2020 Betting System Oscars: Best Trading Software

Welcome back to the 2020 Betting System Oscar awards!

Each year I hand out awards to systems services, software and tipsters that Lay, Back & Get Rich readers have voted as their favourites.

So far I have announced 6 winners and this is the final category before the big one... the Overall Winner.

Today, I will be awarding the Betting System Oscar for "Best Trading Software".

Since this category was introduced in 2017, there have been two products that are always close contenders. Fairbot was the first to win, but since then, Bet Angel have been topping the votes by a close margin.

So... will we see these two battle it out again, or will another product swoop in and steal the title.

The winner of the Betting Systems Oscar for "Best Trading Software" is...

Fairbot Betting Oscar

Fairbot have won!

This is their 2nd win for this category and 3rd Oscar win overall.

The voting was tight with Fairbot taking 39.3% of the votes and 37.1% for Bet Angel. The only product to come anywhere near to these two was Geek's Toy with 21.4% of the votes.

Fairbot is clearly laid out, making it simple to find your way around, but that doesn't mean that it is lacking in features.

There are tons of tools at hand, including the ladder interface, charting, dutching and stop loss. The odds refresh rate is much faster than Betfair too at up to 5 times a second.  All this put together goes towards making your trading as efficient as possible.

The software also has an automation section, so you can set up betting strategies to automate.

As well as getting voted for as the Best Trading Software by Lay Back & Get Rich readers, I personally vote it as my favourite too.

It's a fabulous achievement for the Fairbot team... congratulations!

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