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Lay Back & Get Rich betting system review

Very broadly speaking, there are trials you love and trials you hate.

And the second category can break your heart.

Sometimes I find myself almost praying for a last-minute upturn, in spite of one setback after another – as I still believe that the service provider may be on to something.

At the opposite extreme, there are, thankfully, occasional trials that I simply don’t want to end… though they make me nervous too as I keep thinking ‘this good news just can’t last… can it?’.

Yet the common thread in almost all trials is drama: the ups and downs, the never knowing…

But there is a third category too: trials that frustrate you and ultimately bore you stupid.

You soon realise with this type that you’re never going to make much money – nor will you lose much either. You are basically just wasting your time.

And so it is that I come to the conclusion of my trial of Football Accumulator Tips.

It’s not often that I terminate a trial out of sheer boredom, but for this product, I’m making an exception…

Football Accumulator Tips
Football Accumulator Tips

Football Accumulator Tips is not a service I could ever seriously recommend.

It offers selections for doubles and trebles each weekend based on extremely short-priced favourites.

Invariably, the accumulators it proposes are priced around even money.

So it follows that the individual tips within them have to be on super-hot favourites.

And to reduce uncertainty even further, the service focusses exclusively on teams playing at home.

So what you end up with is a product that is extremely unlikely to be able to find value bets consistently. And, as the strike rate for the individual tips is inevitably quite high, it is equally unlikely to lose a lot of money too.

It just sits there, occasionally adding a few pennies, occasionally losing a few. But really, going nowhere.

However, it involves a lot of effort, spent hunting around for obscure football matches across the world, to produce performance figures as dull as these:

Football Accumulator Tips Advised prices Odds obtained
No. of bets 65 65
Profit  (£) -34.57 -34.3
Profit (pts) -8.6425 -8.575
New Bank 365.43 365.7
Bank Growth -8.64% -8.58%
ROI -19.21% -19.06%
Average odds obtained   1.81

If you’d like to see just how obscure some of the games involved are, you can download the complete results log here.

But really, I wouldn’t bother.

It sometimes takes me up to half an hour to find and construct some of the accumulators: and frankly, I really have better things to do with my life.

And so have you.

I’m not entirely convinced that the tipster behind this service is putting these accumulators on him/herself.

For if they were, surely they would include direct links to the underlying bets in their emails?

Instead, I am left to hunt around for ages to find the right games… all for no profit at all.

Well, after over 150 games, I’ve finally come to my senses and decided to bring this tedious trial to an end. It goes without saying that I am awarding a Fail rating.

I never thought I’d miss the drama of volatile products – but Football Accumulator Tips has broken me. It really is that dull.

If however, for some mysterious reason, you would still like to find out more about the product, you can do so here.

But I don’t recommend it.

Intro: 10th January 2017

If there is one thing that most serious punters agree on, it’s that betting on accumulators is generally a bad idea.

This is because multiples magnify the bookies’ overround, meaning the odds of winning are more stacked against you than ever.

Yet this fact doesn’t stop accumulators being popular.

Quite the opposite in fact: the juicy potential payouts on footy multiples lure in casual punters week after week.

Still, there’s nothing particularly mysterious about the maths behind accumulators. And indeed, if you did manage to find value in the individual bets within a multiple, the arithmetic would start working for you instead of against.

Meaning: you could take a lot of money off the bookies using a betting method they are desperate for you to try.

All of which brings me to the subject of today’s new article.

Welcome to my new trial of Football Accumulator Tips….

Football Accumulator Tips
Football Accumulator Tips

It’s’s just over a year ago that I started testing a simple system designed to make you money in the Goals betting markets.

It was called Over Goals Tips and it went on to become something of a minor hit on my site.

Essentially, it concluded that Over Goals was a real slow burner but one which quietly added some worthwhile, low-risk profits.

So naturally, when I heard that the people behind this intriguing little product had come up with another football service, I was keen to learn more about it.

Football Accumulator Tips is an unusual service that simply publishes six selections every week:

The service issues 6 accumulator selections every week
The service issues 6 accumulator selections every week

So the idea is that you put on three accumulators on Saturday, one high risk, one medium and one low risk….

….then you repeat the process on Sunday. There is no midweek betting.

It’s certainly different.. and, if nothing else, it should make weekend football more interesting.

I’m conscious of the fact that I’ve never made a penny from betting on accumulators. So I could be heading for a fall here.

But I was impressed with Over Goals. It steadily made money with an absolute minimum of fuss.

So here’s hoping something similar happens with Football Accumulator Tips.

I’ll be back in February with my first progress report.

In the meantime, you can find out more about this unusual product by clicking here.

Update: 12th February 2017

I’m not usually a fan of accumulator bets.

