2017 Betting System Oscars: Best Trading Software

Betting System Oscars 2017: Best Trading Software

Welcome back to the 2017 awards ceremony!

Today, I’m handing out the Betting System Oscar for “Best Trading Software”.

This year for the first time, I have split traditional betting bots and trading software in order to find out the best of both.

Bf Bot Manager has already scooped the Oscar for “Best Betting Bot” and now we look at the other half of the software world.


Did the trading software you voted for end up as the winner?

I’m excited to announce that the winner is…




The voting was fairly close between the top 4, but in the end it was Fairbot which was the clear winner, collecting a little more then 25% of the total votes.

It’s also a win for the second year in a row, with Fairbot having won “Best Betting Bot” in 2016.

Andrey was delighted to pick up the award saying, “That’s great news!

He continued, “I would like to thank all those who voted for our trading software (FairBot) and the LayBackAndGetRich.com website team. And of course, many thanks to the FairBot users who support us by using our software.

This award makes our team want to work harder and continue our efforts to improve FairBot from version to version.

Congratulations to Andrey and the whole team over at Fairbot!

The next Betting System Oscar to be awarded is the big one… “Overall Winner“. Stay tuned!

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  1. I’ve been using Fairbot for quite a few years now, and wouldn’t consider any other.
    This may well be, because I am comfortable with it, and have tried others which to me at my age are over complicated.

    Well done to Fairbot.

    1. I fully agree, my thoughts entirely.

      There are others that have whistles and flutes, and some with umpteen videos on YouTube that would take a lifetime to watch! But no of them, in my opinion are as user friendly as Fairbot.

      Well done Fairbot.

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