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BSP Racing Tipster have had a terrible time during my trial and I have lost 45.9% of my starter bank in just three months of recording their tips.

It's quite bizarre, as before I started my trial the service had only ever had one losing month and then things really took a nosedive after that.

It is something that seems to happen a lot and I'm not sure if it's because they are aware they are being reviewed and try to play it safe, or if it's just pure bad luck.

BSP Racing Tipster – Update ThreeBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 238.65)
Profit (pts)(23.9)
New Bank£ 541.25
% Bank Growth-45.88%
Winning Bets17
Total Bets89
Strike Rate19.10%
BSP Racing Tipster – Whole TrialBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 458.75)
Profit (pts)(45.9)
New Bank£ 541.25
% Bank Growth-45.88%
Winning Bets73
Total Bets371
Strike Rate19.68%

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There isn't much else to say about this as the results speak for themselves.

I had hoped for much better and I was looking forward to perhaps having a Betfair only service to add to my passed tipsters, but it was not to be.

It's a fail for BSP Racing Tipster.

Update Two: 18th October 2022

It has been a disaster of a month for the BSP Racing Tipster service, losing £243.35 to £10 stakes. My bank has decreased by 22% in the space of two months.

There have been 282 bets since I started my trial, but it isn't too bothersome with all the bets being at the same place.

If this was a regular tipping service at traditional bookmakers, I would imagine it being quite a chore having that many bets. This is much easier though!

With results going the way that they are, this is all irrevelant. I desperately need to see an improvement in results in the third month of my trial.

BSP Racing Tipster – Update TwoBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 243.35)
Profit (pts)(24.3)
New Bank£ 779.90
% Bank Growth-22.01%
Winning Bets23
Total Bets128
Strike Rate17.97%

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Hopefully the service will deliver a better set of results in month three as things are looking pretty dire right now.

I'll be back next month with my third update.

Update One: 18th September 2022

There was just a small profit banked in the first month of my BSP Racing Tipster trial with a 2.3% increase to my bank. 

There were 154 bets altogether but that was because many were split stakes for the horse to Win or Place.

Towards the end of my first month there was quite a nasty losing run of 18 bets, but this occured during three days of betting. So, it hasn't felt like one of those endless streaks of losing bets you get with lower volume tips services.

BSP Racing Tipster – Update OneBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 23.25
Profit (pts)2.3
New Bank£ 1,023.25
% Bank Growth2.33%
Winning Bets33
Total Bets154
Strike Rate21.43%

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I hope to see the service perform better next month but I can't grumble too much, it was still a winning month after all. I'll report back next month with my latest results.

Introduction: 16th August 2022

Most horse racing tips services rely on you being able to bet at a handful of bookmakers, making it difficult once they start limiting your stakes.

With BSP Racing Tipster, it doesn't matter as all of the bets can be placed at Betfair at the starting price.

No more hassle trying to get the advised prices or having to split your bank around several websites.

The tipster has been vetted on Betting Gods for 59 weeks to make sure that they are reliable and consistent.

They have achieved £1,730.90 profit with realistic £10 stakes since June 2021. That is an average monthly profit of £115.39.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • 31.65% Win Rate
  • 27.26% ROI
  • 173.09% Bank Growth
  • 5.71 Average Odds
  • 86.7% Profitable Months

As always, I am looking forward to trialling this service but more so because I do love a good Betfair service and they are hard to come by.

Hopefully this one comes good!

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  1. Hi amy i have been one of your readers since you started , and before that with Lucy
    i was a user of skew trader, but over the years i have had all my bookmaker accounts either closed or very limited so now bet only on Betfair. I use one of the tipsters you reviewed Cotswold . He has had a bad few months but I am still in profit.

    Betting only with Betfair I am really intersted in 2 you are testing BSP Racing Tipster and Loophole Trader Betfair Only . I cant wait to find out your verdict I will keep my fingers crossed.

    All the best

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