2022 Betting System Oscars: Best Betting Product

Welcome back to the 2022 Betting System Oscar awards!

I have handed out eight Betting Oscars for various categories and it is now time to announce the overall winner, the "Best Betting Product" award.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who took part in the voting process this year. Without your continued support of the site, none of this would be possible. So thanks so much!

I also want to congratulate all of the winners this year:

The "Best Betting Product" award has been dominated by Goal Profits for the past eight years, which goes back to even before I took over this website from my predecessor Lucy.

I can never be 100% sure who is going to win each year as it is completely down to you as the voters.

There are always new systems and services coming out and any one of them have the chance to win.

Will it be a different winner this year?

The winner of 2022's Best Betting Product is...

Goal Profits football trading community

Amazing... Goal Profits have won again!

They earned even more votes than last year, with 57.7% going their way. Predictology was the only other product to come anywhere close with 17.3% of the votes.

These two took 75% of the total votes and left every other betting product far behind.

This is 9 years in a row that Goal Profits have won this award. What an achievement!

Check out their trophy cabinet here.

Steve Brown was delighted when he heard the news...

"Is this 9 years in a row now? What happens if we get to 10? Do you name the award after Goal Profits?!

Seriously, thank you so much!

We've added plenty of new tools and features recently, but my main focus over the summer has been to help more new traders find success.

Firstly, I rewrote our Launchpad football trading courses. Everyone who starts our £1 trial membership gets full access to our first four courses; a total of 62 lessons. Then, as soon as they become a full member, they're able to access our 'Advanced Trade Selection' and 'Advanced Strategies' courses as well (another 42 lessons).

Secondly, I doubled our £1 trial to 14 days. This gives everyone plenty of time to have a good look around, get used to our research and trading tools, ask plenty of questions and have a few trades.

I firmly believe that everyone can find the trading success they want. Yes, it takes a bit of effort and it won't happen overnight, but it CAN be done. We're reading more success stories from members than ever before in our 12 years as a community. We're definitely moving in the right direction!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Goal Profits again this year. It's much appreciated!"

Congratulations to all of the Goal Profits team once again!

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