2014 Betting System Oscars: Best Trading Product

2014 Betting System Oscars: Best Trading Product

So, ladies and gentlemen, after keeping you on tenterhooks for a whole week since the opening ceremony of my 2014 Betting Oscars…

It’s time to announce the winner of the first award!

And the winner of the 2014 Betting Oscar for the Best Trading Product is …………

….Drum roll and bated breath, please!…

Pre-Match Trading, who retain their crown after winning the same award last year!

We ran a successful trial of Pre-Match Trading here at LB&GR and my readers clearly love this innovative and profitable product with its very high strike rate.

Add to that a growing community and first rate user support, and it’s easy to see why Pre-Match Trading has topped the polls for the second consecutive year.

Pre-Match Trading
The team behind Pre-Match Trading are also continually extending their product base with other offerings including:

  • Draw Inflation
  • New sister product, In-Play Trading (i.e. trade the match once it’s started!) – we will test this in the future.
  • Plans for a horse racing product along the lines of Pre-Match (i.e. stats and probability-based)

And now it’s time for an acceptance speech from an effusive Ads at Pre-Match Trading!

“Ok, how about this for the speech……..”  he said, clearly feeling worthy of the challenge when I asked him if he’d like to make one. 😉

“Just heard we’ve won the Best Trading Product for the second time running. This is indeed great news and an honour from a site like laybackandgetrich that reviews so many other products on the market.

The Pre-Match Trading tool has now been on the market almost 3 years and grown as word has spread. We offer something different, even unique, by finding misalignments on the betting exchange markets before a ball is kicked, day in day out.

We’re working on a PMT for the horses which has already had massive interest before we’ve opened the doors!

Inplaytrading.com is our latest addition to the portfolio. An amazing tool that lists many Betfair in-Play football games showing stats as the game progresses like shots on target, shots off target, corners, cards and possession saving time and effort looking at stats sites then placing trades. We’ve all spent too long checking stats and go to place a trade and suspended sign goes up, opportunity missed, very annoying!

So to cap it off, we will be working hard and enhancing the Pre-Match Trading service further over the new season as we want to win the award next year and make it a hat trick!

Thanks to all that voted for us, to Lucy for such an excellent site and happy trading now and for the future.”

Seriously, if there was an Oscar for the longest speech, Ads would win it every year.

I’ve got to say though, I really do think this is an extremely well deserved award.

Pre-Match Trading is a very clever product that’s quite unlike anything else out there, which is one of the main reasons why it remains so popular.

I therefore have no hesitation in adding my own personal warm congratulations to the accolade bestowed by LB&GR readers on this remarkable piece of software.

Well done to everyone at Pre-Match Trading!

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  1. Lee

    I suspect it will last quite a long time… why not? The focus is on the exchanges, not on the bookies, so it’s just a question of how long you believe inefficiencies will endure in the market. There is no risk of account closure.

    Incidentally, anyone who decides to join via this link will also receive a complimentary copy of my 100+ page introduction to betting, called Just Start!

    thanks Lucy

  2. This might be a bit of a strange question but how long do you think that something like this can last? I am assuming that the introduction of cross-matching on betfair has already made it less profitable than at the start?

    I may have to give it a try regardless on the strength of the reviews here.

  3. I joined PMT on their season-ticket deal a few weeks ago. I’ve only had a few trades so far, as I’m very cautious when trying something new in betting — in the past I’ve tended to learn my lessons the hard way.

    I’ve been betting on horses for many years but I’m not knowledgeable about football betting, so before subscribing I made the decision that this first season — or certainly the first few months of the season — will all be about watching and learning.

    The PMT tool is straightforward and easy to use, but success at this game will depend on developing our ability to read and to understand the football markets and their inter-relationships.

    For those of you who have taken a trial subscription and are struggling, perhaps you could be expecting a wee bit too much too soon?

    The videos can be helpful, but it’s the chat room that I find the most useful — the guys in there know their stuff, and are free with their help and advice. The two owners of the site put in an appearance now and again, but it’s the experienced users who keep the chat room going.

    I believe the guys who say they earn £500+ per week during the season — that seems consistent with their chat room posts — but I wonder how long it took them to develop their skills? I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a range of early experiences, with one or two of them even thinking of quitting in the first few weeks or months?

    I’m not over-bright, and I tend to learn things slowly, but if I get my sleeves rolled up and work hard I usually get there in the end. I hope that’s the case with PMT, but time will tell — and I’m prepared to give myself that time to learn how to use it properly.

    I’m glad that I subscribed to PMT, and I’m happy to recommend it to others.

  4. There is a help page within members area and tutorial videos on the tabs at top. Email advice is sent weekends and when C League returns next week, plus there is a chatroom where tips and advice are given. So there is plenty of aid on hand to help newbie traders. Important to help yourself, and try to learn how markets move/work together.

  5. Ok i’ve took the plunge & joined PMT. My first question is can anyone point me in the direction of any kind of instruction manual or is it a case of just looking at the software & getting stuck in. I’ve already started to receive emails about DI, but i’ve no idea what they mean.