Bookmakers promote them as they increase the odds they will make a good profit by compounding the overround. And the tantalisingly big winnings on offer in the unlikely event that you do actually win also make for appealing copy.

So what on earth am I doing testing a tipster who only recommends multiples?

Well, it’s a fair question but the answer is that it comes from the same stable as (the very different) Over Goals Tips – and that did really well in my trial.

So, one month into my new trial of Football Accumulator Tips, how are we doing?

The simple answer is: terribly.

I’m seriously questioning whether I should have even kicked off this trial.

It’s been hopeless.

Just look at these performance figures for the first month:

Advised prices Odds obtained
No. of bets 17 17
Profit   -38.51 -38.85
New bank 361.49 361.15
Bank growth -9.6% -9.7%
ROI -56.6% -57.1%

I’m trying to recall a worse ROI than that in the entire history of my site.

The complete results log is so dismal that it’s almost a wonder to behold…

Date Matches Bet Stake Odds advised Odds taken Bet Result Profit @ Odds Advised Bank @ Odds Advised Profit @ Odds Taken Bank @ Odds Taken
14/01/2017 Hapoel Beer Sheva v Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv; PSV v SBV Excelsior; Benfica v Boavista Home teams to win £4.00 1.66 1.66 Lost -£4.00 £396.00 -£4.00 £396.00
14/01/2017 Al Ansar Beirut vs Al Egtmaaey Trablos; Valletta v Gzira United; Al Gharafa v Al-Mu’aidar Home teams to win £4.00 2.49 2.49 Lost -£4.00 £392.00 -£4.00 £392.00
15/01/2017 Napoli v Pescara; FC Porto v Moreirense; Fenerbahce v Adanspor Home teams to win £4.00 1.6 1.6 Lost -£4.00 £388.00 -£4.00 £388.00
15/01/2017 Nice v Metz; St Josephs v Gibraltar Home teams to win £4.00 1.87 1.87 Lost -£4.00 £384.00 -£4.00 £384.00
21/01/2017 Newcastle v Rotherham; Liverpool v Swansea; Feyenoord v Willem II Home teams to win £4.00 2.03 2.00 Lost -£4.00 £380.00 -£4.00 £380.00
22/01/2017 Chelsea v Hull; Monaco v Lorient; Lekhwiya v Al-Warkah SC Home teams to win £4.00 1.66 1.6 Lost -£4.00 £376.00 -£4.00 £376.00
28/01/2017 AFC Fylde vs Altrincham; Matera vs Vibonese; Genoa U19 vs Frosinone U19 Home teams to win £4.00 1.63 1.62 Lost -£4.00 £372.00 -£4.00 £372.00
28/01/2017 Bognor Regis Town vs Grays Athletic; Inter Milan vs Pescara; Cliftonville vs Portadown Home teams to win £4.00 1.91 1.8 Lost -£4.00 £368.00 -£4.00 £368.00
28/01/2017 Roma U19 vs Cagliari U19; Carl Zeiss Jena vs ZFC Meuselwitz; Villarreal vs Granada Home teams to win £4.00 2.42 2.4 Lost -£4.00 £364.00 -£4.00 £364.00
29/01/2017 Panathinaikos vs Levadiakos; Ajax vs ADO Den Haag; Young Africans vs Mwadui FC Home teams to win £4.00 1.65 1.6 Lost -£4.00 £360.00 -£4.00 £360.00
29/01/2017 FK Qarabag vs Neftchi Baku; RD Agueda vs Academica Coimbra SF; Celtic vs Hearts Home teams to win £4.00 2.32 2.3 Lost -£4.00 £356.00 -£4.00 £356.00
04/02/2017 Apollon Limassol v Doxa Katokopias; Hibernian v Ayr; The New Saints v Cardiff Met Uni Home teams to win £4.00 1.56 1.68 Lost -£4.00 £352.00 -£4.00 £352.00
04/02/2017 Tottenham v Middlesbrough; Bayern Munich v Schalke 04; Basel v Lugano Home teams to win £4.00 1.89 2.06 Lost -£4.00 £348.00 -£4.00 £348.00
05/02/2017 TSV Havelse v SV Eichede; Monza v Grumellese; Benfica v Nacional Madeira Home teams to win £4.00 2.23 2.26 Won £4.67 £352.67 £4.79 £352.79
11/02/2017 Hampton v Margate; Monaco v Metz; Al-Sadd SC v Al-Wakrah SC Home teams to win £4.00 1.71 1.65 Won £2.70 £355.37 £2.47 £355.26
11/02/2017 Feyenoord v FC Groningen; Hungerford Town v Bishop’s Stortford; Hungerford v Bishop’s Stortford Home teams to win £4.00 1.91 1.85 Won £3.46 £358.83 £3.23 £358.49
11/02/2017 Arsenal v Hull; Darlington 1883 v Altrincham (postponed); Carl Zeiss Jena v FSV Budissa Bautzen Home teams to win £4.00 1.7 1.7 Won £2.66 £361.49 £2.66 £361.15

I can hardly stress how poor the first month with this service has been.

