2015 Betting System Oscars: Best Newcomer

2015 Betting System Oscars: Best Newcomer

Every year, the readers of Lay Back And Get Rich vote for their favourite betting systems in my annual Betting Oscars event.

And then, again based on readers’ votes alone, I award six Oscars to the most popular products.

But (big but…!)…. there’s one gong that isn’t based exclusively on the public ballot.

One in which I personally get a say. 🙂

You see, with this award, I take account of opinions expressed across all categories, focussing on services released over the last twelve months.

And, to win it, a service need only have finished second or third in one of my other awards. However it must be the highest placed new product in one category or another.

So… this one is voted for by the readers, but selected from the nearly-but-no-quite group by me. 🙂

And so, in this way, I come up with the Oscar for Best Newcomer….

And this year it’s a product we’re already familiar with here at Lay Back.

Indeed, it recently earned a Pass mark following a 3 month trial.

Plus it’s got a really funky logo!

Yes, the winner of the 2015 Best Newcomer award is….


is…… (wait for it!…)

Profit Ninjas
Yes, this remarkable product is the first serious challenger to Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Maximiser that I’ve come across.

It performed extremely well in our trial so, unsurprisingly, has acquired a clutch of excited new members via my site.

As you can see from “Support Ninja” Ricky’s response, he was delighted to receive his award:

“WOW!  I really do not know what to say and I am not a man of many words but here goes!

“With Profit Ninjas still very much in its infancy I am very proud and happy to be awarded Best Newcomer.  I am also very excited about the future of the service as there are lots of exciting plans already in development to further improve on the service and also increase the profits.

“I really feel there is no better value service around that also offers the personal touch to its members.  I aim to do everything that I can to help and advise members, at whatever level they are at, to achieve regular profits.

“Next year the aim is to be back and claim an additional Oscar or 2 😉

“Until then thanks again to Lucy, Alison et all & keep profiting!


I’m particularly impressed with Ricky’s customer service and with how receptive he is to suggestions and feedback.

During our trial both Alison, our triallist, and readers raised points which he acted upon: such as adding a website forum and including all parts of the Profit Ninjas service in the monthly subscription package rather than just the annual one.

And, as a welcomed direct competitor to the immensely popular Profit Maximiser, Profit Ninjas offers extremely good value for money….. especially with Ricky’s discount offer for Lay Back readers.

I’d like to offer my personal congratulations to Ricky and I hope that Profit Ninjas proves a big success. I suspect it may indeed yet feature in future Oscar ceremonies. 🙂

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