2021 Betting System Oscars: Best Football Betting Product

Welcome back to the 2021 Betting System Oscar awards!

Each year Lay Back & Get Rich readers vote for their favourite betting/trading systems, products and services in a total of nine categories.

It's a special one this time, as it is the 10th year anniversary of these awards!

Today, I will be presenting the Betting System Oscar for "Best Football Betting Product".

I used to have this category as the Best Football Betting System, but it didn't quite make sense for all services, so a couple of years ago I decided to split it up. Now there are the "Best Football Betting Product" and "Best Football Betting Tipster" categories. Much better!

Since 2014, Goal Profits have been dominating the football categories, winning the "Best Football Betting System" award 4 times and the "Best Football Betting Product" twice.

There are always new products cropping up, but has there been anything good enough to beat Goal Profits this year?

Goal Profits football trading community

Clearly not, as they have won again for the 7th year running!

This is the 13th Betting System Oscar that Goal Profits have won overall. An amazing achievement!

Goal Profits picked up 68.2% of the votes, with nothing else coming anywhere near.

Steve is always adding new features and improvements to the service, always striving to make it the best around. It is no wonder so many of you continue to vote for it year after year.

Here's what he had to say when I broke the news...

"Amazing news! Thank you, Amy!

We're continually improving the service we provide to our members and it's great to see that being recognised in the voting for your Oscars. We now have five full-time team members who keep everything running smoothly for members and provide support whenever it's needed.

In September, we celebrated our 10th birthday. As you have seen when you carry out your trials, sites in this industry come and go on an almost monthly basis so we're very proud to have lasted an entire decade. We still have a number of members with us who first joined in 2011!

Like most people, we were happy to see the end of 2020. However, we put all that extra lockdown time to good use. We completed work on our redesigned Team Stats page and Custom Filters system. We also launched customisable Telegram and email alerts for live games. Our Team Stats Database now has 242,257 historical results and we're adding more daily.

Now that the major European leagues have settled into form, it's all systems go! November to March is a great time to trade and we're very excited to help all our new members who are keen to learn.
Thank you again to you and all your readers!

Congratulations again Steve and the rest of the Goal Profits team!

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  1. This looks very interesting to me, as a former Member of the Association of Football Statisticians who has had a few statistical articles published.

    But can you provide a monthly breakdown of profits over the past decade? (IE Does it work all year round, or doesn’t it work in the close season and at the beginning of each season?)

    And can the Exchanges (Smarts, BetFair etc) be used? I’ve already had accounts closed by “traditional” bookies before I began making profits, when they were alerted to the various strategies I was using.



    PS Are there any independent reviews of this service?

    1. Hey Andrew, Goal Profits is not a tipping service so there aren’t monthly results to report. It is trading, so everyone’s results would be different.

      It works all year around as a number of Summer leagues are covered. Betfair is the best option because fo liquidity, but Smarkets can be used for the top leagues.

      There are many independent reviews, including my own which you can read here – http://laybackandgetrich.com/goal-profits

      If in doubt, you can always try it out for £1.

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