No fewer than eleven of the seventeen multiples I’ve placed have been priced below 2.0. So, to get so many of them wrong is almost, perversely, a weird kind of achievement.

As ever, the ROI tells the true story, with a figure of below -50% waving a huge red flag.

I’m tempted to chuck the whole thing in right now but I’m going to give Football Accumulator Tips the benefit of the doubt.

That said, I hate writing depressing reports so I’ll leave it two months till my next one.

Maybe that will give the service enough time for some sort of recovery. Let’s hope so.

I’ll thus be back in April with my next update.

Update: 14th April 2017

Football never seems to stop.

Not only does the so-called ‘close season’ seem to be continually eroded, we now, of course, live in an era of endless global TV coverage.

However, if I had doubted for one moment just how much football there is going on at any time before I started testing Football Accumulator Tips, I certainly know now.

This is a service that builds so-called ‘accas’ by combining games from all over the world, including women’s games and youth soccer.

Can any one service really be knowledgeable about so many different competitions?

Well, this one aims to be precisely that. Unfortunately, however, it struggled badly in the opening month of our trial, recording an extraordinary ROI of -57% from 17 bets.

Had I just been unlucky?

Well, two more months have since passed…

Matters have improved.. but our betting bank is still overdrawn.

I made just over one point during the last two months and therefore recorded a modest but positive ROI for the period:

Football Accumulator Tips – Months 2 and 3 Only Advised Prices Odds Obtained
No. of bets 28 28
Profit   5.58 5.05
Profit (pts) 1.40 1.26
New bank 367.07 366.2
Bank growth 1.54% 1.40%
ROI 4.98% 4.51%

Unfortunately, when we add in the results data from our dire first month, we find that the totals for the trial as a whole remain steadfastly underwhelming:

Football Accumulator Tips – Whole Trial Advised prices Odds obtained
No. of bets 45 45
Profit  (£) -32.93 -33.8
Profit (pts) -8.2325 -8.45
new bank 367.07 366.2
bank growth -8.23% -8.45%
ROI -18.29% -18.78%

The results log for months #2 and #3 reveals a mediocre performance at best:

