CorrectScores.Net Review

Lay Back & Get Rich betting system review

It may seem an odd time of year to be introducing a football system.

But one of the great things about running your own website is that you can do barmy things just because they appeal. So here we are. ūüôā

Anyway, I’m a sucker for simple systems that appear to have been well thought out.

And this one does fit the bill.

It’s been developed by a team of three punters who say they’ve¬†formulated their deceptively straightforward¬†service over a three year period.

And it comes with a novel profit guarantee too, as you’ll see.

Welcome then to my trial of CorrectScores.Net


When I say ‘simple’, boy do I mean ‘simple’.

You receive a tips email in the morning that contains a list of football matches.

For each game, you then lay the current scoreline, whatever it may be, at half-time – provided that:

  • there has been at least one goal in the first half
  • you can get odds below 6.0.

Sometimes you may receive a second email in the afternoon, listing further evening games. If so, you repeat the process.

You have to admit: it’s straightforward.

Now, back to that profit guarantee.

Remarkably, the CorrectScores website states, “We will refund your money if the service does not make a profit of at least 5 points in a month”.

I’ve not seen such a bold guarantee anywhere else.

Note: the offer does not just promise any old profit. But a clear 5 points’ gain as this “should be enough to cover the subscription fees and make you some additional money using ¬£10 stakes”.

Other betting systems providers, kindly take note!


I increasingly regard¬†200 bets as a minimum target¬†so I’ll start there and see how I get on.

The CorrectScores.Net site does emphasise a longer-term focus so it may be appropriate to continue for quite a bit longer than this. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I have to say how impressed I am by the profit guarantee. It suggests a refreshing confidence in the product and an emphasis on customer service that is often lacking in the wider market.

I’m hoping for great things and will be back in a month’s time to let you know how I’m getting on.

In the meantime, you can read more about CorrectScores.Net here.


Update: 8th June 2016

I was very keen to get my hands on CorrectScores.Net.

It’s a deceptively simple service that comes with a startling profit guarantee.

The supplier¬†will refund your subscription for any month in which you don’t make a profit of at least five points.

So I know what you’re thinking…

If I had paid for my¬†selections in May, would¬†I now be writing to the tipster to ask for my money back…?


Yes, I’m afraid I would.

We made a small loss over the first month of the trial.

And, judging by the supplier’s published results log on the Correct Scores website, I was not alone.

Our top-level performance statistics look like this:

CorrectScores.Net Trial
Level Staking Performance Level Liability Performance
1 Point =  £                             10.00  £                              50.00
Profit (£) -£68.50 -£125.99
Profit (pts) -6.9 -2.5
Winning Bets 10 10
Qualifying Bets 15 15
Strike Rate 66.67% 66.67%
Bank Growth -13.70% -25.20%
ROI -12.4% -16.8%

There’s nothing to get too enthusiastic¬†about it here – yet. But we remain at a very early stage, so shouldn’t be too alarmed either.

There are a number of notable features of the trial:

1. Fifteen bets may not seem a lot but I have processed no fewer than 28 tips.

All bets are placed at half-time in selected games by entering the Correct Score market and laying the current scoreline.

However, tips can become No Bets if:

  • the game is still goalless
  • the odds¬†of the current scoreline are¬†above 6.0.

As both of these things happen quite frequently, only around half of the selections I’ve attempted to bet on¬†have produced actual wagers.

2. It is possible that two punters could get differing results, depending on the odds available to them when they login.

I do wonder if this might lead to some interesting discussions one day about that profit guarantee.

The validity of a single bet could make all the difference between hitting or missing the five point target.

3. Selections can relate to games at pretty much any time of day, with some of them being distinctly anti-social.

The earliest kick-off I’ve had to contend with so far¬†was a 6am game in Japan.

Fortunately, the requirement to wait until half-time meant I got to lie in until 6.45!

I was not however particularly impressed when the match in question, Urawa vs Albirex Niigata, proved to be a No Bet.

4. There can be more than one tips email in a day in which case you are warned when to expect the second one.

If you have a very busy 9 to 5 job, you may find it difficult to keep checking that the follow-up message has arrived.