  6. Thanks for all the comments guys, you get a much better picture from people who are actually using the software & definitely sounds like something that would be useful for me. Most of my bank is currently spread across about 20 bookies as i try to make money from arbing, but this is becoming much more difficult as i am being restricted by more & more bookies. What would you say is a reasonable amount to have in your Betfair account to start with if you wanted to average about £200 per month profit. Thanks again for all your advice.

  7. The tool works very well. You have to put effort in as well to gain experience of trading different matches/setups. Over time you can learn a lot and get a good feel for the market.

  8. You’re welcome jassurin. I personally find all my own trades. Because of work commitments I trade at different times of the day & night to most people. The trades emailed out can be helpful especially to newcomers but do obviously come with the advice that you need to keep track of any amendments to match odds & u/o markets as these will have an influence on the correct scores prices.

  9. Ben, the use of common sense is something I always stress to people. PMT does the maths but you still need to use common sense. An example being a Barca game’s 0-0 will always trade higher than it should mathematically as it’ll be an unpopular/unlikely score.

    Patience is also a big requirement in any market & it’s always better to wait & get the price you want rather than jumping in & losing value and/or potential profit. I feel when making an entry into a market you should always have your exit planned regarding if the market goes in your favor or against you.

    1. Dylan ,once again thanks for your kind answer.I take your point about having a stop loss outlined before entering the market, which I also do . About the correct score market, are you referring to the trades which are mailed to members or do you always find your own trades? And Ben, at what time before KO do you enter the market when trading the unders/overs?


  10. Jassurin, I of course agree that profit covering your costs is to be expected at minimum. Personally I don’t do the u/o markets so I’m no expert on them however the reason is because they need more monitoring than the correct score market which I concentrate on. Did you try the correct score market? DI again is not something I do personally however other people do with success.

    I know what you have quoted is purely an example but personally I’d be wanting to look for where the prices are more out of synch than 2.02/2. With such a small difference its easy to get caught out with the slightest change. Also 2 is a crossover point where above ticks are 0.2 & below 0.1 so it will always be a popular point & packed out.

    If you are still wanting to concentrate on the u/o markets I can give you the names in chat of a few people who do those markets successfully. They will happily give out free advice. If you’ve not used the chat it’s very helpful for the site in general & people will answer any questions.

  11. Throwing my two pennies in I’ve been using the tool for about 8 weeks now and doing very well. Took me about 3 weeks to really get to know how the markets work and common sense is important. Have to disagree in the above as I only scalp the under/overs, (mainly 1.5 and 2.5) and don’t have a problem in getting matched 90% of the time. Sure you have to be patient sometimes but there’s usually someone who will take your bet. I can testify to this to the tune of £200-£300 a week profit now as my bank grows. As it grows I will increase my stakes.

  12. Dylan , I have tried to trade the over/under 1.5 , 2.5 and 3.5 markets and match odds too..What I found was that when .i.e betfair said the price to be say 2.0 and the pmt tool 2.02 getting a lay bet in at 2.0 would be very hard due to a very long queue and if finally matched the pmt price more often than not would have moved in the wrong direction too. I only went for matches with big liq. as per the guide suggests.Also tried the DI but that did not work out too, even though I followed the guide to the letter.I am not expecting to get rich quick at all but a profit covering the sub. fee I do expect..


  13. Liam, I’ve used PMT from pretty much the off & while its changed over the 3 years it has vastly improved. At the start there was no auto mode & everything was done manually. I obviously wouldn’t still be using something 3 years down the line I didn’t have faith in. I have made consistent profits from the start & continue to do so. You do need to put the time & effort in to reap the rewards but I’d say that’s pretty much true of everything. Would anyone really trust anything that promised instant riches for no work? Yet I still find many people expect that from everything.

    Profit can be made & myself & numerous other people do profit from PMT. There is enough chances week in week out to make money even if you’re as selective as myself on which games you do. I only do English, Internationals & Champions League/Europa but all the main European leagues offer potential.

    If anyone has any questions I’m more than happy to answer.

  14. Hi Dylan,
    I’m interested in PMT but have heard as many bad comments as good ones but rarely from someone who is actually using the software on a regular basis. could you please give more info on your results & more on the ” nitty gritty ” of whether this can actually make money on a regular basis. Any info would be gratefully received

  15. This tool combined with a small degree of experience and total full time dedication & energy to trading, enabled profits of over 3k to be achieved trading the 2014 World Cup.

  16. Jassurin my chat name is ht. You can PM me on chat or ask in the main chat room itself. I’d put my email address on here for any questions but not sure if that’s allowed.

  17. I’ve been a member of PMT for 3 years & that should say it all really. I wouldn’t trade football pre match without it.

    Jassurin, I can’t really answer your issue without more specific information about what markets you were trying to trade & how. Minimum liquidity levels are advised on the site & the main leagues won’t have a problem reaching those levels. I’ll happily answer any questions on here or if you still use the site then come into chat & i’ll help you out.

