2020 Betting System Oscars: Best Horse Racing Betting Tipster

Welcome back to the 2020 Betting System Oscar awards ceremony!

Betting System Oscars are presented to the systems, services, tipsters and software that Lay, Back and Get Rich readers vote to be the very best.

Last year, based on your feedback, I decided to split the horse racing category into two. Originally it was just named "Best Horse Racing System", but a tips service isn't really a system as such.

So, now there are two categories:

- Best Horse Racing Betting Tipster
- Best Horse Racing Betting Product

I think you'll agree, it makes much more sense this way and is fairer all round. The last thing I wasnt is to see a fantastic horse racing product miss out on their chance in the limelight.

Without further ado, it is time to announce the "Best Horse Racing Betting Tipster".

The votes this year have been overwhelmingly in the direction of one tipster with 42.6% of the votes going their way.

It's also the first time they have won a Betting Oscar here at Lay Back & Get Rich... how exciting!

The winner of "Best Horse Racing Betting Tipster" is...

US Racing Expert Image

US Racing Expert absolutely stole the show! The only tipster to get anywhere close was fellow Betting Gods tipster, Quentin Franks with 8.7% of the votes.

I recently completed a five month trial of US Racing Expert and I was totally impressed with the service, so I am not surprised at all that he won with such a high margin.

Read my US Racing Expert review here.

The guy who runs the service, James, is such an enthusiastic fellow and is so passionate about the sport and his job as a professional horse racing tipster. 

In fact, rather than send me a written acceptance speech, he asked if he could record a video of it instead.

Here it is...

50p Trial

HOLY MOLY!! That is WILD!!!” was James's first response to winning the Betting Oscar.

"I put an incredible amount of time, energy and effort into my service to make it the best, all-round service out there.

That’s why I want to give back to Lay Back and Get Rich!

Betting Gods kindly agreed to give Lay Back & Get Rich readers the opportunity to try US Racing Expert for just 50p.

This gives you 15 days of tips and you're not tied into any minimum term contracts. This should give you enough time to decide if the service is for you, and if you don't like what you see then you can cancel at any time.

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  1. Hi James… worth noting maybe for bettors who can bet with the ‘Betfred’ (mainly UK bettors) that most days they offer money back as a free bet upto £10.00 on quite a few US races.

    For example today Saturday 6th March 2021, they are offering this on (all times are UK time):

    Tampa Bay Downs: 18:46 & 20.22
    Laurel Park: 19:27 & 20:34
    Gulfstream: 19:36 & 22:50
    Aqueduct: 19:56 & 21:36
    Santa Anita: 22:13

    You might not necessarily have a ‘normal’ tip in any of these races, but perhaps you might see some value here on some horses because of this offer? Perhaps you could have a separate section for tips in these races for those fortunate enough to be able to bet with Betfred?

  2. Hi there, it’s US Tipster James, eavesdropping on your conversation 😂. I’m based in the US and don’t have access to all the information you may have access to. If there is a way to get a listing of which tracks are preferred or covered by sites like Betfair I can do my best to make picks for those tracks.

  3. Amy,

    Thank you for reply.

    I know US markets are on Betfair, but not all race meetings.
    I wanted to know if all selections were available on Betfair.
    I suppose I could sign up for the trial to find out.


    1. Hey John,
      The US racing markets are on Betfair, but you might need to wait until closer to the race time for better liquidity.


      1. Hi John / Amy,

        I looked at the US Betting Scene, in some depth, during April / May to see if there were any opportunities whilst UK racing was in lockdown. I looked at a number of tipsters who claimed to be U.S experts as well as the U.S. racing press. I found Betfair had betting from a few tracks, ranging between 0-3 per day, in the U.S. but the vast majority they did not cover. I have not checked since the resumption of UK racing but see no reason why Betfair would change their policy. As with all tipsters you need to do a little research. I’d suggest you check which tracks are covered on Betfair then check the tipsters results sheets a few days later to see if they were covered. As it happened whilst the tipsters I checked were giving U.S. selections less than 50% were traded on Betfair.

        Trust that helps a little, stay safe.

        1. Hey Clive,

          Thanks for your help. I have asked James from US Racing Expert to clarify this as I no longer have access to the daily tips.

          At the time of writing, there hasn’t been anything traded on US racing markets for this evening yet, with races around 3 hours away.


          1. A quick reply from the Betting Gods team…

            “Hi Amy,

            I remember looking at this personally a while back as it’s something I was looking to do myself.

            From the top of my head it seems only around 60-70% of the selections are available on Betfair exchange, they don’t seem to like some of the courses that he uses unfortunately.


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