The complete results log is as follows.

The results assume level stakes of £10.

Date Match Bet Pts. Price Taken Did Bet Win? Valid Bet? SPECIFIED STAKES Profit (SPECIFIED STAKES) New Balance
07/05/16 Sligo Rovers v Wexford Youths Lay 3-0 CS 1 5 YES  yes £10.00 £9.50  £         509.50
08/05/16 Covilha vs Oliveirense Lay 1-0 CS 1 6.8 YES  no £10.00 £0.00  £         509.50
08/05/16 Denmark Superliga Midtylland vs Aarhus Lay 0-1 CS 1 5.1 YES  yes £10.00 £9.50  £         519.00
08/05/16 HNL Hajduk Split vs Zapresic Lay 0-1 CS 1 4.9 YES  yes £10.00 £9.50  £         528.50
08/05/16 Segunda Zaragoza vs Ath. Bilbao B Lay 1-0 CS 1 4.8 YES  yes £10.00 £9.50  £         538.00
09/05/16 Spezia vs Brescia Lay 1-0 CS 1 5.1 YES  yes £10.00 £9.50  £         547.50
11/05/16 Synot Liga Jihlava vs Ostrava Lay 1-0 CS 1 5.1 YES  yes £10.00 £9.50  £         557.00
11/05/16 Sturm Graz vs Mattersburg 0-0 at half time 1 0 NO  no £10.00 £0.00  £         557.00
11/05/16 Zurich vs Lugano 0-0 at half time 1 0 NO  no £10.00 £0.00  £         557.00
13/05/16 Le Havre vs Bourg Peronna 3-0 at half time 1 9.2 YES  no £10.00 £0.00  £         557.00
14/05/16 Urawa vs Albirex Niigata 0-0 at half time 1 0 NO  no £10.00 £0.00  £         557.00
14/05/16 Godoy Cruz vs Belgrano 1-0 at half time 1 3.75 NO  yes £10.00 -£27.50  £         529.50
16/05/16 Vendsyssel FF vs Roskilde 1-0 at half time 1 4.6 YES  yes £10.00 £9.50  £         539.00
16/05/16 Grasshoppers vs Vaduz 1-2 at half time 1 3 NO  yes £10.00 -£20.00  £         519.00
16/05/16 Rosenborg vs Lillestrom 1-0 at half time 1 3.7 YES  yes £10.00 £9.50  £         528.50
22/05/16 Stromsgodset vs Valeranga 0-2 at half time 1 6.6 YES  no £10.00 £0.00  £         528.50
23/05/16 Goteborg vs Hammarby 1-0 at half time 1 5.1 YES  yes £10.00 £9.50  £         538.00
25/05/16 Kapfenberg vs A. Salzburg 1-0 at half time 1 9 YES  no £10.00 £0.00  £         538.00
25/05/16 Ponferradina vs A. Albacete 0-0 at half time 1 0 NO  no £10.00 £0.00  £         538.00
25/05/16 Zurich vs Vaduz 0-0 at half time 1 0 NO  no £10.00 £0.00  £         538.00
26/05/16 HJK Helsinki vs HIFK 2-1 at half time 1 3.8 NO  yes £10.00 -£28.00  £         510.00
29/05/16 Rosenborg vs Molde 3-1 at half time 1 5.7 NO  yes £10.00 -£47.00  £         463.00
30/05/16 FC Copenhagen vs Aarhus 0-0 at half time 1 0 NO  no £10.00 £0.00  £         463.00
30/05/16 Viborg vs Hobro 0-0 at half time 1 0 NO  no £10.00 £0.00  £         463.00
30/05/16 Almeria vs Mirandes 1-0 at half time 1 6.9 YES  no £10.00 £0.00  £         463.00
30/05/16 Leganes vs Llagostera 1-0 at half time 1 5.6 YES  yes £10.00 £9.50  £         472.50
04/06/16 Numancia vs Albacete 0-0 at half time 1 0 NO  no £10.00 £0.00  £         472.50
04/06/16 Cobh Ramblers vs Cabinteely 2-0 at half time 1 5.1 NO  yes £10.00 -£41.00  £         431.50

Unfortunately, I missed five selections across three days: 14th, 15th and 28th May.

