Euro Football Punter Review: Update One

My Euro Football Punter trial hasn't really got going yet in terms of profit, with £13.90 lost in the first month to £10 stakes.

There were a couple of good runs with 7 bets winning in a row and then 9 in a row shortly after, but some of them were at really low odds so it didn't build up a huge amount of profit.

The advised prices have been as low as 1.14 and that was on several occasions. There have been plenty of losing bets priced at 1.50 or less, so that hurt the running total quite a bit.

Euro Football Punter – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)(£ 7.70)(£ 13.90)
Profit (pts)(0.8)(1.4)
New Bank£ 992.30£ 986.10
% Bank Growth-0.77%-1.39%
Winning Bets5151
Total Bets8585
Strike Rate60.00%60.00%

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I'm not filled with confidence for this service but it is early days, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

I will be back next month with another results update.

Introduction: 12th December 2022

Tipster platforms are often dominated by horse racing tipsters and good, reliable football tips services can be hard to come by.

Euro Football Punter is currently the only tipster at Betting Gods who is 100% dedicated to football tipping.

The service is run by Ole, who has collected £3,324.25 profit to £25 stakes since May 2021 with a 16.32% total return on investment. He has more than doubled his bank during this time.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • 67.2% Win Rate
  • 16.3% ROI
  • 132.97% Bank Growth
  • 1.81 Average Odds
  • 80% Profitable Months

The main markets that he tips on are match outcome, over/under goals and 1st half over/under goals.

It might be possible to bet on these tips on an exchange such as Betfair, but I'll check this out to find out for sure.

My only concern with this service is that results seem to have stagnated recently but I am hoping things will pick up again. At least the profit graph isn't going downwards!

I'll be reporting my results here each month and my first update will be in January.

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