2020 Betting System Oscars: Best Matched Betting Service

Welcome back to the 2020 Betting System Oscar awards!

Lay Back & Get Rich readers get the chance to vote for their favourite systems, services and tipsters each year. With more votes coming in now than ever, the competition has been fierce!

Today, I am presenting the award for "Best Matched Betting Service".

Back in the early LB&GR Oscar days, Mike Cruickshank's
Bonus Bagging & Profit Maximiser services were dominating this category.

However, OddsMonkey went and scored a hat-trick last year, winning the award three years on the trot.

Has Mike managed to regain his place or is OddsMonkey still the favourite of the bunch?

The winner of Best Matched Betting Service 2020 is...


OddsMonkey have gone and done it again!

Winning the award for the fourth time consecutively is an amazing achievement and the OddsMonkey team are thrilled.

Here is what they had to say...

"An awesome win for OddsMonkey and the team!

Especially as we saw COVID effect sports earlier in the year, it was a great effort from the team to develop tools, enhance support and drive further improvements to our product to ensure we remained the UK's no.1 matched betting service.

The best part is to be able to announce to the wider team and to know our collective effort is recognised - a massive thank you to all who voted

Congratulations to the OddsMonkey team!

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