Greyhound Winners Review

After three months without a profit and a total of 38 pts lost, I have brought my trial of Greyhound Winners to an end.

I was considering keeping the trial running for longer, as Jim has analysed the current systems and has made some major changes to them.

He has removed 7 systems from the original 12 and added 2 new systems, so there are now 7 systems being ran in total.

Performance for these look good, but then so did the original 12 when I started my trial. Now that they are live, I am interested to see what happens with them but it could turn out to be a similar scenario.

Here are my statistics for month three, followed by the whole trial:

Greyhound Winners – Update ThreeAdvised StakesLevel Stakes
Profit (£)(£ 32.80)(£ 51.08)
Profit (pts)(16.4)(25.5)
New Bank£ 328.74£ 324.00
% Bank Growth-17.82%-19.00%
Winning Bets4444
Total Bets218218
Strike Rate20.18%20.18%
Greyhound Winners – Whole TrialAdvised StakesLevel Stakes
Profit (£)(£ 71.26)(£ 76.00)
Profit (pts)(35.6)(38.0)
New Bank£ 328.74£ 324.00
% Bank Growth-17.82%-19.00%
Winning Bets163163
Total Bets767767
Strike Rate21.25%21.25%

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After three months of poor results, I can't recommend Greyhound Winners.

I have asked Jim to get back in touch once he has a few months of good results from live bets and not anything backtested. In that case, I will set up a re-trial of the service.

In one way it is good that he is being proactive and changing systems out if they aren't working anymore, but in another way it is hard to have any confidence in the service.

Hopefully I will be able to revisit this service in the future and there will be a better outcome.

Update Two: 5th March 2023

I was hoping that results would get better in the second month of my Greyhound Winners trial but that hasn't been the case, with a similar set of results to report.

I lost £14.42 in month two at level stakes, which is 7.2 pts as I'm using £2.00 per point.

Added to month one, that is £24.92 lost altogether, or 12.46 pts.

Greyhound Winners – Update TwoAdvised StakesLevel Stakes
Profit (£)(£ 19.46)(£ 14.42)
Profit (pts)(9.7)(7.2)
New Bank£ 361.54£ 375.08
% Bank Growth-9.62%-6.23%
Winning Bets5656
Total Bets264264
Strike Rate21.21%21.21%

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When a service has reported such good results before I start my trial and then they go South afterwards, I often don't know what to think. Is it just a bad run? Were the results really that good in the first place? 

Sometimes I also wonder about laying the selections. If they are performing so badly, perhaps they might make a good lay system!

Anyway, enough pondering, I will carry on my trial for another month and see what happens.

Update One: 4th February 2023

My trial of the Greyhound Winners service hasn't started as well as I had hoped, with some nasty losing streaks that have been a battle to recover from.

The good news is that it is picking up and I'm now in a position where I'm only 5.3 pts in the red, which is -£10.50 to my £2.00 stakes. Going back a couple of days it was looking much worse!

On the 31st Jan, just two days before my first month update was due, my bank was down by 16.15 pts. I was glad to see a several winners clumped closely together to pull some profit back. 

Greyhound Winners – Update OneAdvised StakesLevel Stakes
Profit (£)(£ 19.00)(£ 10.50)
Profit (pts)(9.5)(5.3)
New Bank£ 381.00£ 389.50
% Bank Growth-4.75%-2.63%
Winning Bets6363
Total Bets285285
Strike Rate22.11%22.11%

Click here to view my results log.


With a conservative £400 bank to start with, I haven't been too worried about the results as I have plenty of leeway for losing runs such as these.

Jim has added a page to his website to cover mindset and how to adopt a long-term approach to betting. He is aware that it is difficult for some punters to keep going through losing runs but it is part and parcel.

Sticking to the staking advice, I am hopeful that the service will come out of this and that I will have profit to tell you about in my next update.

Introduction: 3rd January 2023

Greyhound Winners advertise some spectacular results, claiming to have increased a £600 starting bank to £2,800 on Betfair Exchange in just 150 days.

The service comes from a chap called Jim Hockaday, who has spent the past four years analysing greyhound racing data to come up with a group of betting systems.

At BSP his spreadsheet for all of the systems shows 789.87 pts profit with a 42.6% ROI using the advised pts and 732.74 pts profit with a 42.9% ROI using flat 1 pt stakes.

Right now there is a portfolio of nine systems and he has given details on each system, for example, whether it is based on a dog's race time, lap time, early pace or if they won last time out.

He applies extra filters to each system and the end result is a shortlist of dogs to bet on each day.

Jim has gone above and beyond in explaining his background, how he got into Greyhound racing and technical details such as how he built his datasets and wrote macros to sort the data out.

It all sounds complicated, but it isn't really, as all of the hard work is done and all you actually have to do is put the bets on at Betfair.

The list of bets is sent out each morning by email along with the advised points to bet at.

There are various staking plans that you can use and you can get started with a bank as small as £200.

For my trial, I am going to be using the level stakes plan that requires a 200 pt bank and I will be using £2.00 stakes, so that will be a £400 bank.

I'll be back early next month with my first set of results.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how this works out. Other greyhound systems seem to suffer from weird staking plans or not enough time pre-race to put bets on so I'm really hoping this works out.

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