2018 Betting System Oscars: Best Football System

2018 Betting System Oscars: Best Football System

Welcome back to the 2018 Betting System Oscar awards!

Betting System Oscars are presented to the systems, services, tipsters and software that you vote to be the very best. I received a huge number of votes this year, more than two and a half times the number received in 2017!

That gives me a lot of confidence that the winners are fully deserving of their crown. After all, there can be no better gauge than the recommendations of paying customers.

That leads me on to the award for "Best Football System".

The winners in 2012 and 2013 are no longer operating, but Goal Profits picked up the award in 2014. Pre-Match Trading nipped in to scoop the award in 2015 before Goal Profits regained its crown in 2016 with more than 3 times as many votes as anything else. 

Goal Profits did it again in 2017 too, blowing the competition away.

So... is it a familiar story in 2018?

Well yes it is... the winner of the Betting Systems Oscar for "Best Football System" is...

Goal Profits football trading community

It's quite astounding really, 83% of the votes went to Goal Profits and no other system or service received more than 3 votes. At least that was one more vote more than the 2 last year, but still nothing comes close to challenging the Goal Profits guys.

When I informed Steve of his latest win, he was delighted!

"Thank you so much! I look forward to this time of year and the reassurance that we've improved our service enough to stay ahead of any competition."

Well Steve, you certainly did that and then some!

"It's been a spectacular year as we finally unveiled our Live Stats Module; an in-play stats tool which we've been working on behind the scenes for almost four years. We gathered plenty of feedback from members who had used various stats sites and tools in order to find out what wasn't working, then we set about making our tool much better. We're delighted with what we have achieved and that we're able to offer it to our members so cheaply."

He continued, "There have been plenty of other new features added to our Members Area too and we have had to upgrade our server to cope with it all. The Team Stats database and analysis tools were getting too big and far too complex for our old server to handle - and it was the most powerful machine we could find at the time!"

"We have plenty more features to come over the coming months (now that the battered old server is gone) and members will receive all of them for free as part of their current membership. We're gunning for that 2019 Oscar already!"

I remember not so long ago when most betting systems were a hastily put together PDF which promised the earth (and delivered little). It's great to see that the industry has moved on such a long way and that services such as Goal Profits are constantly improving.

Having collected so many votes, Goal Profits is an obvious and worthy winner. Congratulations!

Try Goal Profits for £1

Get access to all the tools that Steve mentioned for a week for just £1!

Try them out and if you love them stay on, otherwise cancel your subscription and walk away without a penny more to pay. It's pretty much free given how little £1 buys you these days, not even a cup of coffee!

See for yourself why Goal Profits wins so many votes from LB&GR readers year after year.

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  1. Hello AMY,

    Just how much can you make per month if your a total newbie twat, or whatever British people call unprofessional and people that are slow learners.
    Say you have 100£ bank and you buy goal profits if you do their live trading and trade like them how much ROI can you make?
    Thanks a lot


  2. Hi Amy
    Maybe next year it would cause you less issues if you split the racing and football awards to best racing sevice, best racing tipster, best football service best football tipster, they are very different to some people

    As for Goal profits not being a system just a stats site, I don’t understand the logic there! to make long term profits you should have a portfolio of systems that can be swapped in and out throughout the year

    Goal profits gives you exactly that, there are currently 16 systems on the main page, and more than 20 others that still work on an archive page, over 40 systems is a real service, add in the fact you have a forum a live chat function and can trade alongside two experienced traders and ask any questions live, and that is a real service

    All you have to do is take the time to learn the systems and ask the questions you need answered and you are on your way, I joined Goal profits from this site 2 months ago, I am still learning but I wouldn’t be without this system now

  3. Maybe Best Football Service, Best Racing Service etc would be better?
    Paul , you should try Inform Racing. Not a system so you have to put in the work but its very good.

  4. I’ve been a member since 2015 and I’m not surprised that Goal Profits has won again. It gets better and better all the time. Congratulations to Steve and Kevin for a job very well done. If only there was a racing service even half as good.

  5. Goal Profits is the best football service, hands down! Not only I use it myself, I`m also promoting it on my websites for other people who want to make money online.

  6. Hi Amy, I have to agree with Mike it is not a Football System, I was a member there and it is based on stats, so calling it Best Football System is perhaps not quite right I think.

    Why not give it an Oscar for Best Football Stats Membership Service, because that is basically what it is.



  7. Hi Amy,
    Goal Profits is not really a system,its a stats web site with quite a few systems.
    So I don’t see how its classed as the Best Football System.
    What do others think?.

    1. Hey Mike

      I will probably change the names of all the awards next year to “Best (whatever) Product” as there was also some criticism when Trackside won. I don’t really understand why, since we’re just looking for the best products in each category and whatever readers vote for, that’s who wins the awards. Whether Goal Profits is a football system or football systems, it was still the only product which was voted for in any great number.

      It would be nice to have some new and different winners, but LB&GR readers determine who wins and they keep voting for Goal Profits.

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