It’s impossible to be sure what would have happened if I’d put these bets on though¬†three of them failed to produce the required second half goal. However, it’s possible that they may all have proved to be non-qualifiers at half-time.

The complete results log for the trial is available for download here.


The most positive thing that happened in month #1 was that it showed that my results log correlates well, if not precisely, with the supplier’s own.

If we can assume the tipster’s¬†(very appealing) results are accurate, we ought to¬†feel reasonably confident that matters should improve¬†over time.

And clearly, we shouldn’t read too¬†much into just 15 bets: however they do show it’s important for¬†the service to maintain a high¬†strike rate.

It won’t¬†take many lays to lose¬†at these prices before¬†we slip into the red.

On a separate note, the CorrectScores team have introduced a second service – without the profit guarantee. This one involves laying the 0-2 scoreline before the kick-off and appears to be rather more experimental.

I will add the 0-2 lays into my trial with immediate effect and return¬†with my next report in a month or so’s time.

Here’s hoping we get back into the black soon!

You can find out more about CorrectScores.Net here.


Update: 9th July 2016

We had a pretty disappointing first month with CorrectScores.Net.

My initial optimism was dented by a loss of 6.9 points at level stakes.

Now clearly, this wasn’t a disaster – especially as we’d only had 15 qualifying tips¬†– but it was hardly the start I’d been looking for either.

Inevitably, I was hoping for much better in month #2.

So… did I get it?


Sadly, no. In its way, this month was as frustrating as the one that preceded it.

The core service added just two qualifying bets, as a combination of factors conspired against it.

Even worse, we lost another couple of points from the games we did bet on, to leave the bank balance 9 points in arrears overall:

CorrectScores.Net – Lay the Half-time Score Fixed Stakes Performance Fixed Liability Performance
1 Point =  £                             10.00  £                              50.00
Profit (£) -£90.00 -£161.15
Profit (pts) -9.0 -3.2
Winning Bets 11 11
Qualifying Bets 17 17
Strike Rate 64.71% 64.71%
Bank Growth -18.00% -32.23%
ROI -14.6% -19.0%

The tipster wrote on 17th June: “You may have noticed a reduction in the volume of selections for this system. This is as a result of a number of major¬†tournaments taking place and some of the summer leagues playing cup games”.

Well, yeah, we did kinda notice. As we were checking our email every day for selections.

If you’d like to see the detail, the complete results log for the first two months is available for review here.

In other news, a second¬†service was launched by CorrectScores.Net – so I’m¬†now trialling that one as well. ūüôā

Yes indeed, in¬†a fit of why-the-hell-not, I¬†agreed to test the decidedly more experimental ‘0-2’ laying service.

This one involves simply laying the 0-2 scoreline before the game, provided the odds on the selected match are below (wait for it) 50.

Inevitably, this means we are going to have to achieve a heroic strike rate if we are to make money.

Unfortunately, it has also got off on the wrong foot, with 2 losers in our first 34 selections leaving us firmly in the red:

CorrectScores.Net – Lay the 0-2 Scoreline Fixed Stakes Performance Fixed Liability Performance
1 Point =  £                               3.00  £                           100.00
Profit (£) -£75.30 -£81.65
Profit (pts) -25.1 -0.8
Winning Bets 32 32
Qualifying Bets 34 34
Strike Rate 94.12% 94.12%
Bank Growth -7.53% -8.17%
ROI -2.7% -2.4%

You can download the complete results log for this one by clicking here.


My initial enthusiasm for CorrectScores.Net has dissipated somewhat.

It is also very frustrating to keep checking your email, only to find it’s yet another No Bet day.

Yes, I get the idea that it’s a long-term game but at this rate, I will be running the original trial for two years!

I will therefore delay my next report for a couple of months.

Hopefully, by returning in September, I will have a busy new season to tell you about.

In the meantime, you can read more about CorrectScores.Net here.


Update: 11th September 2016

We had a rather frustrating month #1 and #2 with CorrectScores.Net.

