2020 Betting System Oscars: Best Football Betting Tipster

Welcome back to the 2020 Betting System Oscar awards!

Each year, Lay, Back & Get Rich readers are invited to cast their votes for their favourite systems, services and tipsters. Once the votes are tallied, I announce the winner of each category and award a Betting System Oscar.

"Best Football Betting Tipster" was added as a brand new category last year after receiving feedback from readers.

Services and tipsters are very different beasts, so I decided to split them up for both football and horse racing.

Last year didn't quite go to plan as I was unable to hand out the Oscar at all. Reason being, most of the votes were for Goal Profits, which isn't actually a football tipster service.

The rest of the votes were spread across several football tipsters, resulting in a multiway tie.

So.. who did Lay, Back & Get Rich readers vote as Best Football Betting Tipster for 2020?


This is awkward...

The same thing has happened again!

As with last year, I was unable to find a clear winner, leaving me unable to award the Oscar to a football tipster yet again.

Goal Profits received the majority of the votes and no other tipster received more than two votes. I am looking for the very BEST, not who happens to get a couple of votes out of many.

It just seems that there aren't any stand out, quality, football tipsters out there right now.

Do you know of any good football tipster services that would be worth trialling? Please let me know!

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