2015 Betting System Oscars: Best Football System

2015 Betting System Oscars: Best Football System

We’ve got one last Category award to give out in the 2015 Betting Oscars.

And it’s a pretty important one, as it relates to the fastest growing betting sport of them all.

Yes, you guessed it…

We have come to this year’s award for …. Best Football System!

The 2015 Best Football System Oscar goes to a service that is an enduring favourite with Lay Back readers.

They voted it as both Best Trading Product and Best Overall System in 2013.

And they then awarded it a third Betting Oscar last year, when it retained its Best Trading Product crown.

So it’s no surprise to see it pick up a fourth gong this time to add to the supplier’s already crowded mantlepiece!

The winner of the 2015 Best Football System Oscar is….

is…… (traditional drum roll!…)

Pre-Match Trading
Launched in 2011, we reviewed this clever probability-based trading tool back in 2013.

And triallist Simon was mightily impressed, having no hesitation in awarding it a Pass.

But that was over 2 years ago, and it would appear that PMT has evolved into an even better product since.

It now includes many more features than it did then…. as Ads, one of the guys behind the product, was keen to point out when he accepted the latest award.

“It’s a great honour to win an award 3 years running from Lay Back and many thanks to all those that voted for us.

“We’ve grown over 4 years and are still as popular as ever. 

“We plan some upgrades this month to enhance the tool further, spotting misalignments and other opportunities.

“Plus now we’ve opened up our other chatrooms, so included in subscriptions are a PMT chatroom, IPT (In Play Trading) football room and another room for other sports making this a really powerful site.”

The Pre-Match Trading team have every right to be thrilled with their fourth Oscar win, because it shows that they are continuing to keep their customers satisfied.

And if you’ve not tried PMT yet, no doubt you would like to find out why so many of my readers voted it the Best Football Product of 2015.

It just remains for me to add my personal congratulations on a well-deserved win… I’m genuinely pleased to see that a product we loved so much in 2013 is still delivering.

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  1. First season as a member and can see why it has been given so many awards. Access to the other chatroom is a nice addon as trading can be a lonely business. With so many sites offering rich pickings thanks Lucy for finding the good ones from the bad ones and this is certainly a good one.

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