2021 Betting System Oscars: Best Football Betting Tipster

Welcome back to the 2021 Betting System Oscar awards!

Each year, Lay, Back & Get Rich readers are invited to cast their votes for their favourite systems, services and tipsters.

I then count up all of the votes and award a Betting System Oscar to each of the nine category winners.

"Best Football Betting Tipster" was added as a brand new category two years ago after receiving feedback from readers.

Unfortunately, it hasn't quite gone to plan so far as each year the votes haven't signalled a clear winner, so I haven't been able to award an Oscar as of yet.

So... will this year prove to be different? Will I be able to award my first Oscar for the Best Football Betting Tipster category?

The answer is...

Yes... we have a winner!

Predictology has won the Oscar with 29% of the votes!

Jon was thrilled when I broke the news to him.

He said "Oh wow, what a wonderful surprise it was to get your email Amy advising of our win for "Best Football Betting Tipster"

Thanks so much to you, your readers and everyone who voted, we really appreciate it.

We believe that Predictology is the "Ultimate Football Betting Toolkit" and can revolutionise the way you bet and trade on football.

We provide all members with 18 predictions models as standard, but Predictology goes far beyond simple tipping and includes:

- AI Match Analysis and Value Tracker
- A System Builder and Analyser covering more than 350,000 matches, 65 leagues and over 100 variables
- Fully integrated with BF Bot Manager for automated bet and trade placement
- In-play alerts
- Marketplace for buying and selling betting tips and strategies

A huge congratulations to Jon and the team!

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I’ve just looked at the Predictology website to view their results. Instead of having the results in chronological order, they have all the years mixed up, making it impossible to check what their results actually are without a huge amount of work.

    Also, I couldn’t get into the site without signing up first for their free tips, which I didn’t want to do. These two things worry me.
    With best wishes,

    1. Hey David.

      I am going to be doing a review of Predictology soon, but from what I know so far, it is more of a system builder rather than tips with straight-forward results. You can use the tools and data that they offer to build your own strategies and then it finds bets for you.

      I managed to bypass the free tips by clicking the X in the right hand corner of the box, then it goes straight through to the home page.

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