2019 Betting System Oscars: Best Betting Product

2019 Betting System Oscars: Best Betting Product

Welcome back to the 2019 Betting System Oscar awards!

We've reached the end of this year's award ceremony and there's just one more winner to announce, "Best Betting Product".

Just before I get on to that, I would just say "thank you" again to everyone who voted. The Betting System Oscars get more votes every year and I couldn't do it without you all, so thank you!

And congratulations to all the category winners!


I asked a very specific question at the end of the voting form, "What is your overall favourite commercially available betting product, service or tipster? Who really is the best of the very best?"

Over the past 5 years, Goal Profits has collected the most votes by far, but there are plenty of other products out there. The question is, are any of them as good (or better) than Goal Profits?

Would fans of Bet Angel show up to vote? Or Cleeve Racing, or OddsMonkey, or any of the other category winners?

The winner of Best Betting Product 2019 is..

Goal Profits football trading community

Yep, 60% of the votes went to Goal Profits and the next best was a long, long way behind. In fact, the other category winners all added together only managed 7% of the total number of votes.

I know... it's the same winner by a big margin year after year but until lots of readers decide that a different product is better, Goal Profits will continue to win.

The same as last year, I did wonder about excluding Goal Profits from the voting so that another product had a chance of winning.

An award for being 2nd best though is like giving everyone a "Participation Medal" at the school sports day. It's just not right. You either win or you try harder next time.

One of the voters answered with this:

"Goal Profits, no question in it. You are not provided tips for certain bets but all possible learning material and strategies with tables, information from leagues all over world that you can make your choices and learn to find your own way of trading and being profitable. With all that information available, it's possible to get there and make your own style as all are different. Best support in the world, what a great community!"

That was a lot more than the short answer I was looking for, but it does sum up why Goal Profits gets so many votes year after year. It is far ahead of any other product I've seen.

If you're on the Goal Profits newsletter mailing list, you will have seen that Steve and Kevin put on a free football trading workshop for their members a week ago. You can read about it here.

Who else does that? I have seen similar events advertised by others and there's always a cost, often £500 or more. Goal Profits membership for an entire year isn't even that much!

It's things like this that continue to set Goal Profits apart from everyone else.

No surprise that Steve was happy to hear of another win:

"Thank you very much to you and all your readers! The thrill of receiving your email to let us know that we've won never wears off and we're always as nervous as ever waiting for it to arrive!"

"It's been a really good year for Goal Profits with plenty of improvements, especially for new members who are inexperienced traders. We have more learning resources planned too, which will be added over the rest of the season."

"Custom Shortlist Pro saves so much time every day and we will be expanding that tool, plus we have a few ideas for our Live Stats Module to make tracking games in-play that much easier."

"Most importantly, we have added all this new stuff while keeping the membership down to as little as £1 per day. It's similar to a couple of Starbucks coffees per week, but with much more in return."

"If you have any questions about Goal Profits membership, Paul's full-time job is to support members and he will be happy to help you. You can contact him 

"Thank you again to everyone who voted for us!"

Congratulations to everyone at Goal Profits. I haven't seen any other product which offers so much in terms of value for money and customer support.

I do wish there was something to make the Oscar voting a bit more competitive though. As Liverpool fans have been saying since 1990, maybe next year.

In the meantime, it's only £1 to take a look at Goal Profits and you should certainly do that.

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    1. I do not “fake” anything thank you very much. There are no nominees for any of the Betting System Oscars, anybody can name any product they wish to vote for. You like Tom’s Tips? Vote for Tom’s Tips and if it gets the most votes it will win.

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