2022 Betting System Oscars: Best Trading Software

Welcome back to the 2022 Betting System Oscar awards!

Each year Lay, Back & Get Rich readers vote for their favourite systems, services, software and tipsters in a range of categories. I collect and count the votes and hand out a Betting Oscar award each week.

This week is the last Oscar to be announced before the ultimate award is handed out next week, the "Best Betting Product".

Today, I will be awarding the Betting System Oscar for "Best Trading Software".

There is lots of trading software available on the market, but each year in this category the votes are often very close between two products, Fairbot and Bet Angel.

Last year Bet Angel was voted as your favourite, but will Fairbot or another product leapfrog them this year?

The winner of the Betting Systems Oscar for "Best Trading Software" is...

Fairbot Betting Oscar

Fairbot have won!

This is their third win for this category.

As always, voting was close with 43.3% of the votes going to Fairbot and 34.2% going to Bet Angel.

Andrey was delighted with the news:

"I would like to thank the laybackandgetrich.com website and all its users and visitors who voted for Fairbot as the Best Trading Software. It is such an honour to be represented on your website.

Also, I would like to thank all our team members who worked hard and tirelessly on FairBot and helped us achieve this accomplishment. I hope we will continue to do our best to improve FairBot software.

Thank you!"

Congratulations to Andrey and the Fairbot team!

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