Goal Profits Review

Goal Profits Review

Goal Profits is a complete football trading community. Membership includes everything you need to trade football including research tools, live stats, education and support.

Rather than rely on tipsters who can disappear at any moment, the Goal Profits team believe it's better for members to learn how to trade profitably. They certainly put a lot of time and effort into their help and support, as you're going to see.

I'm going to start with a (very) brief history of Goal Profits and then get straight into the service itself. I'll show you what the Members Area looks like and what you have access to as a member so you can decide if Goal Profits is right for you.

By the way, there's a useful post here if you don't know how football trading works.

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The Service that Never Stands Still!

Goal Profits was founded by Steve Brown, way back in 2011. He was joined soon after by Kevin Laverick and, between them, they created a suite of football stats tools.

Over the years, Lay Back readers regularly voted for Goal Profits as the number one betting product on the market. The service won way more Betting Oscars than any other product and, usually, the voting wasn't even close.

What's the secret to Goal Profits' success?

In my mind, the biggest positive factor is that Steve and Kevin never stand still. They're continually updating their existing tools, creating new features and providing masses of learning resources.

Every time I look at the Goal Profits Members Area, there's something new in development or being launched.

The Goal Profits Team

These days, the Goal Profits team is bigger than just Steve and Kevin:

  • Steve Brown, Goal Profits Founder
  • Kevin Laverick, Football Trader
  • Brian Stock, Football Consultant
  • Tim Rouse, Football Trader
  • Bryn Roberts, Football Trader
  • Paul Gillman, Football Trader
  • Laura Turner, Betting System Reviewer

There's more than 75 years of football trading experience among the team and they all help to support members.

Interestingly, Brian Stock played professional football for AFC Bournemouth, Preston North End, Doncaster Rovers, Burnley and Havant & Waterlooville. He also represented Wales on 3 occasions!

In this industry, I've never seen a team that can boast so much knowledge and experience. It's very impressive.

Goal Profits Members Area

When you login to Goal Profits, this is what you'll see at the top of the Members Area.

Goal Profits Members Area

There's a lot more further down the page, but I just want to talk a bit about the Trading Blog to start with.

At the time of writing, there are dozens of posts written by Steve, Kevin and Tim. There are trade reviews, ongoing records of trading results and (as you can see above) help with "Custom Filters".

These are used to build shortlists of trades and Kevin has shared quite a number of the Custom Filters he personally uses.

Many of the posts have questions or comments from members that are answered by the Goal Profits team.

Under "Trading Blog" in the menu (seen above) is something called "Tim's Diary". Tim states that, "I’m going to show you how my bank compounds over time by using Goal Profits trading strategies".

Tim records all his trades and shares them with members, including individual notes for each trade. To date, Tim's starting bank has grown from £500 to £1,150.28 though it's still early days.

Goal Profits Academy

This is a training course that all members get full access to right away.

There are a total of 65 lessons that go from how to get started at the very beginning, all the way through to trading psychology. The lessons also cover how to use the research tools that Steve and Kevin have developed.

Goal Profits Academy

The Goal Profits Academy explains all the trading strategies that members have access to, how to find matches to trade, how much to stake, how to monitor trades after matches kick-off and so on.

What's quite clever is that when you read about a particular trading strategy, you can then click a button and read through real life examples of that strategy in action on the Trading Blog.

There are 12 trading strategies currently, split into four groups:

  1. First Half Strategies
  2. Second Half Strategies
  3. Full Game Strategies
  4. Correct Score Strategies

The Goal Profits Academy explains how the strategies work as well as why they work. Everything is backed up by stats and factual information, there's no guesswork involved at all.

For an earlier Goal Profits review, I asked Steve is it was necessary to sit in front of his PC watching every last little detail for 90 minutes or even watch the football matches.

He told me that he very rarely watches matches he’s trading because he has already done his research up to a week in advance using the Team Stats software. Once the match kicks off he’s only interested in things like shot and corner counts.

Steve went on to say that, “when I’m interested in trading a game in the first half, I already know pretty much when I’m planning to enter the trade.

"I don’t need to sit in front of my PC watching the numbers tick up though, I can go watch TV, do housework, wash the car, whatever I want. These days, I could even be out shopping!

“It takes less than a minute to check in-play stats with our Live Stats Module at the right time and then I can either enter the trade or not. If I’m using a strategy which doesn’t require any further action, then I’m done.

"A couple of minutes at the most for the trade.”

It's safe to say that there's a lot of information to take in! The lessons are well organised though so you can learn in chunks, then easily find where you left off and pick it up again.

Team Stats

I already mentioned that Steve and Kevin never stand still. Team Stats is the perfect example of this, having been constantly updated, improved and added to over the past 10+ years.

Team Stats loads up the entire fixture list for the day, then you can hide various types of league. If you're not interested in South America, uncheck the box and it's gone.

You can also choose a time window for kick-off times so if you can only trade during the evening, hide everything else. You can even hide fixtures that feature teams with new managers!

The stats themselves are split into rows:

  1. Main Trading Stats
  2. Top/Bottom v Top/Bottom
  3. Elite Trading Stats
  4. Probabilities and Predictions
  5. Goal Times
  6. Goal Patterns
  7. Score Patterns
  8. League Table Analysis (LTA)
  9. Rolling LTA
  10. Elite LTA
  11. Goal Value Table (GVT)

You can switch these rows on and off as needed, so that you're not overwhelmed with information.

