2019 Betting System Oscars: Best Football Betting Tipster

2019 Betting System Oscars: Best Football Betting Tipster

Welcome back to the 2019 Betting System Oscar awards!

Every year, I invite Lay, Back & Get Rich readers to vote for their favourite systems, services and tipsters. Once the votes are tallied, I announce the winner of each category and award a Betting System Oscar.

"Best Football Betting Tipster" is a brand new category.

Feedback from readers last year was that services and tipsters are very different beasts and deserve their own Oscars, so I was very happy to split them up this year for both football and horse racing.

So.. who did Lay, Back & Get Rich readers vote as Best Football Betting Tipster?


This is awkward..

You see, I can't actually declare a winner.

There were plenty of votes and a very clear winner, but I can tell you that Goal Profits is certainly not a tipster service. It's a community of football traders which has a particular emphasis on teaching their members not to rely on tipsters, but to do it for themselves.

Therefore, I disqualified all the votes for Goal Profits and that left me with a number of actual football tipsters, none of whom collected more than 2 votes.

I could have declared a few joint winners, but that really doesn't fit with the point of Betting System Oscars which is to find the best of the best.

Perhaps that says it all, that there isn't a really good football tipster out there.

I remember giving Chloe’s Football Focus a pass, but that service has now been closed.

There appears to be a gap in the market if anyone is good enough to step up and fill it. If you know of any football tipsters worth trialling, please let me know!

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  1. One winning bet out of five, not your day mate. Very surprised you picked the Lille v Chelsea game, no way was that gonna be
    under 1.5 goals.

    I find backing in the overs and unders, the champions leagues, FA cup, friendlies etc, all best left alone, each to their own eh!

  2. Hi Amy
    I don’t have a website but I do well from laying over 1.5 goals on football , laying the game at 15 min to reduce the price further.I will give you my lay’s for today let me know what you think, from 100 bets I have a profit of 30.4 pts
    I also have a very simple horse backing system which is showing a 58.5 pt profit from 130 bets in 2 months level stake’s but people should be able to guess whats it’s about it’s that simple
    Francis Fagan

    lay over 1.5 after 15 min

    Slavia Prague

    my horse to back will be tomorrow
    warwick 4,45 Shufoog
    I back these on betfair or betdaq as you can get much bigger price’s on outsider’s I do, so i watch the market see if its coming in price put on half a pt and half a pt BSP
    or if i can’t be there just put the pt on BSP

  3. Hi Amy,

    I think you are right when you say, “Perhaps that says it all, that there isn’t a really good football tipster out there.”

    Football is a very difficult game to be a good tipster, it’s a very unpredictable game as far as results go. Yes tipsters will have a good run, but long term, well, they come and go.

    At the end of the day tipsters on football know no more than you or me. All the info is out there for free to research any game, they have to research like everyone else. No one is born with that information. Might as well do it yourself, all IMO.

      1. Yes I’d say it fits that category. They have results back to 2012 which are all solid although I don’t know if any of that was back dated. I’ve been watching them for a couple of years and their live results stack up pretty good. No hype, just follow the process.

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