2021 Betting System Oscars: Best Matched Betting Service

Welcome back to the 2021 Betting System Oscar awards!

Each year Lay Back & Get Rich readers vote for their favourite betting systems, services and tipsters to win. At the end of the voting period, I hand out an award to those with the most votes in a total of 9 categories.

Today, I am presenting the award for "Best Matched Betting Service".

OddsMonkey have been dominating this category for the past four years, overtaking matched betting veteran Mike Cruickshank and his collection of services.

Are OddsMonkey still on top in this category or has Mike managed to regain his seat this year?

The winner of Best Matched Betting Service 2021 is...

Betting Mastermind Oscar

Mike Cruickshank's Betting Mastermind wins the Oscar!

His Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser services have always been popular but Betting Mastermind is just something else.

It combines those services into a mammoth match betting package that includes some of his other services Each Way Sniper, Accumulator Generator, Betfair Sniper and Bookie Blowout.

Basically, it's everything you need to be a matched betting God (or Goddess!).

There's more to it than just matched betting though, as Betting Mastermind gives you 16 betting systems and tools, some that are more based on value betting and even trading on Betfair.

It's no wonder so many of you voted for it!

Here's what Mike had to say when I told him that he had won:

"Thanks to all of the LBGR users who voted for Betting Mastermind. It’s great to be back as the number 1 Matched Betting site again.

It’s been difficult with lockdowns stopping sport over the last year, but things have really pick up since then. Over the last few weeks there have been a number of highly lucrative casino loopholes that have helped bump up members profits.

We're currently running a special offer where you’ll pay a one time setup fee to get access for Mastermind, and outside of a small yearly admin fee (£40), never have to pay for yearly access again. This has been very popular among Matched Bettors.

Congratulations Mike!

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  1. hello,
    I’m from Algeria,I can’t have a betfair account ,but I have a Matchbook (exchange)account, may I use skew trader pro?
    how much on everage I can make per month if i start with £200 betting bank using the most conservative strategy ?
    thank you

    1. Hey Boudj, You can use any betting exchange as long as it has horse racing win/place markets and enough liquidity available. It’s difficult to say exactly how much you would make as it depends how many selections you bet on and how much you are staking. If you made £1-5 profit per bet it would soon build up.

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