2017 Betting System Oscars: Best (Other Sport) System

Betting System Oscars 2017: Best (Other Sport) System

Welcome back to the 2017 awards ceremony!

Today, I’m handing out a brand new Betting System Oscar for “Best (Other Sport) System“.

This is a new category for 2017 and should be very interesting!

If you take the horse racing and football systems off the table (which seem to win most of the votes) what other systems are out there waiting to be discovered?

Tennis and cricket are popular sports for trading, as is American football. Maybe there’s an amazing betting system for snooker which keeps flying under the radar? We’ll find out!


Did the system you voted for end up as the winner?

I’m excited to announce that the winner is…


Tradeshark Tennis!


Tradeshark Tennis won two Betting System Oscars way back in 2012.

The first was “Best Trading Product” and that was followed up with the big one… “Overall Winner

When I broke the news to Paul, he was delighted (though it was late in the evening and he readily admitted that he was struggling to keep his eyes open!).

That’s great news!

My service won the best overall betting system Oscar back in 2012 and it’s great that the work that goes into keeping the service fresh and up to date has been recognised by your readers for an award this year.

A big thanks to all your readers (even those who didn’t vote for me).

There were a few who didn’t vote for you Paul, but tennis systems and services as a whole made up half the overall number of votes so it certainly seems to be popular sport with Lay Back readers.

As an extra special thank you to everyone who voted, Paul is offering a copy of his Tradeshark Tennis Trading Guide for £29 and he will throw in a month of Trading Advice emails too!

So if you fancy giving tennis trading a go, click here to take advantage of Paul’s very kind offer.

Thanks Paul and congratulations again!

The next Betting System Oscar to be awarded will be for “Best Trading Software” so stay tuned!

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  1. It would be good to hear users’ feedback of this system. Heard it takes months to learn and apply to the point where you’re supposed to be able to do it properly and (in theory!) make money. So you want to know the time investment is worth it.

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