All Weather Place Review: Update Two

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After a promising start to my trial of All Weather Place, the second month has been pretty awful and I have handed back all of the profit made so far.

I have added up my results and altogether it is a £225.60 loss for the tipster this month. That means that my bank has dropped with a total decrease of 14.2%.

You would think finding horses to place would be easier, but it is clearly not that easy!

All Weather Place – Update TwoBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 225.60)
Profit (pts)(22.6)
New Bank£ 858.20
% Bank Growth-14.18%
Winning Bets12
Total Bets43
Strike Rate27.91%

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Ok, so I may have come across as a bit overdramatic in this update, but it can be tough to deal with results like this when you are dealing with it in the short-term.

It's really not that bad though and there's plenty of opportunity to pull things back. Let's hope!

UPDATE: This service was discontinued soon after I posted this update, so the trial was abandoned.

Update One: 2nd May 2024

I'm delighted to have kicked off my trial of All Weather Place with a profit in the first month, with £83.30 added to my bank based on £10 stakes.

Just to remind you, this is a Betfair SP trial with all bets in the place market, so there will be no bookmaker results here.

It has been ridiculously easy to follow this tipster and not time consuming at all, so I am very happy so far!

All Weather Place – Update OneBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 83.80
Profit (pts)8.4
New Bank£ 1,083.80
% Bank Growth8.38%
Winning Bets14
Total Bets31
Strike Rate45.16%

Click here to view my results log.


A promising start for All Weather Place, so fingers crossed for more of the same (or better!) next month.

Introduction: 2nd April 2024

I am starting a new trial of a Betfair SP place betting horse racing tips service from Betting Gods today, known as All Weather Place.

The service has achieved £364.62 to £10 stakes at BSP since it launched in January 2023. Although that is just a small average monthly profit, it is still a profit using Betfair, so I am still interesting in trying it out.

Looking at the more recent results, I can see that the service have just had a shocking month, losing 25.62 pts. However, the last time something like this happened, they went on to have a very good period of profit and made all of that back, plus more.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • Average £24.31 Profit Per Month (£10 Stakes)
  • 38.83% Win Rate
  • 5.89% ROI
  • 3.61 Average Odds

I am intrigued by this tipping service and I really want it to do well, seeing as it can be followed using Betfair. Place betting tips are something of a rarity, so I am very interested to see how the trial will go.

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