Chloe’s Football Focus Review

Chloes Football Focus Review

My three month trial of Chloe's Football Focus has hit a great run of form and ended in success!

I have made a profit of £314.70 to £10 stakes over three months which averages at just over £100 profit per month.

The stakes have varied between 1-9 points and I am assuming that they are based on the Chloe's confidence in the selection, as they don't seem to relate to the prices.

I have tracked results using level £10 stakes and that would have made a profit of £119.20, so it seems beneficial to follow the advised stakes if you can tolerate a higher amount of variance.

What I liked about this service is that you aren't swamped with loads of tips every day so it's very quick and easy to follow. I didn't have too much trouble finding the same prices and the matches weren't too obscure, so plenty of bookmakers had the markets available.

As you can see in the chart below, it was a tricky start to my trial but Chloe made a quick recovery and soared back into profit.

Chloes Football Focus review results
Chloe’s Football Focus – Update Three Advised Prices Price taken
Profit (£) £ 172.50 £ 164.70
Profit (pts) 17.3 16.5
New Bank £ 1,837.70 £ 1,814.70
% Bank Growth 22.51% 20.98%
Winning Bets 18 18
Total Bets 35 35
Strike Rate 51.43% 51.43%
ROI 17.60% 16.81%
Chloe’s Football Focus – Whole Trial Advised Prices Price taken
Profit (£) £ 337.70 £ 314.70
Profit (pts) 33.8 31.5
New Bank £ 1,837.70 £ 1,814.70
% Bank Growth 22.51% 20.98%
Winning Bets 61 61
Total Bets 109 109
Strike Rate 55.96% 55.96%
ROI 11.60% 10.81%

Click here to view my full results log.


It's a rarity to find a good football betting tipster, but Chloe has impressed me with her results and I am happy to award a pass.

The first month of my trial was a bit rocky, but the last 2 months more than made up for that. It's worth bearing in mind that you will need to keep the faith if you join during a bad run.

The first 10 days of tips cost only £1, so click here and see if this is a tipster you wish to follow.

Update Two: 15th October 2018

It's been a much better month for Chloe's Football Focus with £278.90 achieved at the available prices.

This means that not only have I recovered what I had lost in the first month, I'm now in profit by £150 for the trial so far! That's quite a turnaround and a very welcome one too!

I placed 36 bets this month and 27 either returned a profit or returned the stake, working out at an impressive strike rate of 75%.

Chloe’s Football Focus – Update Two Advised Prices Price taken
Profit (£) £ 286.10 £ 278.90
Profit (pts) 28.6 27.9
New Bank £ 1,665.20 £ 1,650.00
% Bank Growth 11.01% 10.00%
Winning Bets 27 27
Total Bets 36 36
Strike Rate 75.00% 75.00%
ROI 33.27% 32.43%

Click here to view my full results log.


It will be interesting to see if Chloe can keep up this good run as things seem to have been very up and down for the service in the past few months. Fingers crossed!

I will be back next month with another update, but in the meantime find out more about Chloe's Football Focus here.

Update One: 12th September 2018

My trial of Chloe’s Football Tips hasn’t started well. After just one month of betting, I find myself £128.90 in the red.

I followed the advice of using a £1,500 bank to start with and it has only gone down by 8.6% so far, so I’m not in any immediate danger of going bust.

The stake sizing that Chloe uses is intriguing and I can’t quite figure how it is worked out. For instance, the first bet I placed was £80 at odds of 3.20 but a couple of days later there was a bet for £10 at odds of 1.95.

The stakes are clearly not based on the odds, so I am presuming it must be to do with value.

Just for the sake of curiosity, I’ve worked out the P/L using a level £10 for each bet and would have resulted in a loss of £47.80.

Chloe’s Football Focus – Update One Advised Prices Price taken
Profit (£) (£ 120.90) (£ 128.90)
Profit (pts) (12.1) (12.9)
New Bank £ 1,379.10 £ 1,371.10
% Bank Growth -8.06% -8.59%
Winning Bets 16 16
Total Bets 38 38
Strike Rate 42.11% 42.11%
ROI -14.06% -14.99%

Click here to view my results log for month one.


It would be great to find a good football tipster as they seem to be few and far between, so let’s hope for some better results in the next month.

I will be back in October with my next update, but in the meantime find out more about Chloe’s Football Focus here.

Introduction: 11th August 2018

The football season has kicked off so what better time is there to start a new trial of a football tipster?

I’ve had my eye on Chloe’s Football Focus for some time and I’ve decided to bite the bullet and give the service a try for myself.

Chloe has been tipping for Betting Gods for 12 months now and during this time she has built up a profit of £4,856.33 to £10 stakes. That’s some achievement!

She is said to focus on quality over quantity with just 1 or 2 tips a day, so that’s a tick in my book already. It certainly looks to be paying off, going by the stats on the sales page:

  • A profit of £4,856.33
  • £373.56 average monthly profit
  • 31.54% ROI
  • 30.43% Strike Rate
  • 323.75% Bank Growth

Chloe specialises in finding value in underdogs in the match result and over/under goals markets, so there are often bets at odds in excess of 4.50. Although after a quick scan of the results log I can see quite a few bets below 2.00, so it looks quite varied.

There’s a starting bank of 150 points advised which in my case will be £1,500 (1 point being £10). The stakes are advised alongside each tip and look to range between 1 and 10 points for each bet.

It’s a great time to find some value underdog bets over the coming weeks with teams settling in to the new season and I can’t wait to see how this trial unfolds.

I will be back in September with my first update but in the meantime, find out more about Chloe’s Football Focus here.

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