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Wouldn’t it be great if an odds comparison website listed free arbitrage opportunities in ascending order of value?

And wouldn’t it be even better if you could then just click through to the games in question and put on your bets at the bookies?

And in a dream scenario, wouldn’t it be cooler still if the same site allowed you to work out what size your stakes should be?

Well, there is a site that does all this and a fair bit more besides.

You don’t have to sign up to anything.

And it doesn’t cost a dime to use.

Let me explain….

Oddschecker has some wonderful new tools..
Oddschecker has some wonderful new tools..

I’ve had a lot of emails from readers pointing out that Oddschecker no longer publishes “book percentages” on their website.

Now, the reason they keep writing to me about this is that my free ebook explains at some length how you used to be able to go to Oddschecker to find out whether or not any given football match represents an arbitrage opportunity.

Well, you can’t do that any more as Oddschecker have stopped publishing match-by-match ‘total book percentages’ – i.e. the value of the total best odds quoted on any sports event.

This information was very helpful as a number lower than 100% highlighted a risk-free trading opportunity.

However, it turns out there is no need to be concerned. Because what Oddschecker have replaced this feature with is, in many ways, even better than what they had there before.

You are now able to go to a single page on their site that sorts all potential arb opportunities for you into ascending order of value.

Just take at a lot at the graphic above. It is a snapshot of the best value football arbs currently available on the entire Oddschecker site.

It can be found in their tremendously useful market reports section.

Simply go to the football market reports and click on ‘Best Book’.

At time of writing, there are some very appealing arbs, including one on a match between Walsall and Shrewsbury with a remarkable 5% edge.

Clicking on it takes you to a more detailed page that highlights in bold text the bookies you should use.

Walsall v Shrewsbury 95% arb
Walsall v Shrewsbury 95% arb

You then click on the bold odds to be transferred to the bookmaker sites to put on your bets.

You can even work out the correct stakes to use without leaving Oddschecker.

Just go to their calculator page, select ‘Dutching’, and key in your odds… and your stakes will be calculated for you.

Oddschecker Calculator
Oddschecker Calculator

That said, long-term readers will know that I strongly recommend you round your stakes when carrying out arbitrage bets.

Putting on bets to precise values in pence is a certain way to get your accounts closed.

And it’s easy to calculate smooth arbs with the free Windows Arbitrage Calculator.

You can get hold of that by visiting a post I wrote on the subject in 2011.

It’s as neat a tool now as it was then.

Happy arbing!


ps why not have a quick read of my free ebook on making £1000 per month from betting? It is easy to follow, and you can get a copy now just by clicking this link!

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  1. Also the ‘smooth’ arb calculator is great, however, I have found a couple of calculations won’t work on that compared to others and vice versa. I believe using more than one is ideal.

    Using this for football and Tennis seems great, the ‘Other’ market can work too – but they are mainly for fights. Which if a big one you can get a lot of money on them as fights attract huge bets.


    1. Hi mate is this thread stopped ? Found it interesting but icannot get on tools, nowere to be seen here. Also, how to you get on the horse racing part ? Cheers

  2. Hi,

    Can I just say, thanks. Even at one or two a day (depending on book prices) could make around £50 a week.

    Has anyone used higher stake total, say approx £1k? I think the bookies might close that down.

    I used to be a member of a service that found these and bet on them for their clients, it was huge. But Belgian law took it down. Shame. I wish there were other services out there.


  3. Thanks for sharing this . I’m going mad cannot find the Football Market reports on odds checker? I know it’s there because your link takes me there.

    Again many thanks for this

    1. Go to Tools —> Market Reports –> Football. Not the “Football” at the very top of the screen in the black ribbon but the one lower down next to “Home”.

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