  18. HI Lucy
    I signed up for the 20 day trial of PMT and find it very hard to profit from this product and must say that I am amazed to see all this positive feedback from your guys..Perhaps there is a learning curve, but I do think the outlay of the software is pretty straight forward, the problem is that it is hard to get matched at the desired price and some times liquidity is too low for the market to move.I read all the guides on the site and yet I struggle to make a profit..I hope some successful subscribers to the service can give some advise. Anyway thanks for a very good site Lucy..


  19. Not really, you’re keeping an eye on the markets as you trade. No risk of a goal as it’s all done before kick off.

  20. thanks mate 🙂 I know I’m not gonna buy porsche over night slow and steady is way to go 🙂 200-300£ isn’t that more than 5% of entire bank? isn’t it risky? totally noob so go easy on me 🙂

  21. Hi Russ

    If he knows he’s not letting on! No, there is no way of knowing where you are aside a rough estimate of how much is in there before you place your trade.

    As said above you don’t need a £5k bank. Some use that in chat but they are the bigger traders. Recycling smaller amounts works just as well.

  22. Welcome bmj. Bank size is not overly important as your bank can be reused on a trade several times over. Say for example over 2.5 is low, you can lay this for say £300 to £500 at odds of say 2.0. Once your matched at 2 and 2.02 IF the price is still wrong, (and PMT tells us this) then you can go back in and do the same moves many times over. Do this 5 times and you make £20-£30 a game. Do this 5 to 15 times a week and the £££ are there. I believe the site owners have a new tutorial video showing how to do this which will be ready for the new season.

    I use a bank of £1500 personally and when it hits £2k I withdraw £500 then do the same over and over and over! Anything over £1k for bank is good but it’s important to start small, not expect overnight riches and learn how to use it. Once you know that then the £££ come.

  23. Andy I watched a few of the videos on the site and wondered if you could answer a couple of questions – firstly Adster talks about ‘getting in the queue’ and seems to know where he is in the queue to get matched – how does he know or is this a trade secret? 😉
    Also he seems to be staking in 000’s which i’m assuming would require a bigger BF liability limit than £5k? (standard) – do you need to request this from BF? Or does the fact you are backing and laying in the same market negate the need for a higher liability level?
    Cheers for any help!

  24. thanks for answer andy 🙂 what bank you suggest to begin with for 400 a month? and I’m totally a noob sadly, will make betfair account soon 🙂

  25. Hi Mike/Lucy

    Automated pages are browser based so yes it could be used via a phone but with the screen being so small it would be very hard. Don’t need Bet Angel or Geeks but it does help. Someone in chat mentioned a free one called Cymatic which keeps costs down.


    Same as my reply to Russ above. Depends how good and how well you learn to use it. Some in chat earn £500 a week but they are very good and been using the tool for a while. Key is learning how the markets move/work together and using the PMT tool to gain an advantage.

  26. pmt seems prerty good 🙂 if any one can answer the question I’ll be glad, how much start up would require for around let’s say 300-400 quids? and how much time required as its not pay and pray type of service? and lucy thanks for this site learned lot from site and the ebook 🙂

  27. Hi Guys, quick question to anyone if I may. Can you use the ordinary Betfair site with this, or is a ledger system (Bet angel etc) required!

    Reason for asking, isI was wondering if it’s the sort of thing you can do on your phone, or does it need more concentration than that?

  28. Hi Russ

    That’s ok. No, not much to trade now until new season. The World Cup was a real earner as will be the domestic leagues when they resume.

  29. Thats good to hear Andy – do you just use PMT or is it part of a portfolio? I’m assuming you can’t use it fully until the football season(s) start again, so is it worth me signing up now and starting small or maybe in a few weeks? Thanks for your help mate

  30. Hi Russ

    It’s not really a system as it’s browser based and spots wrong prices before the games kick off to get on and back or lay before they ‘right’ themselves. They have a chatroom where the 2 owners help newer members to learn how markets move and work. There are others that are very helpful too. Can you make £1k a month? Yes, this is doable and many make more. That’s a reasonable bank so there will be plenty of opportunities for you. Key is to start small until you get more confident and experienced using it then the profits follow. I’ve been using the service for about 18 months and now trade full time.


  31. Hi Lucy (or anyone else who’s advice I will gladly consider 🙂 )

    I’m an ex-arber who’s now been gubbed pretty much across the board so I’m thinking of a trading option using just the exchanges to make min £1k p/m – Pre Match Trading seems a good option – can I realistically make my target if I start with a bank of £5k – or is there a better option for me out there?

    Many thanks in advance

  32. I rate this site very highly and have consistently made money using this tool month after month. Roll on the new season.

    1. Hi Andy – how long have you been using the system? If I was to start with a B/F bank of £5k could I expect to make £1k p/m profit? How much time would I need to invest? Cheers Russ

  33. I usually engage my brain before posting but thought I’d make an exception as this was such a special occasion!?

    Coffee might be called for. :-!


  34. Well done to the guys at PMT, well deserved and may very well make it 3 in a row if SkewScannerPro doesn’t knock it off it’s perch.

    Is SSP classified as a trading product?


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