The close season produced few selections for this ‘lay the half-time score‘ product – and what tips there had been didn’t¬†make us any money.

To complicate the picture, the CorrectScores team then added in a second service — laying the 0-2 scoreline pre-match — so I kicked off a trial of that one as well.

But unfortunately this new trial had also slipped into the red by the time I wrote my last update.

Inevitably, I found myself looking for an improvement in months #3 and #4…

So did I get one?


Yes and no.

The main half-time service made precisely the sort of recovery I was looking for.

But the new 0-2 product incurred further losses.

1. Lay the Half-time Score

The Half-time Lays achieved an impressive strike rate this time around, to add ten points at level stakes:

Months 3 & 4 only Fixed Stakes  Fixed Liability
1 Point =  £                10.00  £                50.00
Profit (£) £102.00 £112.47
Profit (pts) 10.2 2.2
Winning Bets 16 16
Qualifying Bets 17 17
Strike Rate 94.12% 94.12%
Bank Growth 23.13% 28.92%
ROI 12.5% 0.6%

These figures, when combined with the brought forward numbers from month #2, have moved us back into the black for the whole trial to date:

CorrectScores.Net ‚Äď Lay the Half-time Score – Whole Trial¬† Fixed Stakes¬† Fixed Liability
1 Point =  £                             10.00  £                              50.00
Profit (£) £43.00 £1.32
Profit (pts) 4.3 0.0
Winning Bets 27 27
Qualifying Bets 33 33
Strike Rate 81.82% 81.82%
Bank Growth 8.60% 0.26%
ROI 3.1% 0.1%

It’s not a huge profit¬†but it’s very nice to be travelling in the right direction again. ūüôā

You can download the complete results log for the trial by clicking here.

2. Lay 0-2 Pre-Match Score

This (much newer) product is going through a difficult time.

We are laying at odds of up to 50 so even one losing bet can cause a big dent in our betting bank.

We’ve had two losers since my last report:

Months 3 & 4 Only Fixed Stakes Fixed Liability
1 Point =  £                                3.00  £                     100.00
Profit (£) -£82.05 -£100.01
Profit (pts) -27.4 -1.0
Winning Bets 27 27
Qualifying Bets 29 29
Strike Rate 93.10% 93.10%
Bank Growth -8.87% -10.89%
ROI -3.49% -3.45%

These setbacks added to our previous losses to leave us further behind than ever for the trial as a whole:

Lay 0-2 Score Whole Trial Fixed Stakes Fixed Liability
1 Point =  £                               3.00  £                           100.00
Profit (£) -£157.35 -£181.67
Profit (pts) -52.5 -1.8
Winning Bets 59 59
Qualifying Bets 63 63
Strike Rate 93.65% 93.65%
Bank Growth -15.74% -18.17%
ROI -3.04% -2.88%

The full results log can be obtained by clicking here.


There have been a number of changes to the core Lay the Half-time Score service since my last update.

Specifically, the price ceiling has been raised from 6 to 10. And selections now target specific half-time scorelines, as advised by daily email.

These sorts of amendment do rather suggest an element of in-flight tinkering that makes me nervous. But Lay the Half-time Score is now in profit – so why¬†complain? ūüôā

I regard the 0-2 service as altogether more experimental but am continuing to track performance for completeness’ sake.

The key question for me is: can Lay the Half-time Score maintain its improvement now that the new season is underway?

I’ll be back in November to let you know whether or not it does.

Meanwhile, you can find out more about CorrectScores.Net here.


Update: 10th November 2016

It’s a full half year since I started testing CorrectScores.Net.

And I have to say, it hasn’t been the easiest of trials.

A tricky month #1 and #2 were followed by an improvement in months #3 and #4, leading me to wonder whether the new season had been all that was really needed to get us going.

But the picture was getting increasingly complicated as the laying rules were suddenly changed by the supplier, meaning that I was now being asked to bet on varying scorelines, depending on the game.

A second pre-match service, to lay the 0-2 scoreline, was also added alongside the half-time one, and, in a sudden moment of ‘why-not’, I agreed to trial that as well.

