Easy Horse Race Lays Review

Easy Horse Race Lays Review

I have been running the Easy Horse Race Lays bot for the last few months and I am happy to say that it has been a success!

In total I made £247.30 profit to £10 stakes from 110 lay bets.

The best of it is, all I had to do was set the bot up four months ago and switch it on. Simple as that!

As the bot is cloud-based, I didn't even need to leave my computer running.

The selections had a consistently high strike rate and the longest winning streak was 17 bets in a row.

Each Horse Race Lays – Update Four Price taken
Profit (£) £ 119.00
Profit (pts) 11.9
New Bank £ 1,247.30
% Bank Growth 24.73%
Winning Bets 29
Total Bets 34
Strike Rate 85.30%
ROI 10.30%
Each Horse Race Lays – Whole Trial Price taken
Profit (£) £ 247.30
Profit (pts) 24.7
New Bank £ 1,247.30
% Bank Growth 24.73%
Winning Bets 89
Total Bets 34
Strike Rate 85.30%
ROI 10.30%

Click here to read my results log.


I have no qualms in recommending Easy Horse Race Lays... it's a no-brainer.

If only all my trials were this simple!

Update Three: 3rd June 2019

The Easy Horse Race Lays bot has achieved yet another winning month adding a further £36 profit to the pot.

My total profit is now up to £128.30 and the best of it is, I haven't had to do anything!

Easy Horse Race Lays – Update Three Price taken
Profit (£) £ 36.00
Profit (pts) 3.6
New Bank £ 1,128.30
% Bank Growth 12.83%
Winning Bets 24
Total Bets 31
Strike Rate 77.40%
ROI 1.40%

Click here to read my results log.


I want to keep the bot running for a while longer to see if the profits continue to roll in.

I will be back with an update next month, but in the meantime click here to try Easy Horse Race Lays FREE for the first 14 days.

Update Two: 30th April 2019

It's been another winning month for the Easy Horse Race Lays service with £56.00 profit added to the bank to £10 stakes.

Over two months, the bot has produced a total profit of £92.30 with an ROI of 5.9%.

I love that I can just leave this bot to do its thing without having to leave my computer on. It's good to see that it is making a steady profit so far but given the cost of membership, realistically, using £10 stakes wouldn't be enough to make using it worthwhile.

Easy Horse Race Lays – Update Two Price taken
Profit (£) £ 56.00
Profit (pts) 5.6
New Bank £ 1,092.30
% Bank Growth 9.23%
Winning Bets 22
Total Bets 27
Strike Rate 81.48%
ROI 6.30%

Click here to read my results log.


So far, so good! It would be great to see a third profitable month. Fingers crossed!

I will be back with another update next month. In the meantime, click here to try Easy Horse Race Lays FREE for the first 14 days.

Update One: 8th April 2019

I have been using the Each Horse Race Lays bot for a month now and have made a profit of £36.30 using a £10 stake for each lay bet.

There have been 18 bets so far and 14 have been successful giving an ROI of 5.3%.

It's not a huge profit but given that I haven't actually had to do anything other than the initial set up of the bot, I think that it's a promising start.

Easy Horse Race Lays – Update One Price taken
Profit (£) £ 36.30
Profit (pts) 3.6
New Bank £ 1,036.30
% Bank Growth 3.63%
Winning Bets 14
Total Bets 18
Strike Rate 77.78%
ROI 5.30%

Click here to read my results log so far.


I am hoping that the bot can generate some more profits in the second month of my trial.

I will be back with an update next month. In the meantime, click here to try out Easy Horse Race Lays for free for the first 14 days.

Introduction: 26th February 2019

I am starting an exciting new trial today of one of my favourite type of betting services.

It's an automated betting bot called Easy Horse Race Lays. The service covers all UK racing and uses custom ratings and filters to find daily selections that they think are likely to lose the race.

Between January 2016 and December 2018, the service claims to have made an average profit of 9.15 points per month with a strike rate of 84%. They have recorded 335 points profit up until the end of last month in total. There are more detailed results available to download from the website.

The whole process is automated using cloud-based software developed by Nigel Dove so there is no need to keep a computer running all day. The selections are automatically loaded into the software, so after the inital setup it can be left to run without having to login to the website each day.

The selections range between odds of 3.00 and 9.99 and the longest losing run has been 3 bets with the longest winning run at 24.

The only requirements are the software must be linked to a Betfair account and there has to be enough funds available to cover the betting. Setting the software up is easy, it is just a case of choosing what you'd like to stake per bet and whether you want to use flat or liability lay stakes.

A 100 point betting bank is advised so I have loaded Betfair up with £1,000 and will be using £10 level stakes.

I can't wait to see how this bot performs over the next few months!

I will be back with my first update next month, but in the meantime click here to try Easy Horse Race Lays free for 14 days.

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  1. Website for easy horse racing lays has gone down.

    Message “account suspended”

    They also lost another 4.3 points for September.

  2. They haven’t updated the results since July. Obviously trying to cover up the heavy losses in August. I can take a betting service having a poor run, but them only proofing results while you’re winning is dishonest.

  3. They have been proofing results since March to Tipstars website.
    In almost 6 months only showing profit of 6.30 points.
    Bad August – they are 13.05 points down.
    Would have cost £240 in subscriptions to get this info and they do not tell you in advance what the bet are.

  4. Hi Amy,

    This is just my opinion, but I’m sorry to say, I think Amy you are flogging a dead horse with this website. There’s hardly any regular postings, no interaction with members trying to help one another with betting systems etc, like we did on MMR. It’s virtually dead Amy.

    I hope I’m wrong, but to be honest, very few seem to be interested. Hope it improves for you, we’ll see, take care.

  5. Hi Amy, again!

    I just checked their results again, and the period I was referring to, June 13th to 24th, they have placed bets. So what happened to yours?

    1. Hey Gerry

      I was on holiday, so switched the bot off as I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to keep a close enough eye on it. I extended the trial afterwards.

  6. Hi Amy

    I just been looking at your results, in that period of about 4 months there is about 60 days of no bets. In June alone there is two weeks together without a bet, is that correct? They give a reason why?

    I increased the stakes to £25 on their result page and it shot up to well over 7 grand, now that is interesting…. 🙂

  7. Hi, you say you made £247 quid profit, is that with the subscriptions cost taken off? If not four months subs about £160 quid, you’ve made approx £87 quid profit in four months. Average £20 quid a month profit for four month? Don’t think I’ll bother.

    1. Hey Gerry

      I used £10 stakes just to test it out and track results. The subs are a fixed cost, so the profit figure soon increases once stakes get larger.

  8. Please be very careful if joining Easy Horse Race lays.

    I joined for the free trial recently and within 24 hours decided it was not for me as they do not tell you the selections in advance.

    I switched the bot off and set the unit stake to zero – I logged in a few hours later to check and revised settings still in place.

    To my surprise it still went ahead and placed two bets that both lost costing me £119.01 to £20 lays.

    Gutted – they say I did not make changes to bot – cannot check myself as I seem to have been blocked from getting access to it.

    No compensation offered for my losses – got it all back by backing Frodon today!!!

    Anyone who joins and leaves then need to turn off the 3rd party permission in betfair which I forgot to my cost.



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