2021 Betting System Oscars: Best Betting Product

Welcome back to the 2021 Betting System Oscar awards!

I have given out 8 Oscars and now it is time to announce the overall winner, the "Best Betting Product" award.

Firstly, I just want thank everyone that took part and voted for their favourite systems, services and products this year.

It was a special one this year, as the Betting System Oscars here at Lay, Back & Get Rich has been running for 10 years now. More of you have been voting every year, making the awards one of the most prestigious in the betting community. So thanks!

Goal Profits have been picking up the most votes by far every year and have been crowned the overall winner 8 times in a row.

This year there have been some new contenders that picked up a lot of votes, but did they get enough to beat the reigning champion?

Without further ado...

The winner of 2021's Best Betting Product is...

Goal Profits football trading community

Goal Profits have done it again!

They earned 53.7% of the votes, with no other product getting anywhere near that amount. It was a similar scenario to last year, as US Racing Expert finished as runner up with 14.9% of the votes, but nothing else came close.

To win this award 8 years in a row is amazing. In fact, they are picking up awards left, right and centre! Check out their trophy cabinet here.

It is all down to the hard work that Steve Brown and the rest of the Goal Profits team put in. They are constantly trying to improve the service and just when you think there's nothing else they can add, they come up with something else to make it even better!

Steve was thrilled when I told him the news...

"Amazingly, this is our 21st award! We're so grateful to everyone who votes for Goal Profits here at your website as well as other websites around the internet.

Many years ago, we were frustrated that all the stats sites out there are designed to advertise bookies and little else. They're far too cumbersome for football traders to use, so we set about building the perfect research and trading tools from scratch.

There's no way that any single trader could do this, but we crowdfunded it all by offering affordable memberships. Fast forward to today and now all members have access to the tools we need to make trading easier and quicker.

We're continually adding new features, many of which are suggested by members. It really is a terrific community project which improves year after year.

As a team, we're proud to serve our members each and every day. All five of our full-time team members are online seven days a week to support members and make sure that they have the very best experience possible. We must be doing a lot right as we keep winning these awards!

Of course, we're not done yet. We have plenty of ideas left and we're hoping to launch some new stats/strategies in the new year. Kevin and I are traders at heart and we love nothing more than exploiting new angles that nobody else has noticed yet. Exciting times!

Amy, thanks again and thank you to all of your readers who continue to vote for Goal Profits.

Congratulations to the Goal Profits team once again!

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