2018 Betting System Oscars: Best Betting Bot

2018 Betting System Oscars: Best Betting Bot

Welcome back to the 2018 Betting System Oscar awards!

The winner of each Betting System Oscar is decided by Lay, Back & Get Rich readers and it's fascinating to watch the votes come in. Some categories see the winner dominate and not give other products a sniff of coming out on top, then others (such as this one) are more closely fought.

This year, the number of votes has gone through the roof and only the very best betting and trading products, systems, services and tipsters have stood a chance of winning.

Today, I will be presenting the Betting System Oscar for "Best Betting Bot".

This was a brand new category in 2017, after I decided to split trading software such as Fairbot and Bet Angel away from more traditional "bot" software.

So... which bot ended up with the most votes this year?

The winner of the Betting Systems Oscar for "Best Betting Bot" is...

Bf Bot Manager

Bf Bot Manager snapped up almost 28% of the votes to end up on top (just) and keep hold of the award they won last time around.

I let Rade know of the win earlier and he said, "That is great news Amy, thank you!"

"We worked hard during last 12 months and added many improvements to our software, such as automatic importing of tips from user local Proform database and use of Betfair Stream API."

He continued, "To help users get started with our software we also created a new help center"

I love it when the best keep working hard to get even better. Congrats Rade and all your team at Bf Bot Manager!

A Great Deal Gets Better!

As I have done with all the Betting System Oscar winners, I asked Rade for the best deal he could possibly manage.. and it doesn't get any better than free!

LB&GR readers already enjoyed a free 21 day trial (the standard trial is 5 days) but Rade has now extended the free trial to 31 days!

What a fantastic deal, thank you so much Rade!

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  1. Hi again… 🙂

    Thought I might just clarify, I said I’ve made a lot of money using a bot and Betfair. Having said that, I would say in the beginning I used the bot for about 60% of my betting. Now I use it for about 25% as I place a lot of bets manually.

    I’m not a professional gambler, and I don’t claim to be one. The posting before was just my opinion and my experience of using a betting bot, it did make me a lot of money, tens of thousands over the years.

    The reason I started using a bot was because I’m travelling all the time, it placed my bets for me while I was doing my job. I use a VPN so do not need my computer on wherever I might be.

    Bots make betting easier and quicker, especially if you are at work all day or evenings. Just remember, do your research, practice not using real money. A betting bot will not make you money unless you do, … Onwards and Upwards…. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I thought seeing as Adam asked about different betting bots, I’d give you my experience of them, might be of help to anyone who is interested in using one.

    There are many betting bots on the market, how do you choose which one to use? Well, if it was me and I was a newbie, I’d go for a basic one to start, one you can purchase without paying a subscription every month. That is what I did when I started using one. I got a bot called “Betsender” it didn’t have all the bells and whistles like some, but it did what I needed to get me started, cost was about £89 and that’s it, no subscriptions. BTW I have no connection with this company apart from purchasing their bot. I must say too, the guy Mike who runs it is a ver helpful guy.

    These bots have built in recovery systems, they work out your next stakes, you can set it up, then just leave it to run. Now,
    having said that, it doesn’t mean you will make a profit. You should still do your research into the type of markets you are betting on. You see the guy showing you how he places bets using “Bet Angel” makes it look easy doesn’t he? If only everything in life was that easy! That guy has been doing it for years, he knows bots inside out, and, he knows the betting markets.

    Anyway that’s what I would do, and one very important thing to remember, DO NOT go putting a large betting bank available to the bot. One guy on here suggested £5,000 quid and knew nothing about bots. WOW! one wrong setting on your bot and you could wipe your betting bank out, especially if your at work all day and you’ve left it running placing your bets for you.

    What I would do is have £50 in my Betfair account, read all the bot instructions, then read them again. You can use most bots as if it was paper trading, not using real money, so you can see if your on the right track so to speak. Do this till you are confident in what you are doing. I mentioned earlier recovery betting, this is ok to a point. But you must protect yourself with a stop loss. I do not advise loss chasing, but a stop loss is a must. The instructions for the bot will tell you how to do this.

    Like I’ve said before, this is still gambling, you can lose all your betting bank. You must do your research, practice without using real money. Learn the type of markets you are interested in. It’s like everything in life, the more effort you put in, the bigger the reward.

    How have I done using bots over the years? Well, I’m lucky to have a good job, see the world and get well paid. But… I’ve made a lot more using my bot and Betfair. And remember guys, you’ll never get your account closed. Good luck to all who fancy’s using a bot. And long live…. ” BETFAIR ” Been with them since they started!….. Good luck….

  3. Hi Amy
    I haven’t got a clue about bots so wouldn’t be very clever on the laptop have you any advice for me on your oscar on bots easy or hard to set up i’m talking horse racing and if i was to to put in 5000 in the bot what kind of money would i make or would i make any,
    kind Regards

    1. Hi Francis,

      I’ve used betting bots for many years so thought I might chip in., To be honest there is no answer to your question of how much money you would make. How can anyone answer it? You win or lose, If we all knew the answer, we’d all be bloody rich mate.

      This is gambling, a lot of betters lose, a small percentage win. Betting bots are not that difficult to use once you get the hang of them. Basically they’re a betting tool to make betting easier and quicker, plus u can leave them on to leave you free for the day.

      At the end of the day mate, it’s still down to your choice, the horse wins or it doesn’t, good luck!

        1. Hi Adam,

          I take it you meant me even though you called me “Garry” lol. I would like to but this is not a secure site, anyone can read or post on it. Most forums and review sites don’t allow the exchange of personal info. Sorry mate, can’t do, especially with the job I do, security, strict rules and all that? Take care.

  4. This sounds promising but can anyone suggest the best scripts to use with the software? I know previously a member on here supplied some scripts for a trial? Are they available? Thanks.

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