If all that wasn't enough, there are also dedicated first and second half stats pages.

Goal Profits Team Stats

There is a ton of information available for every fixture played in 85 leagues worldwide.

Quite obviously, searching through so many fixtures would be hard work so the Goal Profits team have added a number of clever filtering options.

You can choose to show or hide fixtures according to whether they show up on various strategy shortlists, you can use "Simple Filters" to carry out quick filtering or you can use "Custom Filters" that have literally hundreds of options.

You're able to save your own Custom Filters to your Goal Profits account, then load them again whenever you like.

These filtering options are incredible time savers.

Team Stats also includes:

  • Team Stats Trends: See how worldwide leagues have performed over the previous 10 years. Quickly pick out the highest or lowest scoring leagues, which leagues have the fewest draws, etc.
  • Team Stats Streaks: This interesting tool shows you teams that are on individual streaks. For example see which teams have won the most games in a row, scored in the most games in a row, haven't had a draw and so on.
  • League Tables: There are more than 50 tables for each of the 85 leagues covered by Team Stats. First half tables, second half tables, points gained/lost, tables for when the home team scores first and many more.
  • Team Stats Database: This huge database contains statistical data for 315,935 football matches played over the last 10+ years. Use it to test filter ideas that can be plugged into Custom Filters.

Once you have finished your pre-match research, you can add the fixtures you're interested in trading to "My Games" and then they'll conveniently show up on the Live Stats Module.

You can also add your own notes to remind you what sort of trade you're interested in. That's very useful if you're doing research ahead of a busy weekend because if your memory is anything like mine, you'll forget it all!

Live Stats Module

The Live Stats Module (also known as "LSM") was added to Goal Profits during the summer of 2018, just in time for the World Cup in Russia.

It tracks shots, corners, dangerous attacks and possession as matches are played, even the times of shots and corners so you can see exactly when teams are attacking or not. The "Alerts" section shows you which games qualify for various Goal Profits trading strategies as well as added time, red cards and that sort of thing.

The LSM also shows you what has happened during the previous 10 minutes, so you can see where the action is currently. 

With everything tracked automatically and on one page, you can keep up with dozens of matches at once!

This is what it looks like:

Goal Profits Live Stats Module (LSM)

You can see above that the Live Stats Module (LSM) also tracks goals, added time and substitutions (attacking or defensive).

But that's not all!

The LSM shows you when "Key Players" are missing. This is based on goals and assists during the season.

Below, I have taken a screenshot of "Key Players" for a French National League fixture. Right away, you can see that the top scorer for Epinal is missing as are all the best goal scorers for Orleans.

Goal Profits Live Stats Module (LSM) Key Players

No surprise that it finished 0-0!

Epinal v Orleans 0-0 at full-time

The rating (Rtg) attempts to predict the likelihood of a goal, based on a number of factors.

I asked Steve more about this and he said, "It's important to remember that goals are random events with many variables, including player ability, referee decisions, weather conditions and so on.

"Unless you have a crystal ball and you can see the future, you simply cannot predict accurately and consistently when goals will be scored."

He continued, "The LSM Rating highlights which teams are actively attempting to score and from that, we can determine where goals are more or less likely to occur.

"Predicting the future is impossible, but the LSM raises the odds in our favour - especially when used in conjunction with the rest of Team Stats."

"We have been developing the LSM since 2016 and we will continue to make improvements as we go, in order to give Goal Profits members an even bigger advantage over every other trader."

I almost forgot (because there are so many features!) that you can set up your own Telegram alerts. Be alerted to scores, minimum numbers of shots, match time, pre-match Betfair prices, current Betfair prices and many more options.

The Live Stats Module is very interesting. I have sat here and watched the rating numbers predict goals often, but not always. I can see why it's valuable for serious traders though as it does a lot of the work automatically.

Updates and Additions

Because of Steve and Kevin's neverending energy, the only way that I could keep this review fully updated would be to re-write it every few months. Obviously, I can't do that!

However, here are some links to key posts on the Goal Profits site that are kept up to date. If you want to see the latest additions to Team Stats, for example, you'll get all the information you need:

If you still have questions, you can contact the Goal Profits team here.

While writing this review, I received fast replies from Steve to all of my (probably annoying!) questions. The Goal Profits team pride themselves on fantastic support and I can't fault their commitment to that one bit.

Goal Profits Review Conclusion

If you have read this far, thanks for staying with me. It was a long one!

There is so much more that I haven't been able to cover and Steve says he’s working on yet more improvements.

Back in 2015 he said to Lucy, my predecessor, “I have big plans to add loads more over the coming months…” which she said, “is typical of the man and his endless energy”.

Lucy continued, “Truth is, Goal Profits is always developing – and is already a comprehensive product that is turning hobbyist punters into professional traders”.

It seems that the energy reserves haven’t run dry just yet and that Goal Profits will continue its journey, taking plenty of happy members along for the ride.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I continue to be seriously impressed.

Perhaps I can sum it up this way. If you just want some tips and minimum effort then Goal Profits is definitely not for you. But if you want to get stuck in and learn a lot about trading, then I haven’t seen anything better.

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