CD Racing Review

CD Racing review

There has been another winning month for my CD Racing review!

That adds up to a total profit of £203.53 to £10 stakes which is a 20% bank growth.

It is certainly one of the better horse tipping services that I have come across and you can really tell that tipster Christian is passionate about the sport. He sends an email every night with tips for the next day, but unlike most other tipsters he also goes to the effort of giving detailed write-ups for each selection he has picked out.

As well as this he also provides a review of the last set of tips which is handy if you were unable to watch the races for yourself.

I found that the prices held up well and were readily available at a number of the main bookmakers which is always a big plus.

To top it off, the service has not only been profitable at Betfair SP, it's actually beaten the results at the advised and available prices with a total profit of £219.49.

I don't include the Best Odds Guaranteed concession in my results, but if you have access to bookmakers that offer BOG then profits from this service could be boosted substantially. Just for example, Mostawaa was tipped at 14/1 but would have paid out at a massive 28/1 with a BOG bookie.

CD Racing – Update Three Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) £ 73.66 £ 72.73 £ 195.28
Profit (pts) 7.4 7.3 19.5
New Bank £ 1,188.16 £ 1,203.53 £ 1,219.49
% Bank Growth 18.82% 20.35% 21.95%
Winning Bets 21 21 20
Total Bets 69 69 69
Strike Rate 30.43% 30.43% 28.99%
ROI 10.68% 10.54% 28.30%
CD Racing – Whole Trial Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) £ 188.16 £ 203.53 £ 219.49
Profit (pts) 18.8 20.4 21.9
New Bank £ 1,188.16 £ 1,203.53 £ 1,219.49
% Bank Growth 18.82% 20.35% 21.95%
Winning Bets 62 62 61
Total Bets 208 208 208
Strike Rate 29.81% 29.81% 29.33%
ROI 8.42% 9.11% 9.82%

Click here to view my full results log.


If you are looking for a consistent, profitable and professional horse racing tips service, I have no hesitation in recommending CD Racing. Not many tipsters go to the effort that this one does and it certainly seems to be paying off with the results.

Update Two: 24th October 2018

It has been a much better month for CD Racing with £230.95 profit made at the available prices.

This means that the money lost in my first update has been fully recovered. Great news!

In total I have recorded a profit of £130.80 to £10 stakes for the trial so far which is a 13% increase to my bank.

The results at Betfair SP have also improved and are showing a small profit of £24.21 overall.

CD Racing – Update Two Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) £ 224.95 £ 230.95 £ 254.79
Profit (pts) 22.5 23.1 25.5
New Bank £ 1,114.50 £ 1,130.80 £ 1,024.21
% Bank Growth 11.45% 13.08% 2.42%
Winning Bets 27 27 27
Total Bets 79 79 79
Strike Rate 34.18% 34.18% 34.18%
ROI 25.86% 26.55% 29.29%

Click here to view my results log.


Hopefully the service can continue its recovery and build on the profit so far. Every tipster has a bad month here and there, so perhaps I hit a bad one and all will be fine in the future. Stay tuned!

Update One: 24th September 2018

My trial of CD Racing hasn't started well and I have lost £100.15 to £10 stakes so far.

There was a string of 15 losing bets in a row at the beginning of the month which really dented my betting bank, but fortunately things have started to pick up again now.

CD Racing – Update One Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) (£ 110.45) (£ 100.15) (£ 230.58)
Profit (pts) (11.0) (10.0) (23.1)
New Bank £ 889.55 £ 899.85 £ 769.42
% Bank Growth -11.05% -10.02% -23.06%
Winning Bets 14 14 14
Total Bets 60 60 60
Strike Rate 23.33% 23.33% 23.33%
ROI -16.36% -14.84% -34.16%

Click here to view my results log.


I am hoping that the service will continue to recover and deliver a profit in month two. The tipster really seems to put a lot of effort into analysing the races, so I have every faith!

Introduction: 21st August 2018

CD Racing recently joined the Tipsters Empire stable after an encouraging set of proofing results.

Over the past 7 months, the team have tracked a profit of £766.41 to £10 stakes at a return of 13.9%.

The tips have also shown a profit at BSP which is always great to see.

The service is run by Christian, who describes himself as a horse racing enthusiast having visited more than 50 racecourses in the UK and around 20 in Europe.

What has really impressed the Tipsters Empire team is the effort that Christian puts into his race analysis. He is said to have real skill in reading the races and produces a write up with every tip.

Here’s an example of a 50/1 winner he picked out in March:

14:50 Cheltenham – Kilbricken Storm – 50/1 – 0.5 POINTS EACH-WAY

Kilbricken Storm won over 3 miles at Cheltenham on soft in December, he done plenty wrong that day (slightly keen early, briefly outpaced and hung throughout – badly so after the last) but still won. His next run was just 14 days after and he predictably ran poorly. His rating after the Cheltenham win was 147, the top rated today is 150. He’s been freshened up since and is a huge price for this given his proven stamina and excuses for last time.

I have set up a £1,000 bank to trial this service and will be using £10 per point. As always I will track the profit & loss at the advised prices, those actually available and also BSP.

I’ll be back with my first report in a month’s time.

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