Date Matches Bet Stake Odds advised Odds taken Bet Result Profit @ Odds Advised Profit @ Odds Taken
12/02/2017 Ajax v Sparta Rotterdam; Inegolspor v Kayseri Erciyesspor; Pro Patria – Bolzano Home teams to win £4.00 1.7 1.7 Won £2.66 £2.66
18/02/2017 Bayer Leverkusen U19 v Rot-Weiss Oberhausen U19; Slavia Prague v Vysocina Jihlava; St Joseph’s FC v Manchester 62 FC Home teams to win £4.00 1.71 1.68 Lost -£4.00 -£4.00
18/02/2017 Atalanta v Crotone; SV Meppen v 1. FC Germania Egestorf-Langreder; ADO Den Haag Women v Heerenveen Women Home teams to win £4.00 2.01 2.1 Lost -£4.00 -£4.00
18/02/2017 Salford City v Stalybridge; Borussia M’gladbach v Fortuna Dusseldorf II; Istanbul Basaksehir v Gaziantepsor Home teams to win £4.00 2.43 2.46 Lost -£4.00 -£4.00
19/02/2017 Cultural Leonesa v Arandina; Levante UD Women v Espanyol Women; Basel v Lausanne Sports Home teams to win £4.00 1.79 1.8 Won £3.00 £3.04
19/02/2017 Vardar Skopje v KF Shkupi Skopje; Monza v US Levico Terme; Hertha Berlin U19 v Vfl Osnabruck U19 Home teams to win £4.00 1.91 1.9 Won £3.46 £3.42
25/02/2017 Genoa U19 v Pisa U19; Borussia Fulda v Viktoria Urberach; Partizan Belgrade v Borac Cacak Home teams to win £4.00 1.65 1.69 Won £2.47 £2.62
25/02/2017 Chelsea v Swansea; Buxton v Ilkeston abandoned); Lecce v Vibonese Home teams to win £4.00 1.4 1.4 Won £1.52 £1.52
04/03/2017 Besiktas U21 v Caykur Rizespor U21; FC Viktoria Koln v Rot Weiss Ahlen; HNK Rijeka v NK Lokomotiva Zagreb Home teams to win £4.00 1.82 1.76 Won £3.12 £2.89
04/03/2017 TSV Aubstadt v Alemannia Haibach; Besiktas v Caykur Rizespor; Al-Rayyan SC v Al-Wakrah SC Home teams to win £4.00 2.03 2.16 Lost -£4.00 -£4.00
05/03/2017 Terek Grozny Reserves v FK UFA Reserves; Monza v Olginatese; Carl Zeiss Jena v TSG Neustrelitz Home teams to win £4.00 1.63 2.00 Lost -£4.00 -£4.00
11/03/2017 ASV Neumark v Frohnlach; Hibernians v Mosta FC; Crusaders v Carrick Rangers Home teams to win £4.00 1.68 1.70 Won £2.58 £2.66
11/03/2017 Hessen Dreieich v Steinbach; Valletta v Pembroke Athleta FC; NK Mariborv Aluminij Kidricevo Home teams to win £4.00 1.83 1.81 Won £3.15 £3.08
12/03/2017 Lamia v AEL Kallonis; FFC Turbine Postdam Women v TSG Hoffenheim Women; Bolivar v Guabira Home teams to win £4.00 1.78 1.75 Won £2.96 £2.85
12/03/2017 Fc Copenhagan v Esbjerg; Celtic v Rangers Home teams to win £4.00 1.67 1.70 Lost -£4.00 -£4.00
18/03/2017 Blyth Spartans v Skelmersdale Utd; Apollon Smyrnis v Anagennisi Karditsas; CS Fola Esch v Jeunesse Canach Home teams to win £4.00 1.59 1.55 Lost -£4.00 -£4.00
18/03/2017 Differdange FC 03 v FC RM Hamm Benfica; Sporting v Nacional; FC Zurich v Winterthur Home teams to win £4.00 1.81 1.80 Lost -£4.00 -£4.00
18/03/2017 NK Osijek v HNK Cibalia; Slough v Cinderford; Basel v Grasshoppers Home teams to win £4.00 2.31 2.24 Won £4.98 £4.71
19/03/2017 Vfl Alfter v FC Hennef 05; Atalanta v Pescara; Progres Krakow U19 v Biala Podlaska U19 Home teams to win £4.00 1.89 1.9 Lost -£4.00 -£4.00
19/03/2017 HNK Rijeka v Slaven Belupo; CD Olimpia v CD Social Sol; Al Shabab Seeb v Jaalan Club Home teams to win £4.00 2.48 2.45 Won £5.62 £5.51
25/03/2017 Kriens v FC United Zurich; Sakaryaspor v Orduspor; New Saints v Carmarthen Home teams to win £4.00 1.87 1.87 Won £3.31 £3.31
25/03/2017 Alessandria v Racing Roma; SSV Jeddeloh v HSC Hannover; Kraluv Dvur v FK Mas Taborsko B Home teams to win £4.00 2.00 2.00 Won £3.80 £3.80
26/03/2017 SV Lippstadt 08 v SpVgg Erkenschwick; Apollon Smyrnis v Aiginiakos FC; Racing Santander v Somozas Home teams to win £4.00 1.58 1.58 Won £2.20 £2.20
01/04/2017 Olympia Hradec Kralove v Benatky Nad Jizerou; Chelsea v Crystal Palace Home teams to win £4.00 1.55 1.63 Lost -£4.00 -£4.00
01/04/2017 Salford City v Altrincham; RB Lepzig v Darmstadt; FC Zurich v FC Schaffhausen Home teams to win £4.00 2.67 2.68 Won £6.35 £6.38
02/04/2017 Wolfsburg Women v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Women; Holstein Kiel II v TuS Hartenholm; Juventus U19 v Pro Vercelli U19 Home teams to win £4.00 1.63 1.64 Lost -£4.00 -£4.00
08/04/2017 SV Pullach v TSV Kotter; Celta De Vigo B v Somozas Home teams to win £4.00 1.63 1.37 Lost -£4.00 -£4.00
08/04/2017 Gandzasar Kapan v Ararat Yerevan; Kastrup v Kalundborg; Desna Chernihiv v FK Ternopil Home teams to win £4.00 1.63 1.63 Won £2.39 £2.39

You can download the complete results log by clicking here.

By the end of month 1, I was almost ready to abandon the whole trial. It had been just awful.

So I suppose I’m pleased to be able to report that we have at least steadied the ship – and even posted a tiny profit for the last two months.

However, before we get even remotely excited about Football Accumulator Tips, we do need first to get back to parity.

And, frankly, I have to say that I will ‘believe it when I see it’. It just seems implausible to me that any service could possibly be an expert about such a diverse range of football leagues.

Still, I’m at least intrigued enough to push on rather than give up… so I’ll give it another couple of months.

In the meantime, you can find out more about Football Accumulator Tips here.

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