Oscars: Best Newcomer

Hello there, Lucy here with the penultimate award in my 2014 Betting Systems Oscars ceremony.

And this week we have an award with a difference.

Because this is the only one that isn’t voted for directly by readers of Lay Back And Get Rich.

Instead, I take account of votes cast across all categories, and try to come up with a rounded view of the new product that has made the biggest splash over the last twelve months.

Now, in previous years, the ‘right answer’ hasn’t always been obvious.

In fact, making my mind up can be agonising!

For instance, in 2013, the Best Newcomer Oscar was split between two products.

However, this year, the winner is much easier to decide on.

It received a welter of votes in several categories: Best Arbitrage Product, Best Trading Product, even Best Horse Racing System!

And, whereas in most reviews on the site, new services usually come in for criticism from somebody, this one never has done.

It just seems that the vast majority of users love it.

So much so that membership has recently had to be restricted, in order to ensure there are no liquidity problems for existing customers.

Ladies and gentlemen, I therefore give you the winner of this year’s award for the Best Newcomer Oscar….

Yes, for the second time this year, I have the pleasure of awarding an Oscar to…


This really is a product that redefines value for money in the betting systems sector.

It stands out from the rest in terms of quality, service and privacy, and yet costs less than almost all its competitors. In particular:

  • The value of the arbs thrown up by Spymare is often remarkably high, meaning that the resulting ROI (return on investment) even appealed to my triallist Chris – a man who openly admitted he didn’t normally have time for arbitrage.
  • In our testing here at Lay Back, we had a very high ‘arb availability’ strike rate. Meaning that, far more often than not, arbs with good liquidity would endure for a solid ten minutes or so once we’d found them via the tool. This allowed us plenty of time to get our bets on, so we could bank those profits!
  • A recent release has added a new discreet scanning feature which protects your true IP address from the bookmakers, so there is far less chance of them trying to block scans from your location.
  • The price is much lower than most equivalent products: and I really don’t know why!

Unsurprisingly, new memberships have recently been suspended, however a waiting list approach is still being used to allow a trickle of new members in as and when space allows.

I strongly recommend you consider getting your name down now.

I haven’t managed to catch up with Spymare’s creator, May-Donna, since settling on this award.

I’m expecting her to be as excited as she was when Lay Back readers voted Spymare their 2014 Best Arbitrage Oscar winner.

However, I do wonder if she really realises what she has created here.

Most arbitrage products require significant user effort just to recover their monthly fees and get you to break-even.

Not this one.

Spymare has redefined what is possible at its low price level, and, as such, deserves great credit.

I therefore would like to congratulate May-Donna warmly on her award, and on receiving so much support and positive feedback from readers of Lay Back And Get Rich.

I will add her “acceptance speech” comments below once I have finally managed to speak to her. 🙂

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  1. hi may i want to re-subscribe but i dont no if only used the free trial version or i did subscribe? could u check this for me?and inform

  2. Hi Pete,

    Yes, Lucy is correct there is a waiting list at the moment but I can squeeze another trial in and will send this to you.Have you registered on the waiting list ?

    Let me know and I will arrange the trial today for you.

    [email protected]

    Kind regards,

    1. Pete

      As far as I’m aware, May (Spymare’s creator) is operating a waiting list. However, I have invited her to add a comment in response to your question.

      thanks Lucy

  3. It is a simple piece of software, and most importantly – works. do NOT think this is a second income, it is not. Excellent for qualifiers, and SNR bets.

    Well worth the small outlay.

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