So what had started out as a fairly straightforward review has gradually turned into something a whole lot more complicated.

All in all, I was just hoping that, in months #5 and #6, the service would finally stop changing things and start making money!

So did it?


No, it didn’t.

Looking at the two services in turn….

1. Lay the Half-time Score

The modified Half-time Lays really lost their way this time, leaving me to wonder why the service had been changed in the first place.

The month 5 and 6 results are not pleasant, as you can see from the summary:

Months 5 & 6 only Fixed Stakes  Fixed Liability
1 Point =  £                10.00  £                50.00
Profit (£) -£75.00 -£61.08
Profit (pts) -7.5 -1.2
Winning Bets 30 30
Qualifying Bets 37 37
Strike Rate 81.08% 81.08%
Bank Growth -13.81% -12.18%
ROI -3.4% -0.1%

Adding these numbers to the brought forward figures for the previous four months produces a negative net return for the trial as a whole:

CorrectScores.Net ‚Äď Lay the Half-time Score ‚Äď Whole Trial Fixed Stakes¬† Fixed Liability
1 Point =  £                             10.00  £                              50.00
Profit (£) -£32.00 -£59.76
Profit (pts) -3.2 -1.2
Winning Bets 57 57
Qualifying Bets 70 70
Strike Rate 81.43% 81.43%
Bank Growth -6.40% -11.95%
ROI -0.9% -1.7%

The complete results log can be downloaded here.

2. Lay 0-2 Pre-Match Score

This service is brand new and has struggled to make much headway.

By the end of month #4, we were significantly in arrears so were hoping for an improvement this time.

Unfortunately we didn’t get one, as you can from the figures for the last two months:

Lay 0-2 Score Months 5 & 6 Fixed Stakes Fixed Liability
1 Point =  £                                                3.00  £                                           100.00
Profit (£) -£20.10 £16.71
Profit (pts) -6.7 0.2
Winning Bets 34 34
Qualifying Bets 35 35
Strike Rate 97.14% 97.14%
Bank Growth -2.39% 2.04%
ROI -0.7% 0.5%

The consolidated figures for the trial as a whole are very disappointing:

Lay 0-2 Score – Whole Trial Fixed Stakes Fixed Liability
1 Point =  £                               3.00  £                           100.00
Profit (£) -£177.45 -£164.96
Profit (pts) -59.2 -1.6
Winning Bets 93 93
Qualifying Bets 98 98
Strike Rate 94.90% 94.90%
Bank Growth -17.75% -16.50%
ROI -2.2% -1.7%

You can download the complete results log for the ‘lay 0-2 scoreline’ trial by clicking¬†here.


I’m really struggling to carry on with this trial.

Neither of the two services is showing promise. And the changes to the main half-time product have not improved performance to date.

I’m also disappointed at how few bets there have been.

I’m six months into the trial and not yet arrived at my 200 bet target with either product.

So I’m going to stop writing and reflect instead on¬†the immortal words of Thumper: if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all. ūüôā

I’ll be back in the New Year with more.

Meanwhile, you can read more about CorrectScores.Net here.


Update: 25th January 2017

It seems a lifetime ago since I started testing CorrectScores.Net.

It was an odd time to start a football trial really: the 7th May 2016 being pretty much the end of the domestic soccer season.

But I was assured that there would be selections over the summer and, of course, more to come once the whole shebang kicked off again in August.

And anyway, the trial looked blissfully straightforward.

All I had to do was lay the current half-time score, provided that:

  • there had been at least one goal in the first half
  • the available odds were less than 6.0.

Seriously, what could be simpler?

Sadly, the trial didn’t stay that way, as we shall see…..


Some trials go well, most go badly and a few just bore you to tears.

CorrectScores.Net was, unfortunately, in the latter category.

I have been trialling this product since early May 2016 and, in all that time, have received just 87 valid selections. Which represents about ten bets a month.

Now, I have received more actual tips than that, but there are a couple of qualifying criteria that mean some of them never turn into real bets.

So, not only am I not putting on enough bets, I am also doing unnecessary work to filter out rubbish.

