Geegeez Gold Review

Geegeez Gold review

Geegeez Gold is a horse racing platform with a huge amount of features to aid your horse racing betting and/or trading.

After being voted "Best Horse Racing Betting Product" in my 2019 Betting System Oscars, I figured a Geegeez Gold review was in order!

The Gold race cards rival the main providers in the UK in many ways and contain tools and reports that you will not find all together elsewhere. There may be subscription sites that focus on certain aspects of horse race analysis, but with Geegeez Gold everything is there in one place.

Although tempting as it is to jump straight in to things, I started with the "Read This First" link which gives an overview of what the service includes. After this there is a full Geegeez Gold user guide, the Gold Play Book and Video Tutorials to go through.

The Play Book is an excellent step-by-step guide that teaches you how to make use of all of the Geegeez Gold tools and reports. Each section is released a week at a time after your membership begins and there are video examples for each part.

"Read This First" is split into sections based on how much time you have free each day and how experienced you are. I have summarised the main features available below.

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Short on time (< 15 mins/day) or experience (<6 months):


- Stat of the Day offers one tip each day and Geegeez claim that this has made more than 350 points profit so far, just from betting 1 pt a day.


- The Shortlist report gives a quick list of the best horses from the day's cards that are most suited to the conditions of the races. This handy list is colour-coded so you can easily spot the best selections if they have the most green ratings for the various race factors.

Geegeez Gold Shortlist

Instant Expert

- This is a feature available on every UK and Irish race card that shows stats for each horse, also colour-coded to make everything easier on the eye.

Geegeez Gold Instant Expert

A little more time (15-30 mins/day) and/or experience (6-12 months):

Gold Race Cards

- Geegeez Gold race cards aren't just any old race cards! They are the most intuitive and feature rich available in the UK and contain a wealth of data including form strength barometers and trainer and jockey form and indicators.

Trainer / Jockey Form

- The trainer and jockey reports can be viewed over 14 days, 30 days, course one year and course five year form.

Horses for Courses / Head to Head records

- There are breakdowns of every horses's past performances at the day's particular course and how they performed against their competitors. The Horses for Courses report shows the overall track record of all horses that previously run at the venue.

More time (30-60 mins/day) and/or experience (12 months+):

Full Form Filters

- With the Full Form Filters you can completely delve into a horse's history, dissecting their form by going, class, course, distance, race code, jockey, trainer, days since a run, handicap/non-handicap and by win, places and unplaced efforts.

Pace Analysis

- The Pace Analysis is the primary port of call for many Geegeez Gold users. It includes data based on in-running comments and how a horse was positioned in the early stages of the race. This can help identify betting or trading opportunities based on potential front-runners in races.

This particular feature isn't available on any of the main race card providers.


- Last but not least there is the Tracker, where you can add your favourite horses, trainers and jockeys to keep track of. You can add notes to them and set up optional email notifications for them that can be sent out the night before or five days before.


Geegeez Gold is a first class horse racing service and must for serious racing bettors and/or traders. It's suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced users, whether you want a quick at glance look at a race or to really get to the bones of it.

Personally I have not come across any race card of horse racing data site that comes anywhere close to this service. It's a huge timesaver and worth every penny!

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