And my reward for all this patience and effort?

A small overall loss, as you can see from the summary:

CorrectScores.Net ‚Äď Lay the Half-time Score ‚Äď Whole Trial¬† Fixed ¬£10 Stakes¬† Fixed ¬£50 Liability
1 Point =  £                         10.00  £                          50.00
Profit (£) -£113.50 -£135.51
Profit (pts) -11.4 -2.7
Winning Bets 70 70
Qualifying Bets 87 87
Strike Rate 80.46% 80.46%
Bank Growth -22.70% -27.10%
ROI -2.5% -3.1%

Another point to note is that I have to plan my day around these selections as you can only put your bets on at half-time.

I seem to be forever setting alarms in my phone: and invariably finding the tip is invalid, as one of the qualifying criteria isn’t met.

It’s all very frustrating.

Moving the goalposts

As I mentioned above, one of the things that appealed to me about this service originally was its simplicity.

All you had to do was lay the current halftime scoreline provided there had been at least one goal and the current odds were under 6.

Not anymore.

The first thing to change was the price ceiling, which mysteriously lifted to 10.

But then it got complicated. Because the service started specifying particular scorelines to lay – which meant checking a long list of potential scores and matching them with the live score each time.

Now this might sound relatively simple but it’s fiddly, especially if your phone goes off to tell you it’s half-time in a game in Slovenia just when you happen to be picking bags of peas out of the freezer at Tesco’s.

And anyway, it wasn’t as if there was any consistency in the scorelines you laid. They were all over the place.

You get a daily email like this:

Typical 'Lay the Half-time' tips email
Typical ‘Lay the Half-time’ tips email

Can you imagine checking that tiny writing on your smartphone when you’re in town against the live scoreline on Betfair – only to find that the right number of goals have been scored but the odds have just crawled over 10 so it’s a No Bet anyway?

Deep joy it isn’t.

And did I mention that this is losing me money?

But that’s not all.

Because there’s one more additional complication. In the shape of an entirely new and separate tipster service that was added alongside the main Half-time Score product around 6 weeks into my trial.

This one is called…¬†Lay the 0-2 Scoreline.

And it’s losing me even more money than Lay the Half-time Score!

The idea of this second product is, thankfully, extremely simple.

All you do is lay the 0-2 scoreline in the Correct Score market before the match: with the single caveat being that the available odds must be below 50, which they almost always are.

Unfortunately, the performance of this service has been hopeless:

Lay 0-2 Score РWhole Trial Fixed £3 Stakes Fixed £100 Liability
1 Point =  £                           3.00  £                        100.00
Profit (£) -£263.55 -£244.65
Profit (pts) -87.9 -2.4
Winning Bets 127 127
Qualifying Bets 135 135
Strike Rate 94.07% 94.07%
Bank Growth -26.36% -24.46%
ROI -2.3% -1.8%

The key here is that strike rate.

We are laying at humungous odds and need to be achieving a  rate of something like 97 to 98% to ensure we end up in profit.

But we’ve been a long way short at just over 94%. It’s been painful stuff.


I commented last time I was really struggling to carry on with this trial.

Well, I’ve had enough. I’ve put on 87 qualifying bets on the (twice-amended) original system and a further 135 bets on the (clearly more experimental) sister service.

That comes to 222 bets in total, which exceeds my minimum requirement for a 200 bet trial.

I conclude that the¬†Lay the Half-time Score¬†service simply doesn’t produce anywhere near enough selections (not to mention profit) to qualify as a viable system.

And the¬†Lay the 0-2 Scoreline¬†variant feels like someone’s experiment: not a robust, tested product. And I am not in the business of developing services for system suppliers.

In short, I am fed up with CorrectScores.Net and so am closing the trial and awarding a Fail rating.¬†The main reason being: it’s clearly not worth the not inconsiderable effort that I have to put into using it.

The complete results log for¬†Lay the Half-time Score¬†is here.¬†And for¬†Lay the 0-2 Scoreline, it’s here.

If you would still like to read more about CorrectScores.Net, you can do so here.

But I’ve had enough of it, I’m afraid.


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